Starseeds need silica, and food-grade diatomaceous earth is not only 89% silica, but it transports heavy metals and RADIATION out of our bodies. Can't beat that! Try Amazon.com for 10 lb. by Natures Wisdom. That's a lot but you can put it in yr dog/cat's food for worms, rub it into their fur for fleas, sprinkle it around yr cupboards for silverfish or cockroaches. The flowers love it, on and on.... Great stuff. Helps you lose weight, apparently, too;-)

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Comment by Beate of Redonda on June 25, 2012 at 10:37pm

Well, this is very interesting. I didn't know that Steiner info. However, where I live, Left Coast, and all along the top of States at least as far as Chicago, is irradiated by Fukishima now, so I would think yr getting a heady mix with yr God particles - also chemtrails everywhere for years. I actually haven't seen any of those for a couple of weeks, and that;s AMAZING! But still, contain aluminum, barium and other severely toxic stuff, so get it how you can - (silica).

Comment by Beate of Redonda on June 25, 2012 at 10:41pm

Hi Craig! Nice to hear from you.


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