(Illustration from the book cover to “Pollyanna” by Eleanor H. Porter)

Healing is a vast subject and encompasses nearly every activity known to humans and beyond! So for this article, I’m going to focus on my own experiences and the healing modalities that have helped me and my friends. (You are welcome to chime in with your own experiences!) I have had a long life (so far), so I have partaken of many kinds of healing!

What is Healing? I like to go back to the original meaning of the word that I am using. The source for the English word is the German, Dutch, and Gothic: “ from Proto-Germanic *hailjan (source also of Old Saxon helian, Old Norse heila, Old Frisian hela, Dutch helen, German heilen, Gothic ga-hailjan), literally "to make whole.”

This etymology seems to imply that we are most healthy when we are feeling complete and centered in our WHOLE selves. What this means, on an individual basis is, obviously, very personal and differs with each person. It ALSO means that each individual is an essential part of the PLANET’s health!

For instance, if we are missing an arm or an eye, can we still feel “whole”? I say, YES, because our feeling of Wholeness comes from INSIDE of us. It means we can connect with our SOUL and SPIRIT, and we can feel centered in this feeling. We can also connect to our PLANET and partake of a communion that will enrich our own health as well as the health of the PLANET.

That said, my goal is to feel as healthy and whole as possible! To me, BALANCE is very important in this feeling. Having a balanced way of living, in itself, brings me an overall feeling of health. Eating healthy whole foods in a balanced way, moving my body, each are obviously important in maintaining my health. “Everything in moderation” is a motto that works for me.

Sometimes I get confused by all the information out there about foods. I’ve learned to trust my own feelings about it and base my information on objective facts. (Thank goodness for nutrition information posted on food products!)

“Moving my body” has been something which I’ve sometimes struggled with. It’s important to find activities that are fun and satisfying, even if they do take a lot of effort. For me, I’ve found that dancing and walking in nature are two things that always attract my interest. And I always feel good afterwards.

We usually notice “something wrong” with our bodies if there is a pain, or an alarming change in its functioning. We may have something that has been fine, or at least adequate, for a long time, but all of a sudden, acts up! This means that it is signaling it is ready to be healed. And perhaps something inside is ready to be released. It is important not to worry; everything will turn out fine one way or another. The more you can relax, the more healing you can receive. Let the healers do their work and then give yourself some patient TLC (tender loving care).

My wishes for you are to take care of your healing and know that your body is wise. I mostly identify with the "Wise Woman" tradition of healing...

"In its self-presentation, the Wise Woman Tradition contrasts itself to two other traditions of healing, which it names the Heroic Tradition (that sees people as dirty and in need of cleaning) and the Scientific Tradition (that sees people as parts and machines to fix). In the Wise Woman Tradition health is viewed as a spiral, ever-evolving, always returning to itself, but never at the same place. It shows health as a flexible state, never static." – Susun Weed

When something feels unbalanced, not right, there are many ways to address this state-- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I have the most success when I engage each of these ways; the more the better.

Physically, REST is a great healer! The body heals greatly during sleep. Dreams can give clues to healing, and even nightmares are effective in bringing hidden fears to the surface. Getting enough sleep is always healing. Meditation can also rest the body and there are many meditations that have healing as their focus. Anything that relaxes the body is good for healing.

PLAYING is an important activity that is healing for the body. This can be playing games, fiddling with creative movement, or just wandering without any specific destination in mind, letting the God/dess lead me. One way I play these days is to learn Juggling! Vigorous movement can help the body integrate itself and align itself. Playing games can also help keep the mind supple and sharp; I’ve been doing a lot of jigsaw puzzles lately! This activity seems to help my right brain get practice with sensing Patterns.

Making our physical environment “beautiful” can nourish our health and bring us balance and harmony. Housecleaning and getting rid of clutter in a sustainable way can manifest in greater physical health for ourselves and our family! Make sure the whole family participates in this practice for greater effectiveness. (This can vibrate outward to the neighborhood, the community, the ecosystem, the planet.)

Using medicines and/or herbs can work with the body to balance and bring healing. Food and beverages can be healing in themselves. Spices can also be healing. I experiment with many and see which of these benefit my body, and which don’t. Of course, I have to LIKE them, too; or they are useless. For me, the herb Stevia gives me sweetness without any negative effects. I also use Bitters to help my digestion. For each of these, a little goes a long way.

I have found foods which I love, and are healthy for me. I call these my “Sacred Foods.” For me, they include garlic, ginger, turmeric, greens, mushrooms, cocoa, coconut, walnuts, pumpkin, sweet potato, honey, cabbage, onion, mint, peppers, avocado, cranberries, melon, apple...so much more! And, always, water, water, water!

The most important thing: Ask your body what it truly wants and needs. Give your body what it needs and wants. Ask your body OFTEN "What do you want NOW, my dear darling?" And give it with pleasure.

All the physical senses can be used with Healing...scents can be especially healing with Essential Oils, Incense, Perfume, Bach Flower Essences, etc. Music and chanting can be healing, as well as creating Art and Beauty in healing ways. Singing has been healing for me more times than I can count! Sometimes when I am at a loss for what to do, I’ll play some music on my guitar or keyboard and feel much better when I have finished.

I use modern technology when I need it. We are lucky enough to live in an age where we have access to many technological ways to monitor the body and analyze its chemistry and other systems. If I have a pain that won’t go away, or other symptoms that are concern me, I will go to a Doctor or other specialist. They have access to analytic tools that I don’t have. And if I need surgery, I will find a good surgeon and take advantage of their expertise.

But modern technology can be cold and scary. And we are sensitive beings. So I have often found myself uncomfortable with modern medical care. There are a few ways I have used to help me with this unease. For instance, I found my blood pressure shooting straight up when I went to the Doctor, even when I started taking blood pressure medicine. I tried to relax in many ways, but none of those seemed to work...until I tried a two-fold method: 1. I got some extra physical exercise the day before; this seemed to help my system to balance and filter out some of the nervousness; 2. When the health practitioner is taking my blood pressure, I imagined the “squeezing” as a COLOR, or a couple of COLORS. (I seem to have a panic reaction to being “squeezed,” I realized. When I imagine the squeezing as a Color, the panic eases.)

This is related to other ways of managing Pain.

In healing, we sometimes have to feel pain while our body heals. My favorite way to manage pain is to imagine it is a Color. Then to imagine the Color changing....maybe flowing away, or fading into another color, or doing some other kind of changing.

When I am going to the Doctor’s office, or to the Hospital, I do an affirmation that I learned from Louise Hay: “Everyone who touches me today, touches me with love.” I also do the affirmation that I do every time I know I will be encountering others, “May I prosper everyone I meet today; May everyone I meet today prosper me.” I might also ask my Spiritual allies to be with me as I go through the medical processes.

Body work can also be done: Massage, Acupuncture, and other types of Energy Healing are often used to help the physical and energy bodies relax, align, and heal. After this kind of healing work, people often feel grounded, "in their bodies," alert, and clear. Recipients usually feel more balanced and calm--lifted above the fray of day-to-day life.

Mental healing can be done through affirmations, meditations, or simply using the imagination.
Here’s a meditation that can be used in Healing:

Imagine that part of your consciousness is getting very small. You can even see yourself as a mini-me, only very very tiny. Let this tiny “you” enter your body through an opening....maybe through your ear.....and go to the place in your body that is ailing. In your imagination, see the part that needs attention. Then let your tiny self do something to that part that makes you feel better. Perhaps massaging the part, or just touching it with love....or painting it with soothing lotion or even singing it a song! The limits are only of your imagination. Then, exit the body and let the “mini-me” grow and merge again with your whole self.

Seth, the spirit channeled by Jane Roberts, spoke eloquently about the relation of health and beliefs. Belief-work is often very helpful in healing:

“To be healthy you must believe in health. A good physician is a changer of beliefs. He will replace an idea of illness with one of health. Whatever methods or drugs he uses will not be effective unless this change of belief takes place.” – Seth

Spiritual healing can also be accessed through the imagination, specifically through visualization. One practice I do often is “chakra clearing.” I often combine this with “cord clearing.” The idea is that each Chakra is a place where there is a Portal between our physical body and our spirit body. Imagining each Chakra as strong, bright, colorful and unimpeded helps to strengthen our connection, and help the intuitive systems stay “in tune.”

When people communicate, they send “cords” from their Chakras to others’ Chakras. These naturally fade away when the communication stops. However, if there is some dysfunction in the communication, the cords can get lodged in the Chakras and block some of the energy. So it’s good to periodically clear the Chakras and get the cords out of there so the energy flows freely. (The only exception to this is when you have a child who relies on your energy for nurturance.)

Basic Chakra/Cord Cleansing:

To clear your energy and have it flowing smoothly and uninterruptedly, remove the cords. To do this, relax, deepen and protect yourself. Visualize the Chakras one at a time (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet) and notice if there are any cords there. If there are and you wish to remove them, imagine that you are gently unplugging them. Visualize them going back to where they came from, or simply fizzling away into nothing. After you have removed all the cords, fill your chakras with beautiful light so they won't be left empty.

An alternative way of clearing Chakras is to use the elements to help!

For instance, go swimming or walk out in the rain and let the water clear away any negative energy. Visualize the negativity flowing away into the earth. Or stand in a strong wind and let it blow away your negativity. Visualize the negativity dissipating in the wind until it can do no harm. Simply touching the Earth (whether with bare feet, or lying down directly on the ground) will ground out any extra energy and let it flow into the soil and rock where it will be broken down into its primary elements and neutralized. Sitting by a fire, or a simple beeswax candle flame, can also be very healing in many ways. Simply let the light and heat from the fire comfort and relax you, and help your body transform to health in a natural way.

Using stones, crystals, and metals can also be a fun way of healing, obviously akin to Earth Healing. Holding these, wearing jewelry, or simply laying the stone on the part of the body that needs healing....these can all be effective. (Make sure you clear the stones/crystals periodically.) Some metals can also be healing; for instance, copper is said to make a healthy cup to drink from. It can also be worn in jewelry

You can combine methods of healing, too. For instance, you can take a healing bath while sipping a healing beverage, listening to healing music, in a healing light, and do a healing meditation/visualization! The creative possibilities are endless.

Soul-healing involves the emotions and learning to enjoy them and use them and release them. Healthy sexual experiences can be very healing to the soul. Learning how to make healthy boundaries between myself and others has helped me with this, as I am an Empath. Dancing to music, for me, is an ideal way to feel my emotions and let them flow through me. The music changes as to how I am feeling at the time....sometimes, a gentle chant is perfect. Other times, rock and roll is the only sound that will do! And that can be a powerful release for me.

The Soul is also healed through relationship work, emotional work (like anger management, inner child work, shadow work, forgiveness), and opening the heart. As Spiritual Healer Anne Jones puts it, “We must learn to open the heart so that we can RECEIVE love and healing.” At the Soul Level, Love and Healing are the same.

Giving to others also heals the soul, and when we show our love in our world, even in small acts, we find our Souls become free. We become more “whole-hearted,” aligned, and healthy.

People have used Spiritual healing methods for as long as humans have existed upon this Earth, and I believe many have been taught by the Star People who have visited here, too.

One ancient activity is to visit “sacred places” for healing. Most often, it is water that provides the healing...for instance, in a grotto where a spring comes up, or at a waterfall or on a beach near an ocean or river. Many spas are set up near geothermal water sources, and water with minerals in it often adds to the healing effect.

Mountains and highlands are often places of healing. Cliffs and huge rocks can act like “spiritual batteries” which can augment our own natural healing alignments. They also help us by giving us a more expanded perspective, a “bird’s eye view” of reality. Other places of pilgrimages are Churches/Temples/Mosques (often built on ancient Pagan healing sites), places where Holy Women or Men are buried or where they lived, places that are marked by ancient ones by shrines and other memorials, or simply beautiful places.

For myself, my husband and I have taken a vacation at the Great Lakes every year we could, and it has always been healing for us. Walking in the woods is also healing for me, and there are historical walks that I like to take for perspective in time. If I am seeing a doctor or visiting a hospital, I also like to connect with the Nature that is nearby; for instance, the river that is near or the tree near the window! Simply touching the Earth is healing for me....no matter where I am!

Other spiritual healing methods I have used include Past Life work (some or our health problems may originate in past life experiences that have not yet been resolved!), Astrology, connecting with Spirit Guides, Gods/Goddesses, Angels, Faery Healers, Animal Healers, Cosmic Energies, Star Healers, etc.

I would be remiss if I didn’t include the so-called Ascension Process in Healing. In my experience, that which is called “Ascension” is simply the spiritual evolution of humanity into a new way of being together upon this planet, and into the Cosmos. It is often connected with the Yogic process called “Kundalini Rising.” The physical and mental qualities of this process can sometimes cause discomfort, confusion, and even pain–at least at the initiation of a phase. For me, this is more like “growing pains.” I have included some resources about Ascension (and healing from Ascension “symptoms”) with the list at the end of this article. (NOTE: This does not mean I agree with all that has been written about the Ascension process. Each person must evaluate their own experiences and the information that is out there, and decide for themselves what is true for them.)

Here is a Spiritual Healing Invitation from my own Spirit Guide Saji:

Join me, dear ones, for a healing session on Xanadu, an alternative Earth surrounded by rainbows. Come to my home, which is a dome-shape. In the spacious healing room, there is a pool and a great fountain that comes from deep underground, and connects with the Sea. You can easily enter the pool and float there serenely. Or you can let the easy pressure from the fountain massage your muscles and invigorate your spirit. If you like, the Porpoise Healers will come into the pool to be with you. The tiles that decorate the walls and the floors coalesce into healing patterns and colors. The light filters into the dome and reflects on the water with great beauty. The music brings healing tones to you, those tones that you invite to you, those tones that align your body, mind, soul and spirit to LOVE, HEALTH and WELL-BEING. You can visit my home in meditation, and re-emerge into your life relaxed, healed, and loved....now and ever. WELL COME. –Saji

Good health is my divine right. I am open and receptive to all the healing energies in the universe. I know that every cell in my body is intelligent and knows how to heal itself. My body is always working toward perfect health. I now release any and all impediments to my perfect healing. --Louise Hay

In healing yourself,
you are healing the Planet.
Know that there is no more sacred work
than this.
–Powderface Katchina

(NOTE: RESOURCES can be found in the next Article in Turquoise Water’s Blog: “Starseed Healing: A Few Resources”)

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Comment by Arcturio on January 2, 2018 at 12:50am

Always a pleasure exchanging with you. Be well and happy healing to you as well.

Comment by Turquoise Water on December 29, 2017 at 11:19am

Thanks for your encouragement and understanding, Arcturio. Happy healing to you!

Comment by Arcturio on December 28, 2017 at 4:56am

Great post, lots of love and purpose, good info, lots of practical, sensible tips and insights, good mindful projection of knowledge and wisdom.

Thank you so much for sharing, and for the caring with love.

Comment by Turquoise Water on December 21, 2017 at 9:00pm

Thanks, dear Silent! I know you've had lots of experience with healing so I appreciate your point-of-view so much! Healing is wonder-full!

Comment by Silent Silver Moon Owl on December 1, 2017 at 12:43am

T.W. This article is just so good !! It covers just about everything one needs to remember. I am so proud of you sweetheart..
Love you to pieces.


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