Spiritual and Magical Philosophies - The Adversarial Current

“So I do not pretend that the Left-Hand Path is for everyone. It is for a certain kind of mind, an outsider who shuns comforting conformity and accepts his own essence as the sole reason for his being.

It is for the pioneer who desires to push back the furthest frontiers of knowledge and possibility in his quest for , new experience and further becoming.

It is for those who see life in all of its comedies and tragedies as a Play, a glorious kaleidoscope of metamorphosis, a thing of joy even in its most painful moments.

...it is for those who rejoice in their identity, in their status as self-aware and unique beings, for those who seek to catalyze and actualize that essential Selfhood in the ultimate goal of Self-deification…

Draconian magic is in its very essence terrifying, alienating and antinomian, but – for the successful few – it is ultimately liberating, illuminating and joyous.

Casual experimentation will prove worthless, as  of tearing oneself from the womb of the cosmos is an exercise of Will and heroism; qualities gained only through intense struggle.

It is for those who can speak with thunder in their voices the watchword of Set: “I Have Come Into Being.”

Source: Apophis by Michael Kelly – A Publication of the Order of Apep

Image: Seth Egyptian God Deity of Chaos by Herisheft

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