We are the sun
We are rays of light
We are one with the universe
We are the ones we were waiting for,
We remember when we wanted them to save us.
We now know we are the saviors of ourselves.
We know we are infinitely powerful.
We know we are stepping out of every program and limitation right now.
We are moving forward, sometimes striding proudly, and sometimes on all fours, crawling..
and knowing we got through those things that made us stronger.
We are strength, we are power.
We are allies in transformation.
We are informants to one another of the truth,
the truth of our own liberation and freedom, empowerment through being ourselves
passing it like a 'frequency gift' which some take and run with, and others don't even see.
Yet others give it back and keep on keeping on because it seems to scary to open
the reminder that they are free, the gift of liberation.
Perhaps you need to rest where you are for a bit, before the radical transformation comes?

You can shift your reality.
You can live your own dreamtime.
You can allow the magic to ooze from your pores.
You can let the rainbow show you the way to yourself.
You can transcribe the words of the ancients that lie within your heart space,
For the old ones gave instructions for your emancipation at this time.

It is only in claiming your full power and seeing through illusion to something deeper
that illuminates what is more profound and shows you how this reality operates,
and also how it, your you-niverse, can be hacked by your own playtime and imagination.

this cannot be explained but only felt

So take this light that you already are,
take this dose of liberation, liberate yourself
as your mind can no longer be enslaved.
Time to move upwards,
Time to transcend dimensions through inner journeying.
We are the answers we have sought-
We are the puzzle reassembled after being taken apart fully.
We are the new way of being
that doesn't fit in the box anymore and grows wings and legs and fins.

We are the new way of being
that sings the freedom song from our pores.
We are doves of flight, we are peace and transcendence from the knowing of truth.
We are the convening of the bird tribe uniting as one being,
ever growing as more and ever flowing
with the cosmic codes of creation liberation.
~Shivrael Luminance River on 1/1/2017

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Tags: 2017, empowerment, freedom, frequency, liberation, matrix, poem, poetry, transformation, truth


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