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What is the relationship between pyramids, orgone and negative ions?

How does the mechanism of pyramid energy work?

The interesting mechanical theory of pyramid power is suggested by Vilim Kanjski and Hrvoje Zujić in their book, "Removed Veil of Pyramids Secrets".   These authors propose the idea that pyramids are generators of high frequency energy.


Basically, the pyramid has a crystal shape. The shape of the pyramid accumulates the energy of its surroundings, whether this is sun energy during the day, moon energy at night or energy below the pyramid.   Energy is accumulated in the lower third section of the pyramid.


Life energy, bioenergy, prana, chi and orgone are different names for the energy that integrate all life in the universe.  Orgone is associated with a high concentration of negative ions.


Water is a medium of transfer for negative ions and orgone in nature.  Ice and water are accumulators of orgone and underground water is therefore an accumulator of orgone in the ground.

Pyramid Skalar Waves


According to these authors, exposure to underground water, while being above ground, can have a negative impact on humans, while exposure to surface water while being below the surface, such as in caves, can have a positive impact on human health and well being.


Channels, tunnels and caves below pyramids transfer orgone throughout the pyramid.  From a wide angle perspective, observing the surrounding area of the pyramid and its geographic location on the planet, pyramids are based between the positively charged atmosphere / ionosphere  and the negatively charged earth.

Pyramid Yin Yang


As orgone is transferred and circulated throughout the pyramid from the base up to the apex, the discharge at the top appears.  Furthermore, they proclaim that there is the possibility of appearance of scalar waves at the top of pyramid.  The nature of discharge is via electromagnetic impulse gravitational energy.


Since the pyramids were covered with limestone (yin), whilst its body was made of yellow limestone (yang ), the pyramid behaves as a giant orgone accumulator.




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