Phenomenal states of immutability, in the body of saints..Perhaps, not what it seems .Full report on Paramahansa Yogananda

The Catholic Church claims there are many incorruptible bodies and that they are divine signs of the holiness of the persons whose bodies they used to be. Perhaps, but they are more likely signs of careful or lucky burial, combined with ignorance regarding the factors that affect rate of decay. Some alleged cases of incorruptibility border on the piously fraudulent.          .On March 7, 1952, Paramahansa Yogananda entered mahasamadhi . . . His passing was marked by an extraordinary phenomenon. A notarized statement signed by the Director of Forest Lawn Memorial-Park testified: "No physical disintegration was visible in his body even twenty days after death . . . This state of perfect preservation of a body is, so far as we know from mortuary annals, an unparalleled one . . . Yogananda's body was apparently in a phenomenal state of immutability."                                                                                                                                                       The [SRF cited] statement of the director of Forest Lawn, Harry T. Rowe, is accurate, but incomplete. Mr. Rowe also mentioned that he observed a brown spot on Yogananda's nose after 20 days, a sign that the body was not "perfectly" preserved. In any case, the SRF's claim that lack of physical disintegration is "an extraordinary phenomenon" is misleading . . . The state of the yogi's body is not unparalleled, but common. A typical embalmed body will show no notable desiccation for one to five months after burial without the use of refrigeration or creams to mask odors . . . Some bodies are well-preserved for years after burial. .  Note that at that time SRF - and Yogananda - wrote Paramhansa, not Paramahansa. The later "Paramahansa" in Yogananda's handwriting in front of many SRF books, is a forgery by SRF. After his death they obviously did not think he wrote his title as he should .         

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