I would like to try to explain something to you that has been in my thoughts for many days and nights. I have spoken about this type of thinking and was trying to find a way to explain it. My first reason to bringing this to you is so that I can see you understand this line of thought that is in my head.

The world in which we live, most people live in the mindset and frame of what we can see, touch, taste and feel. Concepts, that fall outside of these senses are often questioned and even dismissed. I think the concept of multidimensional thinking falls under this category. Most people figure they don’t think multidimensional its some sort of kooky scientific preamble of quantum theory, delving into parallel universes even into string theory. But what if some logic was brought to this that helped you realized that you indeed thinking multidimensional and do it naturally?

When we look at an item like and apple you were told it is good for you. You see before you that you reach out and pick it up in your hands, and hold it. This tells you it is a real object and that its food. You also have a memory of trying it before and you remember it being delicious. You physically take a bite out of the apple and relish the sweet and juicy flavor. The thing is, you are making a decision by many different inputs and you are processing so fast that it even puts the fastest computer on earth to shame. This is your multidimensional thinking. So lets break it down into parts and see how each though affects how you make that split decision.

Multidimensional thinking is considered layered thinking, many ideas and thoughts that happened in one moment that are all separate yet are linked to each other. Our minds and thoughts actually work in this manner naturally, only we just haven’t been aware of it as it does come so naturally. Take the apple, when you see it, multiple events fire off simultaneously. You are cycling through different perceptions instantaneously to come to the decision that you like that apple and you’re going to eat it.

First you have this outer perception, this perception is information that was told or taught to you. This perception comes from outside sources such as school, media, books or teachers. This is where you learned that apples come from trees and that it is a fruit. You were told that an apple was good for you. This is the outer perception from how you view this apple. Then there is the immediate perception of the space immediately surrounding you. This perception allows you to experience the apple in your hand to feel its skin and to know it’s real. The inner perception is your inner thoughts in which contain your memories of experiences in the past. You remember what an apple tasted like, how it felt when you bit into the fruit and you remember that you liked it. With all of these perceptions working simultaneously together you come to a decision that you are going to eat that apple. The amazing thing is you processed all of this information in a flash of a moment.

Outer, Immediate and Inner Perceptions are all different inputs of information that work together to help you come to a decision. This would be a 3 dimensional perspective of coming to make a decision. This is how many people function today. Some people might call this a ‘line of thought’, but it really isn’t because the decision to take a bite of that apple isn’t linear thinking at all. It doesn’t happen in chronicle logical order it happen simultaneously in layered thoughts. One perception right on top of another, yet all happening instantly. A computer processes information in a linear fashion, one line of code at a time, running equations one at a time until it comes to an answer. Depending on the size of the problem it can take minutes, to hours even days for it to come to an answer. Not with us humans. Each perception is layered right on top of each other and it all is processed together which allows us to come to an answer instantly. If we did think in linear fashion then a computer would beat us out any day since it processes linear thought must faster than we could possible do. An example of this is reach over and pick up a ball. You know from being taught and seeing others do it, to seeing the ball in front of you in your immediate space, and your memory that remembers the experiences of you doing it before, such as how you bend your body, shift your weight so you don’t fall when you lean over to pick up that ball. A robot can’t process that information the same way as you. It has to run through millions of lines of code just to command its next move. So in this you trump computer by your multidimensional thinking.

Like in quantum theory which suggests there are infinite parallel universes. There so to is multidimensional layers of thinking. For us humans, we just don’t venture much farther yet into these other layers of thought. But some do. There is a fourth layer of thinking, called extrasensory perception. This perception is another dimensional layer to your thoughts. Everyone has this perception as well, but not always as well noted as the other three mentioned above. This perception allows you know by reading a person’s body language. You know by their demeanor if you will get along with them or you won’t. It allows you to tell if a person is happy or sad before you talk to them. This is helps you determine how you will approach a person and talk to them or avoid them all together. Those really tuned into this layer of thinking will often consider this to be that they can read the energy of others or see auras. This is the energy field that we all can sense and it becomes a part of how we make a decision.

So in reality an average person is consciously using 4 dimensions of multidimensional thinking to come to a decision and it all happens in a fraction of a moment. Pretty impressive I would say for a human. When I say consciously using means that there are other layered dimensional thoughts that occur that we are not aware of. And I can go into those if you like.

But I am curious as to what you all think about this crazy thought? Does it ring a bell? Does it resonate? Let me know your thoughts.

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