Mars Photo PIA10214 shows human life and art and much more..

Hi Everyone,

This photo in particular as analyzed by Mars Anomaly Research Group shows abundant life on Mars. It was taken by the Mars Rover, Spirit, on Nov 6 - 9, 2008. I downloaded the photo( PIA 10214 ) from the NASA photo journal website to see for God!..or should I say, my Infinite Creator!...I'm still finding creatures, beings, sculptures, artifacts and dwellings everywhere. Invite you to check it out if not already. Credit to Dr. Andrew Basagio whom I heard speak of his discovery on, can listen to this 4 part engrossing interview with my hero, Alfred Webre.

Scientific paper by Dr. Basagio, The Discovery of Life on Mars, there as well or read it here,

I wrote a short article with example sections of the photo where I could see beings and creatures and sculptures but it didn't seem to upload, maybe too many photo sections in it?

In one section there's a red headed white guy just sitting there on a rock with a monkey face carved in it. He's got a light green shirt on and is looking over his shoulder straight at the camera! In another part there's a large turquoise pony-sized puppy dog accompanied by a tall spindly ET with a huge spherical head, both of them are looking at the camera also. And to the right in a turquoise rock field there's a blue creature with the segmented body of a scorpion and a human head, also looking over his shoulder straight at the camera with a look of bemusement on his face. I am compiling slowly more as I look into the photo. There's even a scotish looking guy with a beret playing bagpipes, might be a sculpture but somehow I don't think so. Exquisite figurines everywhere too if you are into art. I guess it will be a while before it's in the news...Seems to be also, alot of large snakes and reptiles in this part of Mars, how do you make that palatable to people?

Anyway, enjoy.

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Comment by Ben on February 14, 2009 at 6:16pm
Hi Trey,

The photo is still available as far as I can see. Click on 'mars' then at the top right, in the little number box type PIA10214. But here's the direct link, the photo is about 5megapixels.

Thanks, I saw the video you posted. It's amazing Mars has huge forests too and lakes. The cities are amazing. There is awesome close ups on them on the Mars Anomaly sight also. Yes, from my reading, I also believe there is lots of activity on Mars and the Moon. I just read 'Penetration' , the Ingo Swann book about the remote viewing program of which he was part. From what I understand the Apollo program stopped abruptly with billions already spent on the last 3 lunar modules. Why the sudden stop? They said it was lack of public support but since when do the public have a say in Government spending? I believe Ingo's account that they stopped because they found 'Dudes' there, which he saw in a RV session many years afterwards. And the 'Dudes' did not what them to know what they have there, it seems like some kind of mining operation and ET/Human base. The black-ops/ ET's are worried about human telepathic abilities uncovering all their secrets and they were assessing these abilities for military use only. But I guess now Ingo's work is public and at places like the Far Sight Institute anyone can learn remote viewing. Also Simeon Hein is teaching scientific remote viewing. It won't be long before secrets can't be hidden anymore.

Anyway, back to Mars. The exopolitics interviews especially filled in the gaps for me. This photo is different in that it shows actual beings in the landscape, it takes a little time to see them because at first glance it looks desolate and the brain need time to discern all the forms from the bits of strangely shaped rocks. But after a while it's so obvious what they are and what they may be doing there can be deduced. In the paper 4 typologies were discussed, but anyone can look. I made an article with sections and comments about what I make of what is there. I'll see if I can get it to upload.


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