I ask, "You mention reincarnation. Can you describe that?"

Zohar answers, “All persons have multiple lives until they reach a level of spiritual maturity to leave this earthly abode. You are given the choice, but you are also driven by karma. This does not mean that persons who are poor, sick, and abused, are that way because they were bad people in their prior life. No, the poor, sick, abused person might have a higher spiritual calling than a rich, successful, and revered person. The two do not correlate. The rich person may be spiritually immature. They may suffer in this lifetime in ways not evident to the observer.
“The notion you have of living lives sequentially, one after the other like a string of pearls stretched out along the axes of time is wrong. There is no time in the part of you that exists between lives. Your essence is brought form one life to another simultaneously, in parallel, because time Is but an illusion you create to make sense of the world. You organize the string of pearls, one after the other in linear progression but this is mere illusion.
“As a Star Seed, you are close to the end of your cycle of reincarnations. What is beyond earthly existence is not for me to reveal. You have religions to explain this, but I can tell you this much; the formal, written doctrines of your earthly religions are largely misleading. You must meditate on this yourself to derive an answer that satisfies your need for knowledge at this time.”

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