Yeah, things like cispa and acta can get us all a bit spooked and what not. But fear not there are some simple ways to bypass these things.
I'll share some of my knowledge with you and you do what you want with it :)

The Issues!

Your IP-Address

Your Internet Protocol (IP) Address is your telephone number in the internet. It says so many things about you and any site that you visit or any person you call requires that you have an IP address to communicate. Sites that you allow scripts on will often read this in order to give you advertisement such as "meet singles in [your town]"
You may wonder, HOW DOES IT KNOW WHERE I LIVE?!?!

Your IP...  If you want to know what a website can see about your browsing habits then go take a look here:

Search Engines
All the main search engines out there log what kind of requests come from your IP in order to give you results tailored to your interest. For instance, if you "google" for lots of hifi equipment from the brand BOSE, and then start googling for hifi equipment for your car, you are more likely to receive results that include BOSE.
The changes are subtle... but they are there, also... what do these websites need all that data for anyways?
Tip: Use anonymous search engines that don't log your IP like or find your own


Ahh, facebook... I've never heard of a greater data-mining website than facebook. In effect the ads on the right side will change according to what you are even chatting about but what you might not be aware of is how far facebook follows you. Have you noticed that when you go to a new place and want to sign into facebook that you gotta answer some questions to get in? This is because facebook logs your IP and knows what town you live in based on that...
Now, not only that but you know that little facebook "like" button on all those websites you visit? that is tracking you as well... Do you really think facebook needs to know all that?
(I have no facebook... facebook makes me sick)


OKAY okay... enough of the dangers and spooky stuff... (but it's good to know!) 

 here are some sollutions!

Look for these on your own, when you use these, all the data that you send through the internet goes through one of these proxies first... Sometimes you can even encrypt the data.

How do I use a proxy?
Special programs or addons, using these may take some research on your part however there are some easy solutions. Basically you have two options:
1) use a web-based proxy like if you aren't very tech savvy
2) get a proxy switcher like "elite proxy switcher" or the firefox addon "foxyproxy"

Honestly, look up ghostery, install it for your browser and enjoy.
Ghostery will list all the different services logging your IP over the internet. These are usually advertising companies like google adsense or facebook connect (yuck).. but sometimes you might be surprised as to what ghostery can block.
Also, you will see how some websites get financed by ghostery... for example, blogtalkradio uses 11 different trackers.

NoScript is a firefox addon that automatically disables all the scripts on all the websites you go to, then a little bar will show up on your browser screen whenever there are scripts on a site that were blocked (basically ALL websites will have this)
All you have to do is click on the button on there and say which websites you will allow scripts from. This is really handy because ADs won't even show up on most websites. Also, you'd be surprised on how many websites google has scripts.

This program creates a "tunnel" between you and german servers... from then on, everywhere you go you look like you're surfing from germany no matter what.
Worth checking out, you get 1GB free use but you need an account to use it.


Stop saving cookies
Stop recording your history
Avoid having ten gazillion tabs open on the same browser!
Other websites can read these if they really wanted to... guess what that means for google and facebook?

Big coorperations, big names, big interest from our friendly rulers.
Windows is targeted by lots of virus creators because everyone uses it... mac users think they're safe... but if you do some research they're not impervious either.
The same thing goes for big search engine names like firefox, chrome (from google☺), safari and IE (snicker). Since a lot of people use them they're gonna be big targets for people wanting control over the masses.
Try looking for alternative browsers like Lunascape or Sleipnir. Lunascape is especially interesting (but COMPLICATED) because it can use addons from any browser (although somewhat problematic) and can surf the web based on any existing browser framework.

Sleipnir is also fun, but there are a ton of browsers out there. Check 'em out!

Imagine that, a program that scans every file on your computer... I'm sure the huge company behind these softwares is completely benign and has the best intentions of our privatesphere at heart like any other big coorperation </sarcasm>

Look up ways to keep important stuff on your computer encrypted with things like Bitdefender or use open-source products that would have no benefit to a large coorperation since they are developed by many people just like... well... c'mon, linux was started by hippies and heroes!

Open source?
Stuff that is SO FREE, that ANYONE can look at the source code and programming of it... imagine if someone tried to release a program with espionage tactics on it and 100s of experts could recognize the dangerous data-mining inside... that wouldn't live on for long would it?
Well, sadly it does...  android is developed by google and there WAS a scandal not too long ago about how it regularly sends updates about what telefone towers you've recently connected to.
This is why it's good to keep ourselves informed and...

Please don't just take it from me... RESEARCH IT!
And post your findings here :D  we wanna discuss how we can armor ouselves in this new age, physically... especially since there are people out there who wanna make navigating the global mind tougher for us.

I'll leave you with one last tidbit, one gem of awesomeness I found in the internet for you lovers of free computer goodies and look forward to your input and collaboration on the topic, peace out!


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Comment by Walks With Greys on April 30, 2012 at 10:16pm

Another good idea is to disable the GPS feature on your cell phone, if it's an Android phone. If it's an iPhone there is more involved and it needs to be "Jailbroke". There is also a script that Google was using in the phones that sent a data dump to them every so often but I can't remember where I saw how to shut it down, but that also involved more work and you need "Root" access. I believe one of the many Android hackers seen the script and spread the word, then Google ended up getting sued over it. If I can find it I'll post a link.

There is, or was, a rumor going around that Microsoft had "back doors" built into their OS. They supposedly dispelled those rumors saying it wasn't true, but I for one Do believe there is such a door. I won't touch anything Microsoft, it's Open Source or nothing, Linux for me !

I agree with you about FaceBook, they suck ! I thought about closing my account there but found they can be a good tool and us it against them as much as I can, I figure by now they know everything about me, where I go, what sites I frequent and whatever else has crossed their thoughts before we were aware of what was going on. Anything scandalish about FB that I find goes on my wall, along with anything else against the corruption in our government lol. So I probably made it to Uncle Sams watch list :P

Great discussion ! It is best to be armed, technologically, mentally, and physically.

Comment by 7E on May 1, 2012 at 4:02am

Thanks for posting I was actually going to psost something about this because I noticed that I keep seeing an advert for a couple of sites I visited a few weeks ago, on every site I go including here. It can seem to some like 'synchronicity' because people think that we all see the same ads but its fake and they do it to jog your memory.


Im still on FB, though have never been that active I am increasingly concerned about their activities though and surprised how many people dont see what they are leading towards. An example of the plan for Plante Facebook is if you are a Blogtalkradio member. A few months ago they decided to block all of their own members from commenting on the radio shows (yes you read that correctly) They now have it set up so that the only way you can leave a comment is by using your Facebook account or entering your Hotmail etc... This way a nice picture of yourself is displayed for the entire world to know who you are, your real name and where you live. What were they thinking???


Comment by Nash Phoenix (Mel) on May 1, 2012 at 2:35pm

Thanks for the info. Good to know before I put all the wrong stuff in my new computer. :D

Comment by Walks With Greys on May 1, 2012 at 11:31pm

I know your situation Mark lol, my step daughter has posted her exact location and her cell number on FaceBook :s She just doesn't get how dangerous that is, she's removed it now but it's already circulated.

Another tidbit I thought you all would be interested in..

On Saturday, Google released the full report of the FCC’s 17-month investigation of its Street View project. While the company had long maintained that the harvesting of “payload data” — emails, passwords and other personal information from unsuspecting households with open Wi-Fi networks — was the work of a “rogue” engineer, the report reveals that supervisors knew about the program.

By way of comparison, News Corporation’s James Murdoch, the younger son of Rupert Murdoch who was the “heir apparent” to taking the lead of his father’s media empire until the phone hacking scandal broke out last summer, has repeatedly sought to maintain that such illegal practices were the work of one “rogue reporter,” rather than a practice pervading the culture of News International papers including the News of the World.

Google’s fleet of Street View cars gathered the “payload data” between 2008 and April 2010. The FCC released a heavily redacted version of its report on April 15; the report released on Saturday only redacted the names of the individuals involved. According to the FTC, Google did not violate any laws but it did obstruct the investigation and was levied a $25,000 fine. While that is a year’s tuition to some college students (and only half a year’s tuition to others), it is equivalent to the profit Google makes in 68 seconds.

Comment by Eluria ☼ on May 2, 2012 at 12:21am

Way to go! What distro are you using (unless you don't wanna disclose that) I myself am switching over but am having a hard time trusting the bigger names or anything associated with suse, ubuntu, red hat, debian and so on....
Maybe we should create a thread on good linux distros with reviews and the like?

Once ghostery is in place you won't have to deal with that anymore.

@the rest
Thank you for your input :D  Eventually I might copy paste some of it into the main post for others to read.

Comment by Walks With Greys on May 2, 2012 at 12:31am

I'm using Ubuntu 11.04, they have an awesome support community, Kubuntu is also a good offshoot of Ubuntu. What do you have for concerns about the bigger names ?

Comment by 7E on May 2, 2012 at 3:41am

WWGs What is that all about, I saw when I think it was iphone people who started the location tracking toool for facebook and I thought.. Why do I want everyone to know where I am all the time? But many people dont think anything of it.  

Comment by Eluria ☼ on May 2, 2012 at 12:43pm

@ Walks With Greys
I dunno, I guess I have developed somewhat of a strong caution against bigger things, since they are larger they are more susceptible to interference. Kinda like how there are virtually no viruses for Linux's because there are too many different builds... But since lots of people have windows it's a huge target for people who make viruses.
(concrete-bunker-paranoia-mode activate!)
I feel that large linux distros can become a target for interference from coorperations...  Not that they'd suddenly become proprietary or something like that... but just the sorta thing big money can do to a product over time... that's all.
It's not that I automatically think they are dangerous or something just because of that, but I'd like to stick to littler things just out of precaution, that's all ^^

(lol but not stuff like tin foil hat linux haahhaha  btw that actually exists)

Comment by Kristo Ya'Anu on May 3, 2012 at 4:10am

Thanks for the tips WWG! Here's another site I've found useful with more to dig in to.

Comment by Walks With Greys on May 3, 2012 at 6:53pm

@ Seventh Element..They also did something for FB yes, but this script is something different that no one was supposed to be any wiser of. It's blatant and deliberate privacy violations, they collect data dumps from the phones that have every text message and every phone number you called and the location of every tower you passed when you passed it.  I will look for an article for you today.


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