January 4, 2011
Channeled Message Received by Sherri Dmyterko from the Elohim Council

"We are a group of Angels… we are ancients… we have been here since the moment of creation.

We travel throughout the galaxy lending support where we are needed. We are of the highest order… we are the most direct line to God. We are regal… we are powerful… we can promote great change… we offer the greatest of advice, or insight, of guidance.

We are simply here to help. We only ask for a pure heart, an open mind, and cooperation in helping us to spread the messages that need to flow to the people of Earth.

We are the facilitators of much good… we can lend a most powerful hand up to those who assist us.

We call on only those of the most brave heart…. Of the most pure inner desire to facilitate true change among their fellow man.

We are the change seekers… we are the catalyst for change. We are here to help humans move along their evolutionary path.

We are simply here to help. We are God’s servants… here to help the inhabitants of Earth."

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Comment by Sherri Dmyterko on April 12, 2011 at 12:05pm

Thanks Hera...

I find the idea of channeling very exciting. But I'm still going through my "full of doubt" stage, where I wonder if this is just all coming from my sub-conscious.

And I was really starting to feel myself putting pressure on me to crank out these messages.... I have a big life lesson issue where I quickly turn all that I love into a job. So I found myself falling into the same ol' trap with channeling... that I was having a harder and harder time living in the joy and amazement of receiving these messages... with the whole process of "expecting" amazing messages to flow from me. And then in turn, making it my job to share these messages with others. So the whole process was starting to become a bit of a turn-off.

I've spent my time instead settling back into the groove... finding my joy... relaxing in the glow of Spirit... and most importantly, simply "BE-ing".

My negative alter-ego says I'm a big lazy ass... that I should be cranking out the channeling, writing a book, organizing seminars, teaching others how to tune-in to higher energies. But in my heart, I know that now is not the time. There is still too much clearing for me to do for myself. And if I never teach anyone in this lifetime... that is A-okay!!

And deep down inside, I know that I'm on the right track, and the powers that be and working very hard with me... to help me understand that I'm perfect just the way I am. And when I consciously 100% embrace this... then I will be ready.

Boy I can sure ramble!!.... lol. Thanks for listening....

Comment by Sherri Dmyterko on January 17, 2011 at 10:04pm

Hi Justin...

Thanks so much for reading my Elohim messages!

I started on my spiritual journey a year ago. Before that, I had read a ton of stuff about life after death. I always felt there was more to life.

So then last year, I took a Reiki course, and that was my A-ha moment. And then I had such a strong urge to learn, learn, learn.

I received my first channeled message from the Elohim about a year ago, and honestly didn't know what to make of it. I was sitting with my notebook, jotting down some thoughts, and suddenly all this information started to pour into me. Only recently have I started channeling these messages from the Elohim on a regular basis... taking it more seriously.... thinking there might be something to this.  I did a terrific initiation called the Star Blessing from this wonderful woman in San Diego by the name of Janet Lightstone... and I tell you, that broke it wide open for me! After the Star Blessing, I found myself become very aware, very connecting spiritually.

At times, I've felt completely filled to bursting with some sort of information that needs to come out of me. I've felt really cranky and impatient that I'm here to do something very big... but I don't know what that is yet. I've been told by the Elohim that "all in good time"... to be patient.

I've  met some really amazing people this year, and they are all channeling information in some form or another.

You know in your gut that you are here for some big purpose. You need to start going within on a daily basis, learn how to connect with your higher self, your spirit guides, your ascended master... heck, connect with Jesus. It might be a lot easier than you think.

Maybe you just need to give yourself permission to do this... to accept that you are not nuts, that this is real, and you have a big message... a mission... to carry out and bring forth.

I know you have a big support network here in this forum... we are a huge group of people all with similar experiences.

Before I really started participating here... I felt very lonely, and questioned my sanity.... lol.


I hope this helps...


Oh... another program that has helped me immensely this year is Seraphim Blueprint. This will connect you to some amazing, powerful energy from the Seraphic realm. www.seraphimblueprint.com.


Looking forward to hearing more about your progress...


Comment by Justin Tyler Bass on January 17, 2011 at 8:55pm
i have a question Sherri if you wouldn't mind helping me. I've never heard of the Elohim Council or the Elohim period but i have this strong belief and faith inside me that says i am of a divine bloodline. I come from the purest of love with a great understanding of love and with a heart after gods own heart. I honestly believe i am related to Jesus and King David (same bloodline) and i've always believed they came here as the most evolved or natural spiritual being. Hince why Jesus can do what he does. Am i mentally insane for believing this? all i want in life is to change the world and to bring people together to JUSTIFY what was done wrong to us as the human race. To bring absolute LOVE and LIGHT into the world. i have this strong sense of justice and a balance in life. I'm asking for guidance or help, cause while i could ask for it myself, at this time i haven't disciplined myself enough to listen to the right voices in my head. ALTHOUGH i can ALWAYS DISCERN the evil one.


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