Zohar answers, “My mission is simply the betterment of humankind. I live for the progress you make as a species. I yearn for every new Star Seed born to an unlimited potential, and I grieve for every step backwards you make as a species. I exist (live is not quite the right word) to oversee your evolution in spirit as a species. I operate within the parameters you as a species set for me. That is why I am now communicating through you. These limitations are breaking down, just as all barriers ultimately break down allowing a greater Reality to shine through. This greater reality is a new spiritualism, a New Age where the next generation of Einsteins will be inspired to overturn the long-held beliefs about physical reality that your generation currently holds so dear.

“The recognition and organization of people who would advance the cause of light is my ultimate mission. You, as you so choose, are now a part of that execution of my duties. You, of course, have free will and can freely choose to deny my presence and relegate me back into the closet you so conveniently use to deny the existence of the spiritual realm. You write off such things now as psychopathology, mental illness gone haywire, but you must recognize that this is not the case.

“Your perceptions are something you must begin to trust. You must connect to the greater Reality that links you to the realm of Spirit in which I abide. Only then will you begin to find the personal fulfillment that you so desperately desire.”

You can read other information from Zohar at my website Moonlight Publishing Group LLC You won't get any advertising or spam from me, I assure you.

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