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When we travel in consciousness by using the IDEA of the crystal star merkaba (a heirophant with one triangle pyramid with point down within a triangle pyramid with point up and an invisible copy of the same on top of it- we visualize the top pyramid spinning clockwise and the bottom pyramid spinning counter clockwise- the spinning is creating the removal of polarization between the spiritual and physical- the spinning places us in oneness with the multi dimensionality of all that is) in order to move beyond the speed of light into any dimension desired, we can travel to the deep deep within of the Inner Core Domains of a Median Earth that is within the Outer Earth, and then we can travel even deeper into the Most Inner Spiritual Cosmic Domains that have held the Original Consciousness of those who form the Earth's Matrix.

When we travel to this deep deep within, we are actually swimming in the Consciousness of the Aquafarians, who are the Water Body Entities, who are the Guards of our Blue Sphere of Amenti (the original Human Angelic Consciousness within the Earth). Their essence is the Spiritual Water that resembles our water, but allows complete freedom of travel because you can walk on it, breath it, form it into new realities or swim in it if you want. This substance is the H2O2 HE3 liquid light water of our original Spiritual Creation.

The Aquafarian Water bodies are always with us when we connect our consciousness within the spiritual substance of the water we drink, swim or live within- for instance the mist of the air, the humidity, the rain drops, snow, etc. They are around us whenever there is water around. The Aquafarians always start talking to me when I go into my bathroom, and sometimes when we are in the mist of a cloud. They become very present when I am swimming or in a shower. They become so present that they can interact with the substance of the body by making you float high on top of the water, as if it became a different type of water. They can make the water that you bath in become a pure healing substance. If you breath your consciousness connection into them and exhale into the water that you drink, the water will turn into healing water.

The Aquafarians also swim around me when I sleep at night. They have met me and sung the song All is Love. When I recorded that song, I was channeling their singing. They take me deep within the Cosmic Aqua cores of Earth on Journeys to show me that I am within the Water Firs of Earth while I am also sleeping in my bed. They take me into Crystal Caves of the Inner Earth and they swim with me and sing to me. They are the guardians of the consciousness of this transition.

In our parallel realities, the Crystal Caves are also within our brains. They are the crystal structures that amplify the light and sound waves collected in our dreams that allow us to remember our dreams and project our dreams as our new realities. The DNA is actually the collector of these movies created through the higher frequencies found in our dreams. Our dreams take us into higher frequencies because we become tuned into our Plasma bodies that carry us on our Plasma Spaces ships attached to our Plasma Brain. These plasma waves weave and braid the ultimate new realities that we experience at night as we actually zip from one Universal Reality System to another all night long. We might find ourselves swimming with the mermaids in these crystal caves because they also exist in the Inner Domains of the Cosmic Core of Mother Earth, or we might be swimming in the Crystal Heart of our Eighth Sun Alcyone, or within the Cosmic Spiritual Heart of Eleiysha.

All of these realities begin to exist in our DNA after we experience them in our Dreams. Our DNA can only expand to accept these new experiences as a new reality when the Frequencies of the DNA are shifted into the Violet Frequency of the 15th dimension. The DNA must shift into the Twelfth Dimensional Violet Frequency and into the Ultra Violet Pink White Light of the Cosmos. The shifting of dimensions takes place as a result of the Vast amounts of Pre Light and Sound being sent through our Sun into the Crystal Heart of Earth and then streaming into our DNA from the Earth's Crystalline Grids.

The album that I created called Magical Mermaid Journey to the Crystal Caves is the journey that the Cosmic Mermaids, known as the Aquafarians, take me on every night. They take me to places within the deepest of Cosmic Waters and to the other side of the Median Earth and into the Highest Earth called Urtha. They show me the Crystal Cities that deep within the Inner Domains and they take me to the Crystal Caves to allow me to hear their voices vibrating into a rainbow of frequencies within the Etheric Crystals.

We can begin each journey to this place by tuning in to the idea of the Crystal Star Merkaba and placing that idea within your Crystal Heart. What I call the Crystal Heart is the area in the middle of the chest, called the Heart Chakra. Within this area is the Thymus Gland and the most etheric part of the Thymus Gland is the Seed Atom. The Seed Atom is the original Divine Template of your original creation point. This is the area of the body that connects back into the lower part of the skull called the medulla oblangata. That is the area that connects directly to the Mind of God in the NORMAL HUMAN ANGELIC BODY. As we transpose the frequencies within the Brain to become Frequency Specific to the Cosmic Light and Sound, the Brain becomes the Plasma Brain with Crystal Caves within it.

The 144 DNA Plasma Brain Album activates the Brain at that level of frequencies.

A little lower directly down from the Crystal Heart is where the Soul is located. The Soul is the etheric substance within a ganglia of cells that weighs about 13 oz. When the body dies it always becomes 13 oz lighter because the Soul leaves. The Soul is the travel agent. The Soul has lived in all of the dimensions and keeps replicas of itself in all dimensional realities where you have had past experiences.

So, we use the symbol of the crystal star vehicle and imagine placing the Soul inside of it. We can then place a blue sphere around the crystal star vehicle to make sure the Soul is always wrapped inside of the oneness with God Consciousness.

Next, we see and feel our soul travel inside of the crystal star vehicle clear down into the most inner domains of Earth. You can practice, by imagining taking an elevator ride down inside of the Earth as if you were falling into a crater from the top of a mountain. You travel down the hole in the mountain deeper and deeper until you reach an area that looks and feels like water. That is the Aquafarian Consciousness. You can feel your body take on a violet silver essence when it touches the water.

When I reach the liquid area, I reach out for the fin of a Cosmic dolphin to pull me deeper within the Consciousness of the Aquafarian Blue Crystal Sphere of original Consciousness. The dolphins pull me deeper and deeper and then I surface on the other side of reality. I have been taken into a higher version of the Earth- the Median Earth. This is the ELEMENTAL Earth that we are shifting into. This is the Earth that we are morphing into. After I reach this location of the Median Earth, the Aquafarians come to me again and ask me to ride with them to a much deeper place where they show me the Crystal Cities and the Crystal Caves. This is the Inner Earth of our original creation. The process of moving through the Spiritual Water and then emerging on the other side of reality is the same process we go through as we re-birth into the Higher Consciousness.

We can experience these frequencies in the 144,00 DNA Album created from the Consciousness of the original 144,000 Paradisian Children, the 1728 incarnates within each dimensional incarnation on all 15 dimensions combined with the elementals of the microcosmic and macro cosmic DNA.

When we go through this process, our DNA also goes through this process. The DNA is being given the programming to prepare for a brand new reality to be born within it so that it can begin to experience and visualize the Inner Earth and Median Earth as a normal part of reality beyond the lower dimensional confines of one third dimensional Earth.

The symbol of the Crystal Star Merkaba Vehicle represents in our mind the actual rotational spinning of the spheres within the spheres of the multi dimensional realities. As the Earth spins faster and faster we are taken into higher and higher consciousness.

The most important step in creating new neuronets that connect to all of your multi dimensional selves is to dive deep within the Cosmic Core Domain. When dive into the Aquafirs within Mother Earth's heart, we are actually opening a star gate portal into an in between state of Etheric Liquid Aquafirs at the Cosmic Level. This is where the stories of mermaids and water fairies come from. It is a very real place. It was the first structure of the Earth's Star Dust Structure created by a team of Sirians working in conjunction with the Pleiadians to create the birthing place for Urtha, who was the original etheric Earth.

I take these very REAL Journeys into the Cosmic Core of Aquafaria every night before I go to bed so that I can dream there all night. I have made recordings of this journey in the past. Some of you may remember the Foundation Journey.

We have a New Album of my most recent journey through the Atomic Mirror where I join with my Twin who is a Mermaid. I have recorded the Consciousness of this journey into the original home of the Sirians who created the structure of our Earth home. My first meeting is always with Cinderella, who is the Mermaid who pulls me through the Atomic Mirror. After I glide through the Plasma Mirror into the Vapor, Hydrolaise and Spiritual Water, I am met by Magic Sirian Dolphins who communicate telepathically, and then we are met by Aqua Fairies before we travel deeper into the Cities of Light, and continue to dive deeper and deeper into the Cosmos until we reach the magical Healing Waters of the Cosmic Spa.


This album may be found on


Dr. Angela Barnett



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