Astounding Contradictions about Space - Part 1

It is absolutely shocking how many different belief systems we have as a Human race. That we cannot agree on the shape of our own planet, in the year 2018, with all of our technology, is clearly disturbing.

All of the information in the public domain has become obfuscated to the point that "authentic truth" is almost impossible to discern. Was this by design? It appears that the only option is to use our own inherent divine intuition, to determine what is real, and what is not.

Take a look at this list, and the disturbing contradictions that surround each item. What do you think is real? I welcome your opinions and feedback.

Contradictions in 2018.
Part 1:

The Earth:

1.) Is the Earth is flat, round, oval or pear shaped?


1.) Elon Musk is helping to provide a fake agenda to the public, to confuse people about the flat Earth, and to push A.I. onto the unsuspecting masses.

2.) The video footage of the Telsa car in space, is completely fake, and the Earth is not round as clearly depicted.

3.) Elon Musk is a totally benevolent, helpful person, who wishes to see mankind succeed. The footage of his Telsa car is real genuine footage. The Earth is round. Elon could very well save Humans from enslavement by A.I. due to his research into benevolent A.I.

Roswell Theories:

1.) The Roswell Crash was an intentional crash by an A.I. race to further advance Humans so they could be controlled by silicon chips easier.

2.) The Roswell Crash was caused by a lightning storm. ET's exploring on a routine mission, crashed because of a failed navigation system due to the craft being struck by lightning.

3) The Roswell Crash was a group of Humans from the future, who came back into time, to change the timeline at a pivotal time during the beginning of the Nuclear weapon age on Earth. Nuclear weapons cause a rip to the fabric of space time, creating massive timeline distortions and deviant timelines, affecting everyone, everywhere, within a given Universe. Nuclear weapons also have the ability of fragmenting and damaging the soul, unlike conventional weapons.

4.) The Roswell Crash was a high altitude Russian test craft using rubber test dummies. It was not a UFO. The bodies seen were rubber dolls, not extraterrestrials.

5.) The Roswell Crash was a group of ET's who were attacked by the U.S. government using newly developed high powered radar, which intentionally disabled the crafts, which had been seen and reported and were identified a few weeks earlier by Kenneth Arnold who saw 9 UFO's flying over Mt. Raineer.

The Moon:

1.) We never went to the moon. Humans have never stepped foot on the moon. We cannot escape the Van Allen radiation belt.

2.) We went to the moon with the Saturn 5 rocket, but we faked the moon landing footage to conceal secret alien bases and UFOs flying around the moon.

2B.) The Saturn 5 rocket couldn't make it to the moon, due to the lunar module not being capable of landing safely, so we used anti-gravity craft to travel to the moon. This is why we supposedly stopped going to the moon because the Saturn 5 never did go to the moon.

3.) There is no such thing as space. The Moon is a hologram, and there is no “space” as we know it. Rockets that leave Earth do not leave low Earth orbit, and those that do, seem to explode or crash or vanish mysteriously. Some have claimed that there is some kind of a force field or dome around the Earth, which has always been impenetrable.

4.) The Moon is a space ship, dragged here by the reptilians, from Ursa Minor, a star system in the Draco constellation. It is used to control Earth.

5.) The Moon is made out of titanium, and has many different ET races living on it, and within it. The Moon was positioned carefully so that it does not rotate at all, thereby preventing any observation of the backside of the moon by Human observers on Earth, easily concealing alien activity.

6.) The Moon is natural and was naturally positioned through random chance, so that it creates a perfect eclipse, being exactly positioned so that it never rotates, and blocks the sun perfectly during solar eclipse. (Not possible).

7.) The Moon is a hologram. There is footage that shows the Moon doing a “digital refresh” on several occasions. The surface of the moon is only a holographic projection, thus our moon may not even exist at all. It could have been removed without us knowing it, or maybe a holographic vision is broadcast to prevent us from seeing UFO crafts coming and going from the Moon.

8.) The Moon is a laboratory for the Grey's, and is a type of embassy for many different ET races. The moon has multiple sections, with each race having its own section of the moon. An agreement has been made to allow multiple races to use the Moon as a staging area, with the agreement that peace must be maintained. The 9 foot tall Draconian reptilians guard any foreign activity on the moon, and it is said that the first astronauts that landed on the moon saw these large reptilian people standing outside their craft, guarding the moon, and we were terrified.

9.) The Moon is just an asteroid and is dead with no atmosphere and very little gravity.

10.) The Moon has an atmosphere, plants, and animals, and normal gravity.

Each of these theories has persistent, determined researchers who will vouch for all of these theories, despite major contradictions.

I'd like to hear what the Starseed community thinks about these topics.

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Comment by Damian Q. Laster, MSc.D., M.Ed. on February 12, 2018 at 10:02pm

What we see is a reflection also of what is happening inside us. Unless, and until the pineal gland and 3rd, or what some call the 1st eye opens, we will not see clearly at all, but continue to experience this illusion, and matrix, as it is.
I also am not certain that the earth is not flat.

Comment by Damian Q. Laster, MSc.D., M.Ed. on February 12, 2018 at 9:51pm


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