“The experts discuss whether the deity, sometimes known as Shiva the Creator and Destroyer, was in fact the leader of an alien group who brought advanced technology to Earth. Shiva is one of a trinity of major gods in Hinduism.”

I try to meditate as often as I can. Sometimes it’s difficult to find the time and place as human life has been conditioned into into such a busy schedule. But thankfully, consistent practice has allowed me to access deep states almost instantly.

I often have extreme and vivid visions whilst I meditate. One recurring theme is the most beautiful place consisting of a purple sky and two moons (or suns).

As I’m writing this I can hear static energy and a vibratory hum. I first connected with Shiva on boxing day 2015. I use the word “connecting” in an almost subjective way, because we are all truly connected to the essence of Shiva and what he represents. Shiva, although portrayed as a personified being, is also the existence of duality; or yin and yang. “Shiva the destroyer” is quite an intimidating term. Rather, Shiva is the destroyer of all setbacks and negative beliefs, which makes way for the transmutation of divine light and pure being.

My first experience with this amazing spirit was one that I’ll never forget. I was practicing yoga at the time, and whilst doing so I was playing Shiva mantras in the background, out of pure chance. At that time in my life I’d never really done much research into Hindu gods. I always perceived them as an energy; not a physical being as they are portrayed in Hindu mythology. I was right and wrong; they are both physical and spiritual, both form and energetic existence.

I remember one mantra was playing and I was really resonating to it. It ignited so much new and ecstatic energy throughout my entire being. For some reason, I remember inviting Shiva into my space, even though I was slightly skeptical about what was about to happen.

With my eyes closed, I saw a blue orb floating in front of me. All the tension in my body seemed to melt away, and I felt the energy take its place. Every atom and cell of my body vibrated at the same frequency of this beautiful blue light. I felt amazing; by vessel was overflowing with peace. I sat in this frequency for a while, basking in its divine beauty.

About ten minutes later, I started to feel a lot of deep-rooted emotions slowly come to the surface. It’s as if I could feel them pushing through my skin after being concealed by my conscious mind for so long. These feelings were hidden for years, because they were just too painful to face. With the mantras still playing and resonating with my body, I started to cry and cry. Old energies poured from my throat and heart chakra, as I purged myself of what no longer served me.

After my emotional release, I thanked and offered my gratitude to the Shiva energy. I felt so much lighter. Since my initial experience with this deity, Shiva has played a large role in my life and spiritual growth.

About two months ago (around early November) I was sat in stillness, practicing mindful meditation. I was observing and counting each breath, allowing each thought to pass peacefully without judgement, until I reached a pure stillness in my mind and body.

For some reason, I started tripping. Baring in mind, I was 100% sober at the time. But, it didn’t stop me from experiencing one of the most powerful and significant psychedelic awakenings of my life so far.
I can’t describe what I saw. I’ve learned that language is too shallow and dense to depict the beauty of spiritual experiences. There is one integral part of this awakening that I can describe, though.

I started to see hieroglyphic text in my mind’s eye. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life, but somewhere deep down, it felt so familiar. I also saw a cross symbol (similar to spiritual swastikas) and the Star of David.
Then, the colours and images started to calm down, and what I saw was so profoundly beautiful that I get emotional just thinking about it. It awoke something in my mind and soul, which led me to where I am now.

I was sat in front of a deep blue sea. The waves were calm and tranquil, washing over each other in a pattern as if controlled by a higher, divine intelligence. The sky was the most beautiful shade of purple I’d ever seen, and in it were two large moons or suns. It was probably the most amazing thing I’d ever seen.

This is significant because I saw this place again during meditation, about a week later. The first time I saw it, I didn’t think much of it. I thought it was all part of the “trip”, even though it seemed so familiar to me.
There I was again, in front of a dancing blue sea which seemed to have a life of its own. The two moons were next to each other in perfect symmetry. Everything was calm and blissful, in perfect divine order, more than human language can describe.
What was different about this, is that I saw my own body too. I looked exactly like Lord Shiva, but my skin was purple instead of blue, with flecks of gold all over. I had two sets of arms, my hands placed into mudras, and I was sat in the lotus position. My heart was wide open to the universe. I felt EVERYTHING. I will never be able to describe what I felt through words. My third eye felt like it was going to explode. This vision “triggered” a new psychic ability; clairaudience - I heard a loud pop in both of my ears, and I heard “OM” being sung into my right ear. Bear in mind, I was sat in pure silence. I also started to hear celestial music.

To anyone reading this, I highly recommend allowing Shiva energy into your life. Also, google “purple sky and two moons/suns” and see what comes up. I’m not the one one who has seen this place. :)

I wish you all the blessings and love on your spiritual path. 2017 is going to be the year of awakening. <3

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Comment by Malcolm Hazel on December 24, 2016 at 8:39am
I have eared the prince rout this song about an incident when it rain purple rain that he read about, there have been references of king to being blue blooded, Cliff High on youtube have made references to were we rally came from and are true history especially the dogon tribe
Comment by Malcolm Hazel on December 24, 2016 at 8:15am


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