Shift of ages- have you considered this: Fourth Version?

This fourth installment or exercise will be in effect a ramped up version of the 3rd exercise I just covered in the previous post.  I wanted to go into a bit more detail of what I believe to be a little known ritual that may or may not be true.  Intuitively I will say it's true and there feels within me a certain history of it although I am not certain when or where this ritual occurred -(it doesn't even matter for everything is always available for us) suffice it to say this ritual could explain where we get our fascination with petrification.  Yes, I did say that! XD !! Secondly I also wanted to expand a bit on How I define Consciousness- or at least cover what is comprised in Consciousness.  Thanks~!~!

I think it is safe to conclude that the mythology of Medusa and Perseus is well known and it's certainly be popularized by groups like Disney.  Medusa has been portrayed in many variant forms- ranging from a Naga body to a regular woman with Snakes for hair.  She certainly exhibits a pretty gosh darn good example of a western version of the Eastern Nagas and I'm sure there is something to that if you had a chance to see the real histories.  Although I don't doubt the existence of certain anthropomorphic races out of our distant history, I will however like to direct your attention to the general gist of the mythology.  And yes, I am a fan of the notion that myth contains bits of truth in it's core.  Never mind from where the Myths came- but rather realize they carry with them echoes of our true history... from mermaids to dragons all the way to demons and gods and half-man half animal beings.. yep there is truth in that.  Back to the goddess Medusa (yes!)

I think and am of the opinion that the whole story behind the heroes passing through the labyrinth and being turned to stone at the gaze of this Gorgan Medusa is in fact a scant version of a little known initiation rite.  First let us face the fact that humanity has a certain curiosity with heroes and heroines being turned to statues or gold -(aka Midas Touch)  If there wasn't something to this then it wouldn't keep showing up in our popular culture and in our story telling.  Think about it.  What turns us on about being turned into stone or gold?  Does it drive you nuts?

I believe the whole rite to face Medusa- which is one aspect of the Feminine, was to be turned into stone on purpose.  And the fact that it took a hero to pass through the maze is in effect symbolic of you and I making that inner journey to leave the mind!  Labyrinth is the Mind Maze if you carefully reflect on it.  Perhaps the original rite was more simple than that- but that's what myth's do- they carry ancient truths on in gloriously expounded ways.

I feel that this rite was real but not in this age- probably in some other previous golden age.  Without any delay I will just jump right in.  The idea is that this rite was an initiation into the great truth- that you are not your mind and body.  Your physical body would be petrified into stone literally.  It is a way of deadening your sense of physicality.  And at some point you will be out of the body.  This is a "death" if you will.  But being turned to stone is also akin to Stasis.  I'm of the opinion that there were many ways to initiate one into this first hand knowing.. being petrified was just one way.  But it certainly would compel you to come to terms with the fact that you are not the person you think you are.

With the Medusa Myth I tend to just pay attention to the essential gist- not the details.. why does the hero have to kill her and cut off her head so that he can go and save someone else down the road of his adventure?  That could just be the bastardization or death of the feminine as patriarchal (Mind Dominated) elements began to take the center stage. 

When you lay down at night to focus inside you too can let Medusa's lovely eyes gaze at you! Feel your body turn to stone from your feet and hands all the way up.  It's a fun exercise- all you have to do is imagine that you can't move anymore and that everything is slowing down and being preserved...  It's kind of shocking at first because when your heart and chest begin to turn you will feel shallow of breath- not to worry, just imagine that what you think of as breathing is in your head and some where else.  This is a great way to take away your body from you!  You may actually find yourself outside the body, I'm not saying it will happen but who knows. 

To sum this up- I have reason to believe that the essential parts of the Medusa Myth actually pass down to us the lost elements of a little known rite that came from the age prior to this one if not further back.  To me, it seems to be at least one rite of initiation that has gotten into our collective memories and distorted through story telling.  I am certain it has some bearing in reality because my intuition hints at it.  Since this rite is against the grain of a Mind-Dominated world it will be shot down by Mind every chance.. so just remember we can only be Consciousness- mind and body are servant and vehicle of experience.  Thanks, more to come! 

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Comment by Vaipxi on April 13, 2012 at 11:55am

Additional Comment

The other night just 2 days ago I had a morning dream where I actually went through the procedure of transmutation.  I was systematically being turned into gold as I sat in a facility.  It was like a medically sanctioned procedure.  It was so exotic and amazingly fun I can't use words.. it was personal of course and the meanings were for me.  But fun nonetheless! 


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