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Cry of the millennial witch

This is geared towards witches but I seriously think it applies to any spiritual community. This is a great article...

"I tried. Fuck, I tried. I did the meditations, I did the training, I did the work. I focused on the positive, I focused on the light, I focused on letting go of my darkness. Just release, they said. Don’t even bring attention to what it is, they said, just release it. I advanced in my healing skills, in my awareness, in my intuition. I worked deeply with clients… READ MORE →

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6 Edible Seeds

Why you should sprinkle them into your diet

Reposted with permission from Kelsey Phillips

Tiny but mighty, seeds are often overlooked despite their impressive nutritional benefits. Incorporating seeds into your morning oatmeal, smoothie, or yogurt (or just…


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The Right To Awareness: Why Earth Is Protected

There is a fight going on, there are certain people or forces here on Earth who are working for Earth and are here not only to keep the balance but also to protect not only humans but…


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The How and Why Of A Demonless World And Who Was Satan Really?


Many find the Spiritual Warfare passage of Ephesian 6 to be a reference to unseen entities that inhabit, infect, and affect the human realm. Sometimes as invisible spirit beings and sometimes as manifest forms often believed to be grotesque. I encourage you to read the chapter I am attaching. In short however, the Greek terms Paul uses in that passage deal with entirely human based entities. The fight was against an authority structure, a mindset or manner of belief, a…

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Cosmic Deception: Let The Citizen Beware! (By Dr Steven Greer)

Please post and circulate widely

August 31. 2013 www.SiriusDisclosure.com

Cosmic Deception: Let The Citizen Beware!



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Past Life Reading I Just Received - India

This lady is INCREDIBLY accurate!..everything she said I have dreamed about, I just needed confirmation.... WOW


StarzMani said: (2013-07-02 07:15:19)


Sael Sael said: (2013-07-02 07:15:28)

hi mani :)

StarzMani said: (2013-07-02 07:15:29)

how are you doing?

Sael Sael said: (2013-07-02 07:15:35)

good thank you! how are you?

StarzMani said: (2013-07-02 07:15:44)

i am very well thank you



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The Way Of The Starseed

For those “Lightworkers” claiming that humans are sheeple! sorry but you aren't the only one who is illuminated, whatever you claim to be,: starseed, lightworker, angel etc…humans are the exact same thing and came here to do the exact same thing, what was our role? the same role it was thousands of years ago…to assist…


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My Mayan Cross

My Mayan Cross



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Exude Love, Create Peace

I found something in my notes I don’t remember …


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Starseed *Title*

I know this was already posted but I wanted to have it on my blog as well....

I just wanted to clarify what I have noticed here and there within the starseed community at large and the world. Over time we have been made to see not that which connects us but that which separates us and from blinding us to our connection to one another it blinded us to our connection to the stars, it made us forget that we are ALL star stuff.


I have been pondering lately this label of…


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Our Sacrifices

As starseeds we (usually) have to make certain sacrifices in order to awaken and engage our missions. We loose family, friends, jobs, and even homes in rare cases. Sometimes our entire life is completely transformed. We can go from having a good career, a house, a partner, two kids and a dog to having no one and nothing at all.

Most times we can handle it because at a soul level we already expected it, yet other times we end up lost, damaged, afraid and confused but…


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Only Those Of "Love & Light"

I awakened in 2000-2001 or there about to who and what I really was, of course it did not end there, why would it?! I don't know how many of us have awakened and found themselves reading and watching conspiracy based things on the internet but I am glad to say that it becomes just another phase of awakening. Making yourself aware of the truth of the physical world, after that when you are more evolved you move on from that energetic vibration to learning the truth of the self, or in other…


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You Are A Mirror

John Adams: "As I understand the Christian religion, it was, and is, a revelation. But how has it happened that millions of fables, tales, legends, have been blended with both Jewish and Christian revelation that have made them the most bloody religion that ever existed?" Letter to F. A. Van der Kamp.

Ghandi: "I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ."

Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States: "I have examined…


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Ancient Teachings And Guidance: We Are Closing Our Selves Off To Important Knowledge!

Please not, this may offend some people and it is NOT my intention to offend anyone, this is just my own personal opinion, if it resonates great, if not, please understand that this is my own PERSONAL truth.…


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Extracts from the Kharsag Epics

Data for the identification of the Kharsag Epic Tablets

The autographed texts and transliterations from the original Sumerian, cuneiform-inscribed tablets are to be found in Miscellaneous Babylonian Inscriptions by Professor George A. Barton, published by the Yale University Press and the Oxford University Press in 1918. The tablets, themselves, are part of the Nippur collection held in the University Museum at Philadelphia,…


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Why the 2012 phenomenon is real!

1         Introduction

1.1       Purpose – disturbing news reports

STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND READ THIS! It will be the most important article you have ever read!

Over 773 CEO level resignations or terminations have occurred so far this year. Here is a…


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My Experience During Earth Hour Meditation (Online Past Life Regression Meditation Experience)

I apparently went through some very deep clearing and healing of a particular past life, it must be that, other wise I can't find any other explanation for the emotional reaction I had upon coming out of the past life meditation. I meditated first for the healing of Gaia, then after that I goggled: "Guided Meditations" on YT using my cell phone. I had not really given thought to what type of guided meditation I was clicking on, I just went for a nice long one but apparently my dumb…


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The Sacred Spark: Our Inner Dwelling Place

Believe in yourself! What greater treasure does a human have then faith in their own self? We have withstood so much as a species, survived world wars and a nuke and even plagues and genocide. But apart from our beloved Father/Mother God(dess) what has kept us alive?...Hope! Hope has kept us alive. Hope has driven us to protests, hope has kept us fighting tyrants when it seemed all was lost. Hope has helped us find cures to…


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Jesus The Atlantean

When Jesus was born, it threatened the growing rule of the roman empire and catholic church (Not officially organized at the time), so the Romans [and others] set out to kill all first born thinking they could get to Jesus and stop him AND his lineage. But Jesus was special and would survive to bring the message to the world that they are divine and that we are all divine, of course that message got hijacked..But since so many people were power and money hungry, Jesus was betrayed, hung on…


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The Man And His Lunar Star Goddess

The man turned his

eyes towards the heavens.…


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