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Writings from my hybrid children

Writings from my hybrid children


Hello this is Mylin. I am 13 and I am a girl who has an interest in healing of nature. I will help with the growing of vegetables and plants, and be outside in the gardens. I talk with the devas and nature spirits, and know how to take great care of plants. I am looking forward to being in your presence. I have brown eyes, am 5'10”. My father is on the ship called Selma. I want to thank you for volunteering to host me and the other…


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Children of the Craggy Planet

Children of the Craggy Planet


Other races with profoundly deviant linguistics have at least entered into the realm of approximation. For these people there is no such luxury. Their language gurgles and sputters, like rapid bubbling of a liquid. To attempt to spell out the syllables of their name in our characters is utterly nonsensical-- the closest I have come is…


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We cannot control out outer world, but we can control our inner world, or what we put our attention on.

What we put our attention and our focus on creates our world. What we think about creates a frequency within us. This resonates with other similar…


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(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)

The night of September 22, I was with the Inner Earth Council 2, who are the Inner Earth Blue Maharaji Council from Sirius B. We were having a Council Meeting in D2 Inner Earth. Then I walked next door from the Council Meeting into the Home or Hotel that I was staying at.

When I returned to the meeting we were at Sirius B Parallel Universe D6. When I…


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Brain Development & Parenting Skills

Hello everyone! This is a public service announcement to help-make-the-world-a-better-place, so please do forward this to others. 

The images attached in this email are from a book that every parent/caregiver, or anyone who's interested in the brain, should read. It's from a book called "The Whole Brain Child" by Daniel J. Siegel M.D. and Tina Payne Bryson PH.D. Please buy or borrow this book to get more information. The parenting tactics described…


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Talks With a 4 Year Old Crystal

my son wakes up every morning and lays in bed with me. this morning, while i was finishing up laundry, he did laid there and fell asleep again. when he woke up, he said "i love you, and i have to tell you something." i replied, "i love you too, and what's up?" he said did you know that all people have 3 eyes?" so i said , "really? where are they?" he pointed to his eyes, and said "everybody knows about these two eyes, but the other one is right here," pointing right between his eyebrows. he…


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The Garden of Abundance

Once upon a time, there was a great land ruled by it's equally righteous peoples. They lived in peace and piousness for all their days...abiding to their creed which made them proud. This pride, however, tainted their hearts; and soon corrupted and pillaged their beautiful world.

Leaving feelings of eternal sadness in the air.

Few living mortals survived the…


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Heart Aches, and Heartbreaks

We played with eachothers hearts like children play with balls.

I threw mine at you, and you carefully caught it.

You threw yours at mine, and i always was careful to catch it with as much care as you.

But, there is one day when the child is bound to drop or loose the ball.

And, dear, that day has come.

You dropped my heart and without a glance walked away from the game, and now my heart.

is terribly wounded.

The ball is flat.

And so am…


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What Are You Afraid Of?

Star family, don't be afraid to shine. I have not received as many emails about the movie from you guys as I would have liked. This is the opportunity of a lifetime.This is a revolutionary project and nothing like this has ever been done. Be involved! You are so needed. Don't be afraid. You all have so many talents. I want to make use of these talents. This is also a very lucrative project. Some of you are still stuck in poverty consciousness. Money has not come to you easily. Let that old way… READ MORE →

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Casting Call for My Revolutionary Movie!

Hi Star Family, it's Amenti. I am sending out a clarion call to all star children, Indigos, and Lightworkers. I need you for my movie. i only want to work with enlightened souls who have positive energy and believe in the power of intention. If you have always wanted to break into the entertainment industry but you haven't known how, this is your ticket! The movie will be about my 22 hospitalizations in Psych wards. I am going to discuss the Illuminati,2012, Jesus, the Goddess, Isis, Osiris,… READ MORE →

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What is Ego versus Egolessness?

What is an ego versus egolessness?

Using ACIM terminology which is not unlike the practice of Shambhala we have these guidelines to look at:

Ego is a sense of being separate from others and separate from your good, and separate from God.

Ego can be with true or false perception

Ego can be trained to true perception by choosing a discipline of inner self study.

Ego feels it must always be right at… READ MORE →

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