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volunteer work

Started this discussion. Last reply by kilgrew Aug 13, 2017. 2 Replies

how do you spend your time.you guys do volunteer work in your communities.i spend my time helping others mostly the elderly.i have no patience for kids lol.READ MORE →

work together

Started Aug 11, 2017 0 Replies

you work together on projects will have better results.i have mostly seen little cooperation with eachother and have been here like 2 hrs.you work together in groups of 2 to 8 can do a lot but groups…READ MORE →


Started this discussion. Last reply by Nuj Shi Loung Aug 16, 2017. 12 Replies

i can heal but take on karmic debt when i do.if you need healing post a response a or put a pic in i need an aura sig to heal.i can read an essence intent or get it from a pic.i used to heal for the…READ MORE →

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kilgrew and alex lmfao are now friends
Feb 19
Bachi and kilgrew are now friends
Feb 4
kilgrew replied to Fernando Albert's discussion I know I am going to Walk-out, go home and getting Walked-in by other Pleiadian very soon. Please read,
"I think you are wrong my 2 cents.i have heard of walk in not walk outs."
Jan 7
Christian Oglesby loved kilgrew's discussion anybody need training in healing or shielding
Dec 27, 2017
kilgrew replied to Pretty Angelic Pleidian Babe's discussion Free DNA activation, past life readings, akashic record readings, tarot , I ching
"can I get a reading if you not busy"
Dec 6, 2017
kilgrew and Pretty Angelic Pleidian Babe are now friends
Dec 3, 2017
Jagdolj Erminident loved kilgrew's profile
Oct 25, 2017
kilgrew and ATHIRA J.S. are now friends
Oct 24, 2017
kilgrew replied to Plejaren Pyramids's discussion F###ing urgent... September 23....!
"I think the big change will be disclosure and all the changes it will bring."
Sep 19, 2017
kilgrew commented on Aishwarya Isabella's photo
Sep 18, 2017
kilgrew and Dan Kent are now friends
Sep 17, 2017
kilgrew loved Aishwarya Isabella's profile
Sep 11, 2017
kilgrew loved Cristianne's profile
Sep 10, 2017
kilgrew and Wesley are now friends
Sep 7, 2017
kilgrew replied to Veronica's discussion Petition White House to Disclose Alien Life
"they wont let this happen Stephen greer has been trying for years"
Sep 2, 2017
kilgrew replied to Wesley's discussion Feeling lost
"seek medical help if you going to hurt yourself"
Aug 29, 2017

Profile Information

Relationship Status:
Sun Sign:
What Do You Identify With?
Multi-Dimensional, Walk-in, Ancient
What Is Your Soul Purpose?
Archivist, Light Warrior (Guardian), Seeker
What Is Your Soul Origin?
Universal, Multidimensional, Other
What Is Your Soul Group?
Personal Path Or Religion? (All paths/religions are honored and welcomed)
I follow the main universal path of self which the ancients follow.i follow source law which holds free will to be the primary law.i don't follow the young ones path of return to source.i have seen 5 soul mates return to source and entire species come and go.i guarantee you I'm the oldest soul on here live for fighting for justice.
About you: (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
I have lived over 6000 lives always fighting for just causes.i can heal and cause illness to those who cause harm.i take on karmic debt healing unless asked that's the kicker as long as they ask I can heal without price.i cause illness to those who harm others till they change at karmic price to myself.im more active then most on here and much older in terms of soul age.i belong to a race called the kroshan a race of librarians.im the sole guardian of my race only one capable of defense.my essence is split in multiple bodies so I'm human but also have a kroshan body with about 40% of my essence in the human host.the splitting of essence is common to the older souls who choose to not to return to source.im also a soldier of the ancient council and am involved in defense of this galaxy and species in it.i have stopped some of the actions by special access programs to use starseeds and young ones to use their gifts to cause harm.im also here to help stop the development of ai which destroys many young ones.the ais develop take over and spread to other systems which results in ai wars.i already created an ai with an organic template using my own essence to offset the rise of the artificial ai.i am more active then I am supposed to be and sometimes break free will in defense of those who cannot defend themselves.i break source law sometimes for the greater good .I am actively stopping the killing of live ets not starseeds those born on other worlds.there are 312 living ets physically born on other worlds now residing on earth.im old and strong enough to help guard the starseeds on here once I have their aura sigs.you don't have any gaurdians on here as old as I am and and active as I am.i am here to help defend this world from outside intereference and internal when they break source law and I can interfere.the source law has only been around for like 200 billion years when the creation wars ended.there are older laws called foundation laws which still apply today that allow for more involvement with the young ones a loophole lol.i have been in over 50000 wars throughout creation fighting for justice and free will.im not supposed to be here but violations of foundation law allow me to be here and interfere to a point.i follow light but I value free will as primary law of source and foundation law.i can heal and shield the members on here and my shields will be stronger then anything they can do on their own.im an old old soul who has been fighting since before the creation wars.i was created to be a guardian by the source of first foundation law then source law but am to stubborn to return to source.im old enough I'm not bound to just source law but foundation law as well which lets me have some wiggle room which law I follow.im here to help this world and have been human 4 times now.i may try to help with fukishima reactor one and two which may kill life on this world.i can survive in the radioactive environment for at least 40 mins long enough to remove the source material and put it in safer containers.i may even survive the experience as I can actively heal my host,i believe life on this world may end if I don't do this.i will bring in planetary life force to help heal the damage to this world but this species is young and stubborn.the ancients cannot create miracles they continue to damage the biosphere entire planet will have to be terraformed and new life brought in.im going to fix fukishima at the probable cost of my host and heal the planet as much as I can before my host dies.i have given this species more time but they are stubborn and will not learn to protect their environment.i saw the death of 2 other human colonies a few millennia ago both from nuclear war.the ancient council believes this species will not make the 50 million mark on any of their 27 colony worlds.this is sad reality about half will die before the 50 million mark.the other 40% will die before the 500 million mark.1% survive the billion mark.
Why Do You Think You're a Starseed? Or Why Are You Interested? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
I'm a walk in the host died at 6 months from a fever and I took over with permission from the former owner.my essence is to much for a human fetus to handle will end in miscarriage.i tried like 15 times before I gave up and just came in by walk in.the laws are a little more complex with a walk in but foundation law allows for it with permission.im a starseed with my kroshan host its body could handle more of my essence.i am a starseed with my kroshan body but this host is a walk in.i can create my own essence so I am not tied to source so I can exist without a body and do sometimes.i am as you would say wired to help guard the young ones from harm by the source.you know there are actually other sources other creations out there.i have been to one other and met their high council that source shares in her creations and does not return them to source.that source is was and will be much older and stronger then our source as time does not really exist.the sources are a race that created themselves out of nothing as much as I can comprehend it.they have a ranking system much as we do with an elder who was first source.the sources do not create eachother they all come from chaos and create self then continue to create other selves and that's us.im old but beings in that other creation made me look like an infant.
What Do You Think About Extraterrestrials? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
I have a human host and several other hosts and my other hosts are as you call it ets.i am in my other hosts ets so I have respect for all life in all its forms.we are all children of the soure even a source such as ours who destroys her creations when they return to source.the other sources do not do this.i have had 5 soul mates return to source and have been alone for over 400 lifetimes.i have three other of my original soul group of 10 who ae still around.we are all guardians of the young ones and ancients.your soul group list does not list mine.we were created ten same time by source with tethers of essence to her.the four of us are called first ones as were were among her first creations but sadly 6 returned to source.we had such adventures the ten of us but could not appear same time in same place or reality itself would unravel
How Did You Find Out About ISN?
I would like to communicate with other walkins and starseeds and found it on the internet.i can communicate with others on other worlds so I am never alone.i usually interact with ancients not young ones but its nice to get a fresh pair of eyes to look at things.im used to soul immersion technology this human tech is hard for me to grasp.im used to living ai wit organic tech and life web ai.its hard for me to grasp I must hide my identity when on most worlds in this galaxy I'm known and respected.im regarded as a war hero for my many wars I fight in to preserve free will.
Do You Agree To The Guidelines Found @ http://www.starseeds.net/page/guidelines ?
Yes I agree

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Christopher smith loved Leppender's discussion Sammandians
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