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Dream of twin gates and the collapse of the universe

Started Apr 21 0 Replies

This is another dream I had a long time ago. The title was the most clever and blockbuster cinema type thing I could think of, but the details of the dream were nothig short of epic.I was in this…READ MORE →

Tags: dreams

Last Night's Dreams.

Started this discussion. Last reply by Tanner Lane Apr 18. 2 Replies

There isn't much of need to share this in hopes for looking for advice or meaning, or for sharing deep insights with amyone else, but one thing I like to do is get my dreams out in writing in form of…READ MORE →

Tags: Dreams

Seeing Traces of Light Follow My Movement

Started this discussion. Last reply by iamme Apr 9. 8 Replies

This is something that Ive noticed happens for the last four years. Sometimes when I move my arms, I'll see a trace of blueish white energy in the exact form of my arm and hand follow as I move, but…READ MORE →

Vision of Golden Spheres

Started this discussion. Last reply by Tanner Lane Apr 1. 2 Replies

Last summer I took mushrooms in the Rocky Mountains. It was an annual three day party at a campground, and its a routine ritual to take mushrooms at this party as I had done so each previous year and…READ MORE →

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Tanner Lane and Razvan Ionut are now friends
5 hours ago
Tanner Lane replied to Ashanna El Iriel's discussion Free Intuitive/One-Card Past Life Oracle Reading
"I would like a reading, whatever comes up. You can use my comments as well"
Tanner Lane replied to sothis73's discussion Free Q&A-Sirian Perspective-Hall of Records/Egyptian
"Makes me think of Moiya, the leviathan from farscape. Maybe I had some symbiotic relationship with a living ship. But thats a guess at best. One thing that gets thrown out of certainty, though it was always far from certain anyway, was that if that…"
Emeralda and Tanner Lane are now friends
Tanner Lane replied to Joy's discussion Spirit animal reading
"I'd love one"
Tanner Lane loved Empress Beyond Infinity's discussion The Propagation of Punishment, The Death of Nature
Tanner Lane replied to sothis73's discussion Free Q&A-Sirian Perspective-Hall of Records/Egyptian
"No worries. Ie got all the time in the world =)"
Tanner Lane replied to sothis73's discussion Free Q&A-Sirian Perspective-Hall of Records/Egyptian
"Hey Sothis, i gotta know something about my old life long ago when i was a pilot. All i ever knew was we had blue skin, but i could never confirm what species we were. Is there anything you can see about my origin? Did I have anything to do with the…"
Apr 21
Tanner Lane replied to iamme's discussion Free Distant Reiki Healing
"I think I would like another surge, see if anything changes. For thr past several days I have this unpleasant emptiness in me. It feels like my heart is closed off and I cant open it easliy like i used to. Sometimes theres a tightness in my chest…"
Apr 21
Tanner Lane posted a discussion

Dream of twin gates and the collapse of the universe

This is another dream I had a long time ago. The title was the most clever and blockbuster cinema type thing I could think of, but the details of the dream were nothig short of epic.I was in this endless field of grass, and it was day time, though in this space there wasnt a sun in the sky. there was a general pinkish orange hue to the space and the field stretched endlessly in all directions. In the field, there was a long row of people of all kinds. Everyone an individual with their own…See More
Apr 21
Tanner Lane posted a video

VURRO - Vaca Mu

Music video by VURRO performing 'Vaca Mu' Sigue a VURRO en Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VURRO.oficial
Apr 18
Tanner Lane replied to Tanner Lane's discussion Last Night's Dreams.
"one thing worth mentioning is when I was a gargoyle, it was unmistakenly me, but I experienced it in third person. ot like other timeswhenIwould be a werewolf, actually feeling myself change and run on all four and climb on walls. this part was all…"
Apr 18
Empress Beyond Infinity replied to Tanner Lane's discussion Last Night's Dreams.
"Fascinating. Particularly the ending as my true form has golden eyes and I have shapeshifted into gargoyle before when lucid."
Apr 18
Tanner Lane posted a discussion

Last Night's Dreams.

There isn't much of need to share this in hopes for looking for advice or meaning, or for sharing deep insights with amyone else, but one thing I like to do is get my dreams out in writing in form of a story, and it helps me remember my dreams longer and understand how I see it and find keaning in it at the time of reflecting back on it. But these are open discussion, so feel free to chime in with whatever you want.Last night's dream was particularly important and more lucid than most. The…See More
Apr 17

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Sun Sign:
What Do You Identify With?
Lightbeing, Angelic, Cosmic Angel, Multi-Dimensional, Starseed, Ancient, Empath
What Is Your Soul Purpose?
Shaman, Seeker
What Is Your Soul Origin?
What Is Your Soul Group?
Personal Path Or Religion? (All paths/religions are honored and welcomed)
I have adopted philosophies and practices from several religions, trying many different ways to live and see what makes me happy. At this stage, I long for, strive for, aim for, hope for, look for, and when it comes, hope for permanence --- to stay with the light of what I call God -- but better to say That Which Can't Be Named.
About you: (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
This field needs to be updated -- I have gone through drastic changes since first describing myself here.

I almost cannot, rather dont want to describe myself. I have a lot of memories of who I was, what I was, HOW I was, in a time that, back then, seemed so frustrating and confusing -- a time that I often called my living nightmare, but in hindsight, those days were my favorite and a walk in the park compared to now. I've seen lots of worlds, some in dreams, others in travels, some shown to me with the help of drugs. Practiced my own forms of magic, manipulating energy fields, pushing my limits and seeing what my mind can do. Talked with spirits, intended to be a shaman. My favorite form of magic was through music. Ive been out of practice for some time now, and I miss it. I still have issues with my mind, conflicting parts of my personality, split ego and nasty energies. It's as if everything has just meshed into one amorphous blob of gush, and it can move and take on any shape at any time, either be moving and changing shape, flowing, or stuck as if theres a dam built in my mind and some of the parts are desperately trying to get through to the otherside. Add on my confusion, tendency to doubt amd deny the existence of my twin, obscure the lines between what is me and what is her/the other ME, and the result is me now, a very confused, conflicted, troubled, strange and disorderly individual. The idea of wholeness to me seems impossible, thinking of it in an incomplete sense. To me, wholeness is a state that I remember knowing, but so far removed these days that I cant draw on the feeling easily. It comes and goes in fleeting moments, short reminders, and just as anything, it passes, and Im left wanting for it again and again. I used to obsess over my desire to figure out my life mission, my starseed origins, my purpose. But I experienced a lot of what I wanted to know. Uncovered some memories, met people who confirmed what I thought was true...and then wavered back and forth between doubting it all -- casting it aside and denouncing it as truth-- and desperately wanting to cling to the things i once knew in the hope that by holding onto the memories and identity, ot would in some way trigger more peace and clarity....underneath it all, Ive always been looking for the same thing....That Which Cant Be Named. But I have a name for it. Some call it God, some call it Source. Some call it Love. It's the most beautiful experience I have ever known. Pure, Forgiving, Silent, Caring, Warm, Light, Healing, Loving, Understanding. No judgments. No demands.

There was an article I read from a shaman talking about people who wonder if they are a shaman and are curious to become shamans. In his article, to that, he asked "Why would you even WANT to?" Shamans go through all kinds of hells, mess around with things that cannot be explained, move their energies to a crazy place, and go through dark nights like no other, all to eventually give in and be shown the ultimate light and Love of what I call That Which Can't Be Named. And in this shamans words, it's a force sp beautiful, it will make you want to die. And for me, that was and always is still true, but I press on and stubbornly look for ways to make my life here more peaceful (ironically, my pursuits of peaceful living tend to make things even worse). My goal in life is death. And in death, I'll move on to where Ive been wanting to go the whole time. Back to where I call Home. Everything else, all searches for "enlightenment", all practices in expanding the mind, traversing dimensions, borderline torturous alchemical changes to my personality --- is just a way to help me pass the time here, to try to bring as much of that good good stuff to my waking life. Through who Ive become, where ive been, what ive done, theres no going back to a simple way of being....but Ill probably keep trying anyway, with a smile here and there, a laugh when Im lucky, and a tear if im luckiest =)
Why Do You Think You're a Starseed? Or Why Are You Interested? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
Ive had some of my memories unlocked, first opened in dreams and conscious visions, then met people like me, some even from past lives in other star systems.
What Do You Think About Extraterrestrials? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
In general.....we're no different than anyone else, in a broad sense. We eat, we shit, we drink, we think, we laugh, we smoke, we cry, we fuck, we feel, we dream....but we carry with us a lot of knowledge that a lot of people havent seen yet, and with all the troubles and complications that brings to us socially and emotionally, it's no wonder we group up and try to find like minded or like-souled people in order to gain a little bit of comfort and to fit in somewhere. I know everyone has their own ideas of what life should be like for everyone, and how to go about bringing that change, and we tend to pool together and bounce ideas and beliefs off each other and create more common practices with each other, similar to what it seems like all people in all societies do. So it still seems to me that we're not so special. After all, we all come from the same stuff. Individually and collectively, I just hope everyone can be happy.
How Did You Find Out About ISN?
A simple google search of "Starseeds fucking up" led me here, and I saw a short sentence in the google search that interested me. I originally just wanted to hear an account by someone who has gone through a lot of shit, or someone who may have not done everything so perfectly, to find some comfort. It's been a long time since I met someone like me.

Update *** It hasnt been a super long time since I met someone like me, but damn does part of me always miss certain moments that seem to only happen when you meet someone who just gets it all like you do.
Do You Agree To The Guidelines Found @ http://www.starseeds.net/page/guidelines ?
Yes I agree

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At 6:10pm on February 14, 2017, adeomus said…

  : D !

At 5:43pm on February 14, 2017, adeomus said…

i am deeply gratified that i could help, Tanner...

 does "Thunderbird" resonate with you ? then you may be Heyoka...but multitudes of peoples have their own versions of Sacred Clowns...you will enjoy exploring this vast area....maybe this will give you a bit of a start:


At 5:14pm on February 14, 2017, adeomus said…

...from one seeker to another .....

At 4:43pm on February 14, 2017, adeomus said…

*smiles*....sometimes we need to do things in order to learn.....

have you ever heard of " the sacred clown" concept, known to native americans, but globally under other names ?

maybe explore it and see if it fits ; )

At 4:31pm on February 14, 2017, adeomus said…

Hi Tanner ....you sound like a caring and wise person, i'm honored to be your friend.

love and blessings, addy : )

At 1:14am on August 25, 2016, Jessica said…

i felt like i had to add you, because i relate to you so much! i envy your ability to express what's going on your head, because i've felt many of those same things but would have such a hard time telling someone if i tried. i also have a history of addiction and now currently spend most of my time smoking cigarettes and listening to music! keep up the awesome work. all of your posts have been so helpful. hoping you can find "home" soon. :)



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