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Dream of twin gates and the collapse of the universe

Started Apr 21 0 Replies

This is another dream I had a long time ago. The title was the most clever and blockbuster cinema type thing I could think of, but the details of the dream were nothig short of epic.I was in this…READ MORE →

Tags: dreams

Last Night's Dreams.

Started this discussion. Last reply by Tanner Apr 18. 2 Replies

There isn't much of need to share this in hopes for looking for advice or meaning, or for sharing deep insights with amyone else, but one thing I like to do is get my dreams out in writing in form of…READ MORE →

Tags: Dreams

Seeing Traces of Light Follow My Movement

Started this discussion. Last reply by iamme Apr 9. 8 Replies

This is something that Ive noticed happens for the last four years. Sometimes when I move my arms, I'll see a trace of blueish white energy in the exact form of my arm and hand follow as I move, but…READ MORE →

Vision of Golden Spheres

Started this discussion. Last reply by Tanner Apr 1. 2 Replies

Last summer I took mushrooms in the Rocky Mountains. It was an annual three day party at a campground, and its a routine ritual to take mushrooms at this party as I had done so each previous year and…READ MORE →

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What's New?

Tanner replied to Awakened Rabbit's discussion Free distance energy healing
"I may need a lot of work in many areas, anywhere you feel is best is good for me. Though I have a lot of mental issues and feel stuck energy in my head, as well as an uncomfortable buzzing with pressure, and it causes breaks and i feel like the…"
Oct 13
Tanner replied to Angelic ~ star ~ love's discussion Offering One Question Card Readings
"Could you give a general reading?"
Sep 16
Tanner replied to jeeva's discussion Just a quick test-What can you pick up?
"This is my reflection, something that I see. I see that you're able to project your thoughts and different aspects of yourself, put out your emotions and choose which parts to let people see. The first two pictures are the same person, but in…"
Sep 15
Tanner loved Therrae Majistrere's discussion Akashic readings for a wolf humanoid & about Canidae starseeds.
Sep 12
Tanner replied to Angelic ~ star ~ love's discussion Offering One Question Card Readings
"Thank you for your help, it does help a lot."
Sep 8
Tanner replied to Cody Singh's discussion Giving Akashic Record Readings!
"Thanks cody for doing this. A long time ago I met someone, who we shared a deep connection with and had a moment tripping on LSA when we engaged in what she called a Mind Meld. And she said things that felt like they were true for me, but i doubted…"
Sep 7
Tanner loved Namaia Hirsult Nicaia's discussion YES I AM BROKEN, BUT I AM WHOLE!
Sep 5
Tanner replied to Angelic ~ star ~ love's discussion Offering One Question Card Readings
"I'm losing trust in what beings are around me, influencing my mind. For a while, I felt like they were angels, wanted to connect with them. And I did, but my head feels like I have no more control of my mind. Are the beings that I hear clicking…"
Sep 5
Tanner replied to Fernando Albert's discussion Free reading - NEW WAVE #5 (5-8-17) started - Free Akashic Records Readings - Love & Light
"Hi Fernando, I have another request for akashic records reading. 1.) I need help with knowing what my soul mission is, why I incarnated in this life. 2.) What is my connection in origins with the angels. Am I what is considered a "Mystic…"
Sep 5
Tanner replied to sothis73's discussion Free Q&A-Sirian Perspective-Hall of Records/Egyptian
"Heyy sothis, i need your help once again. Am I going throuh a kundalini awakening? Looking up information and sy.ptoms, I math the description for a lot of negative symptoms, but one thing that stops me is Nit being sure if the serpent being that I…"
Sep 3
Tanner replied to Daniel Rønjom's discussion Name a song with the word "Love" in the title. Any language. Love is all you need <3
"Van Halen -Aint Talkin' 'Bout Love"
Sep 2
Tanner replied to sothis73's discussion Free Q&A-Sirian Perspective-Hall of Records/Egyptian
"Hey Sothis. I heard that isn is closing down in about a month, and I thought id come back to use your services once again. There's one thing I never asked, and its been one of the hardest things to figure out, is what is my Soul purpose? And…"
Aug 26
Tanner replied to Jenny Lynn's discussion free readings online
"About looking into my death, I hope its not too late, but I would rather not ask about that. Rather, is there anything you can tell me about my connection with angels, and if I have a soul name / spiritual name?"
Aug 25
Tanner replied to Jenny Lynn's discussion free readings online
"Can you look into my death?"
Aug 23
Tanner replied to Ferulyce's discussion Offering healings and readings
"If youre still offering, I'd like a reading. Anything you can tell me about my twin. I wonder what she looks like, whats her name, where she lives."
Aug 23
Tanner replied to sothis73's discussion Free Q&A-Sirian Perspective-Hall of Records/Egyptian
"Can you see anything about my twin flame? I remember you saying we will meet eventually, as will most of us, but these days my concerns are of getting too confused with my connections with people, connected on the inside. It seems that I never can…"
Jul 21

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Relationship Status:
Sun Sign:
What Do You Identify With?
Angelic, Mystic Angel Star, Multi-Dimensional, Starseed, Indigo, E.T. Hybrid, Elemental, Wise One, Ancient, Empath, Human
What Is Your Soul Purpose?
Shaman, Seeker, Unknown/None
What Is Your Soul Origin?
Multidimensional, Alpha Centarian, Other, Unknown
What Is Your Soul Group?
Personal Path Or Religion? (All paths/religions are honored and welcomed)
I have taken paths into psychic warfare, and learned that things aren't always so much fun as the idea of being a psychic sorcerer sounds. I walked a path of being a guide, intending to take lost souls and help them pass into the afterlife, and found great peace in it. I don't consider any one religion anymore, rather I try to employ the kowledge and abilities I have to be more connected with my own essence and the connection to source, what I call God, and to have as much peace as I can in this life. I believe in angels, communicate with them and look to them for answers and help, as well as communicating with spirit animals. I worship nature and honor the spirit of my idols.
About you: (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
I love music. Music has been one of my favorite parts of life for as long as I can remember. I love classic rock, music from the sixties and seventies, across almost all varieties in the last several decades. Music in general is one of my favorite forces.

I've had a lot of unpleasant experiences, spiritually engaged in constant warfare with unfriendly beings and my own mind, but I try to maintain as much love and peace for myself and the people around me, especially those who are close and dear to me. I often prefer to be alone than to spend time with people, and struggle to find solitude. I've seen all the bad in life, as well as the good. I think a lot, constantly, about things I wish for, things I wish not for, think about my purpose, think about where I've been and who I am. I also think I think too much, and if it can at least be humorous, if there can be a laugh from a situation, then all is not lost.
I've also lived many lives, how many exactly Im not sure of, but I was told I may have lived somewhere between 75-150 lives and was thousands of years old. At times, I feel old, and when Im lucky, I feel like a teenager. Staying young is vital.
Why Do You Think You're a Starseed? Or Why Are You Interested? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
When I was around 21 years old I had a conversation with a rommate who taloed about people called starseeds, and he told me he believed I was one of them. I always just felt different than all the people around me in a general way, and around that time I got curious and layed down, saying to the universe in mind "I want to travel" and "I want to see my real family". Within moments I had my first vision of traveling through a light portal, felt like a wormhole and saw another world, a crystal blue pond. I also saw a vision of two blue skinned, hairless human looking people hugging. A couple years later I met someone who showed me about my non human self, and my curiosity grew. I learned more about my past, had run ins with other souls from other planets, and more experiences than I can fit into a box, but always aware of my past, and the striking differences btween me and many others.
What Do You Think About Extraterrestrials? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
I am guarded against thinking of extra terrestrials in a general sense, as there are experiences Ive had with different types that left an impact on me. Some et's im not much a fan of. Others I have a lot of curioisty about, and some beings have taken a curioisty in me. Some good, and some not so good.
How Did You Find Out About ISN?
I first googles the phrase "Starseeds fucking up" and saw this site in the top of the list. So I joined, and since then have had a lot of profound expetiences among the members of this site, and a lot of my growth and depth of adventure is owed to this community.
Do You Agree To The Guidelines Found @ http://www.starseeds.net/page/guidelines ?
Yes I agree

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At 6:10pm on February 14, 2017, adeomus said…

  : D !

At 5:43pm on February 14, 2017, adeomus said…

i am deeply gratified that i could help, Tanner...

 does "Thunderbird" resonate with you ? then you may be Heyoka...but multitudes of peoples have their own versions of Sacred Clowns...you will enjoy exploring this vast area....maybe this will give you a bit of a start:


At 5:14pm on February 14, 2017, adeomus said…

...from one seeker to another .....

At 4:43pm on February 14, 2017, adeomus said…

*smiles*....sometimes we need to do things in order to learn.....

have you ever heard of " the sacred clown" concept, known to native americans, but globally under other names ?

maybe explore it and see if it fits ; )

At 4:31pm on February 14, 2017, adeomus said…

Hi Tanner ....you sound like a caring and wise person, i'm honored to be your friend.

love and blessings, addy : )

At 1:14am on August 25, 2016, Jessica said…

i felt like i had to add you, because i relate to you so much! i envy your ability to express what's going on your head, because i've felt many of those same things but would have such a hard time telling someone if i tried. i also have a history of addiction and now currently spend most of my time smoking cigarettes and listening to music! keep up the awesome work. all of your posts have been so helpful. hoping you can find "home" soon. :)



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The JFK Document Dump Could Be A Fiasco

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Laura loved Steve Hutchinson's discussion Transformation with Gentleness by Archangel Amethyst Via Natalie Glasson ... And ... Embody Your Awakened Self! By Melanie Beckler ... And ... Christine Day & The Pleiadians October Messages
12 hours ago
Angelic ~ star ~ love replied to adeomus's discussion Shadow Self: Embracing Your Inner Darkness in the group Sorcerous Beings, Mixed and in the Cracks ?
"I have worked with victims of crime and abuse, and I always wondered how someone could be so evil…"
12 hours ago
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12 hours ago
adeomus replied to adeomus's discussion Shadow Self: Embracing Your Inner Darkness in the group Sorcerous Beings, Mixed and in the Cracks ?
"lol...if you liked that, you might love the discussion i posted as you posted this !!  : D (…"
13 hours ago
Black Mamba616 updated their profile
13 hours ago
adeomus added a discussion to the group Sorcerous Beings, Mixed and in the Cracks ?

Sharing at the dark of the Moon....awareness after death ?

just what i was afraid of....... heads rolling about looking at people, at the foot of the…See More
13 hours ago
Turquoise Water replied to adeomus's discussion Shadow Self: Embracing Your Inner Darkness in the group Sorcerous Beings, Mixed and in the Cracks ?
"Ha ha! I really see Ninhursag in you, Sis! And who knows, you might find the key...or one of the…"
13 hours ago
Ayobah replied to bellarose starseed 84's discussion just for fun ............................. whats yours? .... . i am wise lady/lord of atlantis
"Celestial glow of the 7th dimension :)"
13 hours ago

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