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Hybrid medical care

Started this discussion. Last reply by RainbowStar Apr 22. 30 Replies

Do any hybrids have issues with human doctors and wrong health diagnosis, such as having higher blood pressure than regular humans? Rh negative blood types have higher blood pressure I have heard. I…READ MORE →

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Jer commented on Suzanne France's group Hybrids from the Vega star system
"Hi Suzanne, thank you for inviting me, I don't know much about my past lives, I have been told my soul was created in the early universe, I have been in Andromeda, also in the Pleiades, and I match the Lyran traits, I'm curious about Lyra…"
Jer joined Suzanne France's group

Hybrids from the Vega star system

Vega star system, a place where different races come from.See More
Jer and Suzanne France are now friends
RainbowStar replied to Suzanne France's discussion Hybrid medical care
"i have the same thing happen to me all the time..iam A- have body temp lower than normal at 96.3 and heart rate of 60 resting blood pressure normally sits at 120/60 iam not in good physical shape. but when ever i go to the hospital or dr s…"
Apr 22
Akanahe' eh yeDyahlaneeEssassani replied to Suzanne France's discussion Hybrid medical care
"Its a pleasure and thank you, I just hope your doc takes your physical biology into account regardless if he agrees with your or not after running several determine your body averages, instead of comparing it to the averages of the general…"
Apr 20
Suzanne France replied to Suzanne France's discussion Hybrid medical care
"Thank you for your comment, it really helps!!! I'm so happy to meet another AB negative blood type, there are only a few of us in the world and it's nice to meet another."
Apr 20
Akanahe' eh yeDyahlaneeEssassani replied to Suzanne France's discussion Hybrid medical care
"Yes, very much so, and I too have an above average high blood pressure as my average blood pressure. My GP has considered this as my "normal" , which as even the same when I was a bit more fitter and leaner than today. I too have AB…"
Apr 20
Akanahe' eh yeDyahlaneeEssassani loved Suzanne France's discussion Hybrid medical care
Apr 20
Daniel O'Keeffe replied to Suzanne France's discussion Hybrid medical care
"Ok. But I have extreme trouble reconciling the facts that: a)Every single Ascension book and webpage indicates to stop eating meat b) All current spiritual leaders (tole, sadhguru) advise stepping away from meat c) I have heard( but not verified)…"
Apr 20
Suzanne France replied to Kaedyr's discussion Two middle names..
"Wow, Yes, I have two middle names. one name is from my mom, and the other middle name was to be a name sake for my Aunt. It's hard when I fill out paper work for example when I was renewing my drivers license. The man over the counter looked at…"
Apr 20
Empress Beyond Infinity replied to Suzanne France's discussion Hybrid medical care
"Who can't admit they like the taste. No self respecting meat eater would deny it tastes amazing. Meat is the only place to find vitamin B12, anywhere else is artificially enhanced. The diseases associated with meat have only existed for a…"
Apr 20
Daniel O'Keeffe replied to Suzanne France's discussion Hybrid medical care
"It was very funny to me, which is all that matters:) I'm just asking meat eaters to justify and their defense is always the same. You are a vegan stop pushing agenda or else everybody is different. I eat meat on occasion. Does not mean I…"
Apr 20
Daniel O'Keeffe replied to Suzanne France's discussion Hybrid medical care
"I'm just asking you to explain your inconsistencies to me and to justify your statements. Let us leave it to natural selection, the conversation did degenerate."
Apr 20
Areshë replied to Suzanne France's discussion Hybrid medical care
"It's sad you you're so caught up in yourself and projecting your own desires outward, it seems this discussion turned into a moot play of words. Doctors are needed regardless of your inability to understand health issues and the many ways…"
Apr 20
Daniel O'Keeffe replied to Suzanne France's discussion Hybrid medical care
"Hahaha nice one. No it's nothing to do with me, it's to do with the hilarious failure of the methodology you are endorsing to provide any degree of health to unaware citizens such as yourself. "My" natural and holistic approach…"
Apr 20
Areshë replied to Suzanne France's discussion Hybrid medical care
"What does his soul race have to do with him pointing out something in regards to the discussion? but to point out a hypocrisy you create reasons people should follow your lifestyle choice to become a vegetarian, when one starts to have nothing else…"
Apr 20

Profile Information

Sun Sign:
What Do You Identify With?
Multi-Dimensional, Starseed, E.T. Hybrid, Ancient, Empath
What Is Your Soul Purpose?
Divine Blueprinter, Light Worker (Healer), Seeker
What Is Your Soul Origin?
Multidimensional, Lyran/Vegan, Andromedan
What Is Your Soul Group?
Blue Ray (Archangel Michael)
Personal Path Or Religion? (All paths/religions are honored and welcomed)
I use to be a Catholic, I believe in a source
of creation. On my journey in life I have learned that I am a Andromedan hybrid and figuring out why the Andromedans made me and the purpose of my life. I have found out I am Mio-dimensional and learning I am here to help people who are like me in a near distant event, I still don't know what that is yet.
About you: (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
I am a Andromedan hybrid. I have AB negative blood type, the rarest blood on Earth. The Andromedans taught me to be human when I was little. Growing up I always knew I was different. I could always and still do feel what people are feeling.
Why Do You Think You're a Starseed? Or Why Are You Interested? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
I have always have felt of not belonging, having abilities that are psychic empath. I have a high frequency in my body and I leave dark marks on floors, the dark marks never come off. I also have memories when I was a little girl walking down a silvery whitish hallway. Passing by the rooms I saw other children and was told they are hybrids. I was there to be schooled on how to act and be human. I was shown star maps and being educated on how dimensions work and quantum physics.
What Do You Think About Extraterrestrials? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
They are my family. They are us, we are them.
How Did You Find Out About ISN?
from a friend
Do You Agree To The Guidelines Found @ ?
Yes I agree

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At 7:38pm on March 18, 2017, Dorina said…

Great ! so am I not allowed to be here ? bcs im no alien ?

At 4:52am on March 7, 2017, Sam said…

Hi Suzanne, thanks for friendship

At 6:27am on February 26, 2017, Louise Wilson said…

Dear Suzanne,

Thank you for your friendship!  I really appreciate you for your contact and I hope you are journeying well these days.

At 8:35pm on February 24, 2017, Catherine Jackson said…

Thank you Suzanne France.  I feel so out of place here on this planet and not my own. One day, outside I saw Nibiru pass over the house I used to live in (broad daylight) which looked like a mini death star (moon size in comparison) and suddenly my head hurt and all around me my eyes saw colors of purple everything.  That lasted for five minutes.  Some guy in Facebook group told me that me and another person survived our world. And we was transferred to the New Phoenix on the journey here.  When I watch Star Trek Voyager where Seven runs Astrometrics, I love to watch the stars at night.  A few times my Star Folks dont know have flashed me from the sky at night.  To this day I cannot get along with my hosts family especially her Mother who is mean to her too much.  I cry for her because she has to bend in order to be loved. So when I tk over her I have to be strong for her.  She feels like a loser in love, a parent of three (one human child died in March very sad time) plus trying to get financially stable has been the worst.  On my planet we help one another regardless of what is needed.  Here? Nope.  told myself today to have compassion for myself and others ... still not there with that as a Light Warrior. The Source help me find it again. 

At 4:38pm on January 18, 2017, Haizuru said…
Upon reading about the dark marks, it is at least my conjecture, your own energy, being rather high frequency as it is. There are other perspectives, however I won't get into that on the comment section lol '3
At 4:33pm on January 18, 2017, Haizuru said…
I appreciate the request. '3

Also, Happy Birthday, enjoy all that it brings.
At 10:18am on January 13, 2017, robert said…
I appreciate you accepting the request, hope we can talk at some point, have a great weekend!
At 10:25am on January 2, 2017, Harry said…


Did you add me because I have andromeda resonances?

At 1:43am on November 28, 2016, Dave Kelly said…

Thank you for your comment. I have adopted the philosophy of one book I read, it was old channeled material and their comment about ETs was "when you meet them you will meet yourselves with the same good bad and with a lot more to learn, experience and grow" or something like that. Basically do not assume they are here to save us, they have much better toys but have to prove whether they have equally greater wisdom in their application.

At 10:50pm on November 26, 2016, Arcturio said…

Great to meet you, great to connect.  Well met.



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