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Atlantis Past life regression - Anyone were male in the regression ?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Mark Fragola Sep 22, 2017. 7 Replies

Are there anybody has a past life memory in Atlantis, and as a male gender? Please share with us!READ MORE →

Tags: #Pastlives, #Regression, #Pastlive, #Pastliferegression, #AtlantisPastLive

Atlantis Language sounds

Started this discussion. Last reply by Porka Dec 24, 2016. 1 Reply

Anyone know the Atlantis Language sounds from their past regression memories? READ MORE →

Tags: #Atlantis, #sound, #language

Atlantis Past Life and Nordic Runes

Started Jul 6, 2015 0 Replies

Does any saw Nordic Runes in the Atlantis Past Lifes?  Please share about it!READ MORE →

Tags: life, Past, Atlantis


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At 2:39am on March 17, 2014, Eden_Princesss said…

the angels were not teachers...they were warriors their for protection.....the puilding in atlantis had a far more dense crystal that was not transparent....those images remind me alot of my home though lol

At 3:59am on February 25, 2014, Eden_Princesss said…

angels come in many different colors.....I have seen beautiful angels with skin dark as night-white as snow and everything inbetween

atlantis was a melting pot 

At 10:44am on September 1, 2013, Eden_Princesss said…

the solar system was fighting the orions who came in to take controle of earth and use it as their energy source, these orions thrive on chaos, they took over the moon, then they took over the crystal cities on earth....the crystal cities were part of a.....hmm i geuss a web/connection the moon is like the thing that influences (and I do mean influence..not controle) the people. the crystal cities are like the transmitors (or something like that) and it was used to help the growth of humanity and once it got to the point of maturity the people would be left alone...so the crystal cities had to be destroyed before the Orions corrupted more people. there were Royal families all over the world...including atlantis....the royals were more like soldiers who gave and served their people instead of being served by the people...

the scenery was just breath taking...imagine the most beautiful things in the worldlike that...but times 100....building composited out of crystal and marble...skies a beautiful blue that does not compare to any blue we currently know...and the water also was a different...yet a deep vibrant blue....and the grass was brighter....steets paved in sacred stone.....there were angels there...but noramly angels would be like a military force...like guards or soldiers....I hope I answered some question

At 5:05pm on August 31, 2013, Eden_Princesss said…

I was in Atlantis towards the "end" of the major war, I was taken there for my protection. I don't really know alot about it because most of my time there, I was kept on lock down (basicly a prisoner) for my own protection....but i remember when the outside forces began attacking and I remember the pure chaos....and then there was a great light....then there was nothing.....A great empire wich was corrupted by the outside forces and destroyed before more damage could be done

At 7:27pm on August 5, 2013, TerraStorm said…
Hello Porka! How have you been..hope all is well..sorry I havent been online lately
At 10:08am on June 28, 2013, TerraStorm said…

Ho Porka..yes Atlantis was advanced..very advanced..with space technology..but the architecture they PREFERRED to use in everyday was classic architecture...remember it is only US TODAY that have decided to use the architecture we do ie..skyscrapers etc... But just because a society has advanced technology it doesnt mean that their architecture needs to look futuristic like WE THINK WE NEED today lol.. Atlanteans preferred classic architecture, because it was a reflection of their culture and their society...There is BEAUTY in classic architecture, and the Atlanteans were all about TRADITIONAL BEAUTY.

They used alot of stone in their architecture..yes pyramids like the Mesopotamians, Egyptians and Toltec/Mayan have all evolved from the Classic Atlantean Architecture..it wasnt just mesopotamian..it was Egyptian and Toltec/Mayan as well.

Orichalcum was used to build the ships and other technologies..but not for everything as it wasnt as plentiful as other materials..this is why they used Rock/Marble/Granite for building materials and Orichalcum for Technology..Orichalcum was in high demand so they needed to use it sparingly.

Unfortunately no..I cant remember what the language sounds like but I am working on regressing again, so i will take notes next trip.

Well we both know now porka :) why the proto sumerian writing is there :)


At 11:42am on June 27, 2013, TerraStorm said…

Carved on crystal? Not that I saw..

YES!! The Architecture of the old temple was similar to Early Mesopotamia

yes lines were used in the writing system..going down and across

Orichalcum is a Gold and Chalcedony (Onyx) Alloy that is bound together by Bdellium..Bdellium is a tree resin used to bind substances together. Gold and Onyx were plentiful in Atlantis..but yes this is how you make the metal Orichalcum...There are very few people that know this of course.

About that AtlantisBolivia link..Interesting..I had no idea that anybody elese knew about the writing system..that is good! Yes very similar to that link..3000BC did you say?? that sounds about the time "Viracocha" made his appearance..and they say Viracocha was from Atlantis..

Very interesting..

Yes it was the writing system as we write the alphabet now

Annah pronounced with a hebrew inflection on the end

At 10:20pm on June 26, 2013, Porka said…

Porka: Big Happy Face to me !

At 12:21am on June 23, 2013, TerraStorm said…

The Atlantean writing system was written on many different mediums dude..there was no set medium..it was tablets..a type of paper..lots of things..they just used the normal triangle stylus tool to etch on tablets, the stylus was sometimes made of wood, sometimes metal depending on WHAT they were writing on (it just looks like a plain stick with a shape carved into the end), some tablets were stone, some were orichalcum tablets, sometimes ink was used on a type of paper (no I dont remember what the paper was made from), so there is NO SET Colour to how the cuneiform was printed, it could be printed in red one day, black the next..depending on the mood of the scribe printing the letters.

A Stylus looks like this:

This language was used by the Atlanteans for 150,000 years probably more, the language was etched into these Columns at one of the old temples that I saw in another half sensory regression I had. The language was very similar to cuneiform, so similar that if you were to see the original that you would KNOW that cuneiform EVOLVED from the Atlantean written language.

But Alas I wouldn't be able to write the ACTUAL Atlantean symbols, It is HARD to pull that kind of actual detail from memory, I can only tell you that they are very similar, so similar cuneiform would be considered cousin to the Atlantean written language.

They sky outside the barge was totally clear blue skies.

I wouldnt be able to discern that ACTUAL SPECIES of the palm tree, thats extremely difficult for me even if I were to see PALM TREES in front of me now lol.

Yes the name Annah was pronounced Anna..which isnt surprising since the name Anna is actually thousands upon thousands of years old..

I'll see if I can recall uniforms..not sure yet

At 10:07pm on June 19, 2013, TerraStorm said…

Hi Porka..sorry for the late reply

Just came on to answer you quickly..

There were actually other trees there..mixed in with the palm trees..however approximate 70 % of the trees were PALM..other trees like this too

can't remember other animals off the top of my head

But I do remember the language..it wasnt written in the barge..but I remember it clear as day..it looked very similar but not exactly like this

I think this particular writing style was adopted from an Atlantean writing style, because it is extremely similar.

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Indo-European race before the Great flood.

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Atlantis Past life regression - Anyone were male in the regression ?

Are there anybody has a past life memory in Atlantis, and as a male gender? Please share with us!See More
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Dec 24, 2016
Porka replied to Porka's discussion Atlantis Language sounds
"Anyone know how Atlantis Language sounded like?  they actually heard from theri apsdt life regression?btw the drawings below were from Atlantis past life."
Dec 24, 2016
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Dec 23, 2016
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Atlantis Language sounds

Anyone know the Atlantis Language sounds from their past regression memories? See More
Dec 23, 2016
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Atlantis Past Life and Nordic Runes

Does any saw Nordic Runes in the Atlantis Past Lifes?  Please share about it!See More
Jul 6, 2015
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"In your Atlantis dream, How was the "far different from Greece Arcultecture" looked like? "
Jun 28, 2015
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"hi, can you share about your past life in atlantis? thanks!"
Jun 9, 2015
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"Can you share about your dreams about Atlantis? Thanks!"
Jun 9, 2015

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