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Maia Nicole Beaver's Discussions

Looking for Relationship Advice from Empaths/ Energy Sensitives about clogging chakras

Started this discussion. Last reply by Holly *Nova Spirit* Dec 15, 2015. 28 Replies

Hi there. I normally talk about much less personal topics but I don't really know who else to turn to with this other than you lovely people. I don't know what's going on and it's kind of freaking me…READ MORE →

Death Doesn't Make me Feel Sad- Starseed Trait?

Started this discussion. Last reply by ⚛Feather⚛ Nov 19, 2015. 34 Replies

Hi everyone! It's been a bit since I posted my own discusion on here. I originally posted as an article but couldn't see it on the site so I'm turning it into a discussion, which is more fitting.…READ MORE →

Tags: starseed, spirituality, loss, grief, life

Starseed Depersonalization and Derealization

Started this discussion. Last reply by Craig Welman Aug 22, 2015. 19 Replies

I'm going through something right now that I find hard to explain to any friend, family member or therapist and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this feeling long term and would know…READ MORE →

Fast Spinning Sensation while Meditating?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Maia Nicole Beaver Sep 1, 2014. 20 Replies

Hi there loves, I've been having this issue for a few years now, where when I try to meditate, after only about two minutes or less, I feel as if I'm spinning really fast around myself as an axis,…READ MORE →

Tags: strange, experiences, help, spinning, meditation


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AnGi Von SpACE loved Maia Nicole Beaver's discussion Fast Spinning Sensation while Meditating?
Jan 29
Maia Nicole Beaver replied to Maia Nicole Beaver's discussion Pleiadian Careers in the group Pleiadian Starseeds
"Thank you, that is still very helpful advice! I can deeply relate to the feeling of not wanting to waste time and start out on the 'right path' from the very beginning. One of the hard things for me is that a lot of the things I'm…"
Jan 28
Maia Nicole Beaver is now friends with KBalazs and Starlit Wonder
Jan 28
Michelle Loving replied to Maia Nicole Beaver's discussion Pleiadian Careers in the group Pleiadian Starseeds
"Hello Maia Nicole, My comment may not be helpful for you now but I will share it anyway.  One of the big issues I faced was feeling I had a mission, something I was meant to do and I didn't want to waste time doing the wrong thing.…"
Jan 27
Harmony loved Maia Nicole Beaver's discussion Pleiadian Careers
Jan 19
firenze loved Maia Nicole Beaver's discussion Pleiadian Careers
Jan 15
Jukka Starsoul replied to Maia Nicole Beaver's discussion Pleiadian Careers in the group Pleiadian Starseeds
"My professional job is project manager on the electricity company. But off work I have practiced yoga, studied energy therapist and occult sciences and of course I am a weird."
Jan 14
Christopher Liam McCaffrey replied to Maia Nicole Beaver's discussion Pleiadian Careers in the group Pleiadian Starseeds
"I have had a confusing time lately too. Lol. I was lucky, because I knew from an early age in high school that I wanted to be a bushcraft instructor. I was so passionate! But now over the last year or so, I have tailed off with my increased interest…"
Jan 14
Maia Nicole Beaver replied to Carolyn's discussion Mercury Retrograde
" this is an article that explains mercury retrograde in capricorn, and it's been on point for me. Everything is really messing…"
Jan 8
Maia Nicole Beaver replied to Sharry's discussion Strangers acting like your best friend.
"You definitely have the kind of energy that makes people drawn to you in a friendly way!"
Jan 7
Maia Nicole Beaver replied to Sharry's discussion Strangers acting like your best friend.
"my life too! "
Jan 7
Maia Nicole Beaver replied to Gentle Lion's discussion We Have Lost A Star Amongst Us
"My best wishes to her spirit and to all those who are mourning her loss. She was indeed a bright light on this page, and helped me on multiple accounts throughout my time here. I quite liked her energy. She is at peace now and she will be remembered…"
Jan 7
Article by Maia Nicole Beaver

Looking for a Channeler

A few months ago, my Grandmother died. Apparently, she left something feeling very unresolved with my Mother and it's causing her a lot of pain. I feel that my grandmother has primarily reincarnated by now, but if there is any way to contact any parts of her that still remain, I would love to do anything I can to help my mother come to closure. The only trouble is it's hard to find a channeller I can trust will be accurate. If anyone has the ability to contact certain souls and communicate with…See More
Jan 7
Maia Nicole Beaver replied to Owen Muller O.M's discussion Favorite Color/s and Why
"I have an extra color receptor in at least one of my eyes which makes me suuuuuuuper specific when it comes to color. I like this certain kind of blue green that's very very light. I guess light mint would be the best way to describe it. But…"
Jan 7
Lovea joined Maia Nicole Beaver's group

I Love Earth

Too often do many of us spend time wishing we were somewhere else, in a higher realm, thinking of the hardships we have with the places, people and systems we have on earth today, instead of enjoying the wonders earth has to offer. We forget that our perceptions and feelings of earth can be changed by working internally, releasing the pain which comes from ego and letting in the love that is truly us. We forget the reasons we took on this earth mission; what earth truly is. Earth is a place…See More
Jan 2
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Dec 27, 2015

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I was born in a jewish family but I have grown out of religion. I am now not religious but very spiritual. For now, my main spiritual idea is that each person contains some of the truth, and that as we experience more and more, we get more of the truth and put the pieces together to become more whole. I do not know what a 'wrong' belief would be, but I think it is good to center yourself in your own inner truth and act on what resonates with you. I also believe that there is almost no point in discovering truth through discourse because I believe the truth cannot be spoken without being distorted. It is very internal. There is not a path to fulfillment and happiness, happiness and fulfillment is the path. :) I suppose my path is one that gives love and understanding to those in the darkness.

I think that love is the most important and amazing thing. Everything is made of love and light. Everything is consciousness and all perceptions of separation because all is oneness. We are light fractals shining off colors and realities from one source of light, but we can return to this oneness any time we wish through meditation, we will return to the light, and it is never separate from us. It's not that we have light and love inside us, we are light and love.

Love is the path I walk. Be love. Be peace.
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Hi :) My name is Maia (maiosei) and I lived in the Pleiades on Erra with my closest, Chris (sahharas). I have gone from the indigo frequency to rainbow in this lifetime.

As a starseed, I have been given many 'abilities' for which I am very gratefull. I can (or used to be able to) change the weather and the outcome of events. I see auras, energies and chakra levels, read minds sometimes, see into the future and sometimes into people's past lives, grab knowledge out of thin air, am good at instant manifestation and have an innate knowledge of anything new age.
Being an Indigo, my mission was to help create a new system of education for everyone in america because the one we have is outdated and will not accommodate the ones who will lead us in years to come. As a rainbow crystal my job was continue my indigo mission as a teacher of teachers, and also to be an artist (i sort of compose music in my head) and a healer, helping starseeds with the upcoming transformation. I have always loved to learn, and I believe that every experience we have is a lesson, we only have to look for it.

As a rainbow, I am an artist, a teacher and a healer in many ways. I do it all through love, and try to live as light and love personified.

I can be described as very caring and always smiling no matter what I might be feeling on the inside. It's very hard for me to be mean or think of myself rather than others- I always am eager to lend a helping hand and I often loose track of time and what I'm supposed to be doing. But I am always a friend to anyone who needs one, all anyone has to do is ask and I'm sure we'll get along fine!
I have come to this website to learn, share my knowledge, visions, and strong opinions and to connect to everyone because I know I am not the only one out there, there are many inspirational people who have lives and stories just like mine and I want to share what we have in common. I find this site presents great opportunities for getting closer with your roots, because this site is the place I met 'my closest'- Chris Jones. We were the closest together for many lifetimes on the Pleiades and we incarnated here starting at the same time. We share many past life memories and are working to uncover more as well as complete our missions together. I am also here to share and to learn, it is my life mission, so if anyone has any spiritual questions, I would be happy to try and answer them and share with you :)

In my more earthly half of my starseed double life, I major in the arts and humanities, which turns out is one of the most light worker majors ever. I learn to understand humans, to work to help them and the world around us, through my creative talents. I double major in Social Relations and Policy. I hope to be a light to help society grow more spiritual.

I look forward to talking with all of you wonderful flowers! Light and love :)

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Why Do You Think You're a Starseed? Or Why Are You Interested? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
I have my bio on here, if you want to check it, but its really long and after recent spiritual transformations, relatively insignificant. So to sum up, I suppose it's not unlike any other person on this site. I think what really made us come here and think we are starseeds is because through our lives we have come to believe that we are different. I was never really treated differently and I could relate to everyone I met, but there was so much more about me that I couldn't share, because it couldn't be explained or understood. I had a different way of thinking, different behaviors, different needs and different abilities too. And I suppose after all of my not so mainstream experiences, I started trying to explain the things others couldn't about me. I felt intuitively that there was more to this reality and there was another place I was from, and I wanted to get to the truth. I have always been a spiritual soul and through my journeys through question asking, I came across the word pleiades and everything happened from there.

When I was young, before my awakening, I used to think I came from or was linked to another world, and I was elflike. I started drawing a blonde haired, blue eyed girl when I went through my first spiritual awakening when I was young. When I'm not looking in the mirror subconsciously I picture myself looking like that. When I googled pleiadian and started learning about them, everything started making sense, and I realized that I had been drawing (and writing books and stories) about a girl who looked quite a lot like myself, if not exactly. :) I have always resonated with the name Maia, and answered to it instinctively, even though it's not my real name yet. When I learned my pleiadian name was maiosei, I started crying, because another thing made sense. Ever since then, lots of things about me make sense, now that I know some memories from my past lives.

I think what we should all remember is that we are all the same on the inside no matter where we come from. We're all made of light and love, no matter what! :)

Chris and I also share memories of past lives, in such a way that I can think of the memory, right a detail down, ask him about the detail and he will answer right and vice versa. We fill in eachother's sentences about each other's memories. What more proof would even a logical person need?
What Do You Think About Extraterrestrials? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
ive been a lot of them so I think that unless I didn't like their energy I would like them. If I'm not mistaken, even the malevolent ET's are light beings that chose a more destructive path, and hating or fearing them will not help that. Only love can bring us together. :)
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Yes I agree

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Looking for a Channeler

Posted on January 7, 2016 at 12:35am 0 Comments

A few months ago, my Grandmother died. Apparently, she left something feeling very unresolved with my Mother and it's causing her a lot of pain. I feel that my grandmother has primarily reincarnated by now, but if there is any way to contact any…


This Amazing Experience Happened to Me- And Taught Me A Huge Life Lesson!

Posted on January 8, 2014 at 10:30pm 0 Comments

This is a true experience that happened to me a while back, but it's been a while since I've contributed to this website since this week, so I thought I'd share. I think it's a story with a lesson that many people could use when they are having a…


Stuck In Love

Posted on August 25, 2011 at 3:06am 5 Comments

This is a story of the young man who changed the coarse of my life for unknown reasons. I tell the story and then  I have questions. Don't have to read it, but it's part of my story.


When I was very young, still a child, I met a…


I am Happy

Posted on March 20, 2011 at 10:56pm 7 Comments

I am happy. I feel my heart is opening to all that is, every form of life, light and darkness. I feel like a lively little child under the hands of something far greater, everything we need is here, all we need is to ask and it will be…


Deep Questions: Love

Posted on March 20, 2011 at 12:17am 5 Comments


We all experience it as starseeds, walking in the midst of people who are always asleep. Blind to the truth, or refusing to see it and the love inside us.


So how exactly do we do it? How do we wake the people up? How does…


Moon is Fullest than it Will Be for 18 More Years

Posted on March 20, 2011 at 12:07am 0 Comments


Hello all, today is a full moon. But not just any full moon, since the moon travels in an elipse around the planet, this is the closest it will be to the earth for another 18 years. This means that emotions will be very high, even higher…


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At 9:42am on December 13, 2015, lillee said…
This may sound crazy but i think i had a dream of you and a handful of others all chilling on a ship together last night. I saw your picture amd wanted to reach out and say hello. In dream we all were on some ship siting in a circle. Hope your having a great day. Please feel free to message me if you had a simlar dream
At 9:24am on October 30, 2015, Dejan said…

Yeah i know right i hope that too

At 3:14pm on June 8, 2015, stargazer111 said…
Thank you for accepting, hope all is well :-)
At 7:41pm on May 1, 2015, Hopeful Lightworker said…
I added the Tumblr page you mentioned. I know u don't run it anymore but I'm always looking for answers. Let me know when u create your YouTube page. :)
At 2:46am on April 28, 2015, Hopeful Lightworker said…
I couldn't find your Tumblr page :(
At 8:48pm on April 16, 2015, Amon Re said…
At 2:39pm on April 7, 2015, Anupam Gupta said…

Thank You Maia...

At 12:52pm on February 25, 2015, Shikha Harish said…

Sure, no problem! :) Have a wonderful day <3 Love & Light xoxo

At 7:03pm on September 21, 2014, Angelica Serena said…
You remind me of my friends, to be honest. I have a feeling that maybe I traveled to your planet!
At 2:56am on August 31, 2014, Cosmic Serpent God said…

Hey Maia how have you been, I'm sure you remember me. Been a long time since we last spoke. Hope you been good, I don't really use this website but I still have a Tumblr if you ever wanna chat.



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"I have never spoked with a furry person, or people who like these things. Do you feel close…"
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Mike replied to Mike's discussion Looking for acceptance...
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