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One free question reading

Started this discussion. Last reply by Joy Aug 29. 74 Replies

HeySeems like the reply system has changed and some of my past threads are all messed up. Sorry if you asked for a reading and didn't get it. I tried to sort it out but it gives me headache.I will…READ MORE →

Spirit animal reading

Started this discussion. Last reply by Starflower Jul 27. 127 Replies

HeyI wanted to do some spirit animal readings again.If you feel connected to working with spirit animals I want to help you connect to your guide.We all have totem guides that are with us throughout…READ MORE →

Any starseeds living in Oslo?

Started this discussion. Last reply by 1mnjv4stuc5hf Apr 15. 3 Replies

HeyAny starseeds here living in Oslo that would like to meetup?I am Swedish living here since February. I feel I like to meet people in the same frequency. Coffee anyone??Shanti JoyREAD MORE →

Want to play a game?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Joy Apr 13. 4 Replies

Hey EveryoneI learnt a new game at the aeclectic tarot forum. And I think it will work here too since so many are intuitive.I will start By asking a question. The person next , anyone who feel up to…READ MORE →


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Joy replied to Bareld's discussion ISN closing down?
"No That is so sad. This can not be. Let's pray together. For the site to survive. Send some positive energy into a solution. Shanti Joy"
Aug 29
Joy is now friends with Serotonin, BMZARA LGHT NFNT ALI and Quentin 7-7-7
Aug 29
Joy replied to Joy's discussion One free question reading
"Or at leas now I am on page 4 Shanti Joy"
Aug 29
Joy replied to Joy's discussion One free question reading
"Yes at least the first page. But I have been travelling and visiting communities. So very sorry but my time has been limited. Shanti Joy"
Aug 29
Quentin 7-7-7 replied to Joy's discussion One free question reading
"Why can't I connect to my origins even if I begged for 7 years for it ?"
Aug 19
Daniel Rønjom replied to Joy's discussion One free question reading
"My question is: WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH MY LIFE?"
Aug 19
Tiffany Joseph replied to Joy's discussion One free question reading
"I just now noticed this post was originally posted June 23rd... Maybe she answered the earlier ones, but moved on?"
Aug 18
Tiffany Joseph replied to Joy's discussion One free question reading
"I want to know the best way to take care of myself on a daily basis to help be grounded but also open up my clairs (intution/intuitive abilities)."
Aug 18
Tiffany Joseph loved Joy's discussion One free question reading
Aug 18
BMZARA LGHT NFNT ALI replied to Joy's discussion One free question reading
"Am I a walk-in starseed?"
Aug 18
Joy is now friends with Paws and Warden
Aug 10
stoki replied to Joy's discussion One free question reading
"I am a complete mess. Things are slowly getting worse for me. When will things turn around for me?"
Aug 3
Paws replied to Joy's discussion One free question reading
"Hi Joy, my question is where do I come from, Who can guide me?"
Aug 1
Emerald Princess replied to Joy's discussion One free question reading
"Where is home/my soul origin? Thank you !"
Aug 1
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Jul 30
Joy left a comment for Temuulen Munkh-Erdene
"Yes I am doing spirit animal readings but I am travelling at the moment so readings are going very slow for me. Shanti Joy"
Jul 30

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Instagram, celestialtarot1111
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Lightbeing, Angelic, Cosmic Angel, Starseed, Crystal, Indigo, Mermaid/Merman, Ancient, Empath
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Balancer, Light Worker (Healer), Light Warrior (Guardian), Nature Worker (Earth Healer), Priest/Priestess, Shaman, Witch
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Multidimensional, Sirian, Pleiadian
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Blue Ray (Archangel Michael)
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Yoga 🤗 Tarot 🐬 New Age. Any system really.🐼 Love is all❤️❤️❤️
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😘🤓👻 I am a Pleidian Starseeds. And I do my light work style as a Tarot Reader and Yoga Teacher.🌞 👼 I have studied alternative medecine (Mother ganja ☘ too) in india. 😁 I have travelled a lot, tried many psychedelics. Love nature 🌺. Search for peace and alternative ways of living.🍄 I Love kittens too. 😻
Why Do You Think You're a Starseed? Or Why Are You Interested? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
I am an empath 🐼 for sure some psychic abilities. 🚀 Have dreams about traveling in space. Remember past lives. Connect a lot with Angels 😇😇😇 I Am extremely sensitive. Always feel I don't belong on earth.🐼
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Other dimensional beings.
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I googled starseeds
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Yes I agree

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At 8:23pm on July 27, 2017, Dee Issac said…

Hi Joy ! Thank you for the friend request and to answer your question, my name is Desiree and his name is Joey !

At 4:31pm on July 11, 2017, Den said…

hello, sorry yes I recieved your reading and I thank you very much. I am late cuz I have been on vacation and hadnt been on for a while

At 8:18am on June 23, 2017, Amelia said…

I think I did? I couldn't seemingly reply much on mobile...
I will check it out again to make sure. ^^ Sometimes things glitch a bit

At 9:12pm on February 7, 2017, Nikolai Fiathoski said…

Hello, Joy! First of all, thanks for your reading, I've been reflecting about it. I'd like to ask if I could pm you to talk more about the soul purpose thing.
Thanks! :)

At 1:43pm on January 12, 2017, Musuhi said…

Hello! I didn't want to clutter your thread anymore, so here I am :) I just want to clarify - is a vision interpretation just like a dream interpretation? It works on the same basis, right? Well, I will be not a good reader, I have my own patterns and see symbols differently (or do not stick to giving labels to certain concepts), everyone can interpret the same thing in many ways. I'm not very sure if I have symbolic visions or literal ones and, most importantly, if they are real ;) Also, I often skip things I think would be unpleasant, it isn't very honest, I don't want to lie to people. Don't treat it too serious, I don't want anybody to be hurt by my silly imagination. Just wanted to share the images I saw when looked at your profile pic, I've never treated my "visions" as readings, only some tips for me - and it has always been a great pleasure to me, being able to see various stories.

Take care!

At 2:22am on December 27, 2016, Gustav Heindrich Schuman said…

Joy, thank you for befriending me :) :)

At 5:17am on December 13, 2016, Elizabeth said…

Hello Shanti Joy,

I have pulled 2 cards for you.  The first one is about cleansing and detoxing your body and mind.  I pulled it as I am having my 6th espresso this I decided to pull another card for you as I will be honest not sure if it was meant for you or for me.  But thought I would put it out there in case it resonates...

This card is all about eating more healthy and making lifestyle changes, detoxing and keeping your thoughts and speech positive.  It can also be a validation for your current healthy path and to let you know that it is working.

The second card is about you blossoming,  You are very ready at this stage in your life to open and grow.  It however says not to rush this process and to have patience with yourself.  It urges you to take things slow and to enjoy learning new skills and knowledge,  It hints on nurturing your body with healthy food. water, fresh air and sunshine so perhaps the first card is for you.  This card is also reminding you to keep the are on the right path.

Sorry this is so delayed.

Your message resonates with me and is a good reminder to what I need to be doing!  so thank you!!  I just hope that I can put it in to practice.

Blessings! And hope you have a wonderful day!


At 6:57pm on May 25, 2016, Jedirealism 2.0 said…

Thanks for the sseeds friendship Joy.  Be well.


At 9:06am on April 9, 2016, Orlando Silva said…

Thank you for the reading Joy, it means alot to me. 

Thank you for your time and energy! :) Much appreciated!

At 7:48am on March 30, 2016, Sarn Richard Ursell said…

I would like a reading please, my friend victor of Orion
thinks Im a starseed, could you confirm this for me.

If so what type ?
Thank you - PM me the details



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