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Jelly's Blog

Are you a light bearer?

Posted on December 21, 2015 at 9:30am 1 Comment


Jelly the dragon, fruity flavored.


Jelly's Poem

Jelly, jelly,

Flies with a scaly belly.

He is kind of pervy,

Flicks his tongue when looking at people,

Swings his tail when he is happy.

He likes to squirm on the ground, 

He likes to catch peoples' tails,

Even without tail,

Licks at somebody if he likes him.

Jelly, jelly,

Plays with his psyche,

He swings pendulum with his mind,

He channels his body like a pendulum,

He projects his astral like a pendulum,

He meditates like a pendulum,

He chats with his otherself like a pendulum,

He is never alone as he has a pendulum in his body and mind.

Jelly, jelly,

What a draggy,

Loves humanity,

Yet too much in furry,

Hates conspiracy, 

Never gets New-age-y.

Has his own spirituality,

Which bases on zero and infinity,

with "I" of one and imagery, 

Mathematically known as Euler Identity,

and has been practiced in his mind and body.

Jelly, jelly,

Draggy, furry,

Scaly, belly,

Pervy, psyche,

Huggy, squishy,

Yummy, fruity,

Friendly, petty.

Discord chat: https://discord.gg/FfcsRb5

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Dragon, dragon, and dragon.
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Scales, tails, wings, claws, fangs, horns... anything a dragon would have.
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Yes I agree

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The root of imbalance: Double standards

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Dodee giebas replied to Jelly's discussion It is brainwashing to say higher is good and lower is bad ya know...
"Hippies used to say,"do your own thing". Peace sign meant "peace, man, do your own thing". Before then, people used "religious" signs like the sign of the cross or the "evil eye". Fear based signs meant to…"
13 hours ago
Jelly replied to Jelly's discussion It is brainwashing to say higher is good and lower is bad ya know...
"Even with that said, whenever there are intentions "only to connect with the good, higher good, lower, etc" they just create a mind that incapable of seeing what is good in the bad.… No matter how you create the programming, it…"
17 hours ago
layaa replied to Jelly's discussion It is brainwashing to say higher is good and lower is bad ya know...
"higher is a badgood and lower is a goodbad and medium also,and there has a mediumgoodbad also,its very obvious."
20 hours ago
Jelly replied to Jelly's discussion It is brainwashing to say higher is good and lower is bad ya know...
"and just let human live in paranoid to let them think of unthinkable. fuck those government cover thing. they are just shallow way of seeing the reality."
21 hours ago
Jelly replied to Jelly's discussion It is brainwashing to say higher is good and lower is bad ya know...
"The only difference of newage and lightworkers are they are stereotypical up to the point of no return. They get what they want with the constant messages brainwashing themselves like drugs. They simply cannot give up the brainwashing because…"
22 hours ago
Osi replied to Jelly's discussion It is brainwashing to say higher is good and lower is bad ya know...
"Where I vibe with this thread is: adding an identity, even a nice one such as 'starseed,' seems to me a slightly problematic way to fully embrace the oneness of all things, which exists beyond the space in which one feels a personal…"
23 hours ago
Source Shard replied to Jelly's discussion It is brainwashing to say higher is good and lower is bad ya know...
"Last line is best line."
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Please read the tutorial at here first, any question fell free to ask.Join this discord chatroom if you have discord, it is easier to manage.See More
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Jelly replied to Jelly's discussion QHHT: Trump’s Role in The Ascension
"trump my arse"
Jelly replied to Jolan's discussion Thoughts on Ascension, Densities and Embodiment.
"Dragons are mostly using body gestures rather than written languages. Talking are mostly futile."
Jelly replied to Jolan's discussion Thoughts on Ascension, Densities and Embodiment.
"Yes! The fruit flavored dragon is pointless, bad ass, isolation and etc.Pft, who else want to listen to highest, ultimate, resonant and etc. Definitely going down even believers think otherwise. Reality has nothing to do with believe, that's…"
Jelly commented on Asar Ciakar's blog post why people idealizing being multi-dimensional? >.<</body>
Jelly replied to Source Shard's discussion Grow up
Jelly left a comment for Jelly
"Feed my ego plz, this dragon has many horns."
Jelly replied to Nexis Nemesis's discussion Judgment, Ridicule, Spiritual enlightenment
"All you can do with these kind of people is shut up and just do. The more you talk, the lesser you do. Empty talks, some think of this as talking without any useful ideas and not good to meaning of talking, some think of this as talk trash and keep…"

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At 7:15pm on March 17, 2018, Jelly said…

Feed my ego plz, this dragon has many horns.

At 5:37pm on May 21, 2017, Trippy E.T gave 19bw3ydbwanu7 a gift
Happy Birthday Sally!
At 6:22am on December 30, 2016, Masereth said…

Why do you send me a friend request to keep nagging about that chatroom? Did you send one to everyone online yesterday to keep nagging about it? I've seen your advertisement very often and it started to annoy me. Looking back on the convo yesterday, it seems 100% of the people active in that also found it annoying. Conclusion, it IS annoying. So stop doing it and stop trying to get in contact with me, i blocked you because i was done with it. I don't need to take screenshots and even less do i need to send you anything or prove you anything, i'm not 12...

At 4:33am on January 24, 2016, Jedirealism 2.0 said…

Thanks for the friendship Jelly.. Hey, when you bump into Peanut butter, let em know I said hello too.  ;)

At 10:58am on December 4, 2015, Chadee said…

There are some good books in this series including a really good one on channeling.  Listen to some of these to see if you like the style. https://www.orindaben.com/pages/rooms/orin_meditation_room/

At 4:05am on November 16, 2015, Steve Hutchinson said…

Jelly, I am delighted to welcome you to Int Starseeds Network.

Blessings of Love & Light,




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41 minutes ago
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42 minutes ago
Laker commented on katie's group STARSEEDS NEAR CHARLOTTESVILLE VA
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