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Oneness or brainwashing?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jafayehl on Monday. 14 Replies

Have you ever noticed days were you feel a certain way but have no idea why, and through out the day you find everyone else feels it to? Having a really bad day suddenly and everyone else is too but…READ MORE →

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"All the way, and back."

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Jafayehl replied to Glitch's discussion Oneness or brainwashing?
"check out subject such as these and you will know if not already why people are more and more susceptible to mind control in more ways than one and how we can combat this.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGUG44-3XeE it is not exclusive and still…"
Jolan replied to Glitch's discussion Oneness or brainwashing?
"In this age where information is flooding our being and people experiencing accelerated mind /thoughts, we are all invited to cultivate filter and discernment of what are self generated thoughts, and which are those passed around and picked up from…"
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BEST SPIRIT & GHOST COMMUNICATION of 2017 Part 1 - 100% REAL - Huff Paranormal.

"heh, that's pretty spooky stuff ;) "What is a Ghost Box? How does the Ghost Box work? The argument has been made that Thomas Edison was working on a ghost communication device – a ghost box of sorts, to contact the dead. However,…"
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Mar 8
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10 Different Versions of Heaven

"thanks for sharing(: i love seeing the different artist interpretations && hearing all the richly vibrant variations of the celestial plane~~*"
Mar 8
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Mar 8
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Feb 26
Living Light replied to Glitch's discussion Oneness or brainwashing?
"This sounds like mind control or subliminal advertising.. has nothing to do with oneness.. however the energies do go up and down all the time on this polarity planet, so, there will be days when people may all seem more happy or unhappy.. We are…"
Feb 26
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Feb 24
Jace loved Glitch's discussion Oneness or brainwashing?
Feb 24
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Feb 24
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ABC Nightline Exclusive - Backstage on LA Meetup -Twin Strangers

One of our latest doppelganger pairs Amber and Maddy sit down with ABC Nightline's Juju Chang​ for an in-depth chat on what it's like to meet your doppelgäng...
Feb 24
Seraphim Angel replied to Glitch's discussion Oneness or brainwashing?
"In my point of view Oneness does not exists. That and similar stuff forced thru so called chanelings are all human made stuff talking about things people wants to hear so that people hook up to that and just wait. Half of people are talking about…"
Feb 23

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Relationship Status:
Sun Sign:
What Do You Identify With?
Starseed, Elemental
What Is Your Soul Purpose?
Nature Worker (Earth Healer), Unknown/None
What Is Your Soul Origin?
What Is Your Soul Group?
Personal Path Or Religion? (All paths/religions are honored and welcomed)
I don't believe in Organized Religion or in any kind of worship. I am spiritual and a being of feeling. So is everyone and everything else. I believe we are all eternal and are reborn for all existence, from all existence. We're here to learn and love. I'm still searching for more answers though and others who remember what I remember.
About you: (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
I always knew I was strange compared to others. My earliest memories of this life were remembering being in a higher dimension after dying from a past life. I remembered entering and never wanting to leave. I cried everyday the first few years of my life because this place was so scary I just wanted to go back. I spent years telling my (very Christian) Mother about my visions and detailed dreams of an apocalypse scenario. It plagued me. She tried to brush it off but later told me she thought I might have seen the future.

I remember my latest past life as a young woman from Scotland who traveled to France in her 20's to attend a University, which was a big deal for a female that long ago. I'm not sure what era it was. No memories of how I died but I remember passing over to the other side. I was with a horse standing on a rolling hill. In front, a valley of green and another hill on the other side. The colors were brighter and the light danced. The grass in the valley moved like green waves of water and the wind was music. I suddenly knew if I were to cross that valley and over the other hill I would be home. As I and the horse ran/flew across through the grass I felt the light penetrate my soul and the most amazing feelings of love, forgiveness and pure being became me.

I've had many encounters with the "Dead" and hauntings. Some of witch I have my own personal proof of. One in particular, The Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells Texas. Me and my best friend (She is clairvoyant as well.) Broke into this well known Haunt and encountered many .. people I guess. A little girl looking for her mother. Clear as a bell talking to us. Nearly a decade later The Ghost Adventures would capture this girls voice on film more than once. I was made to believe at that time I was Evil for even speaking of these things or crazy so I tried to shut it out. You can't stop reality.

Their is a Military base in Mineral Wells also where a lot of strange activity has happened. Fort Wolters. They have a back entrance in a town called Garner, TX. I grew up next to their gate. A lot of strange things out there. I remember one night me and my sister (we were young teens) driving home in the dark. A bright Orange flash silently swallowed everything and stopped sound completely. About 6 years ago Military activity increased significantly and things Got Weird.

I and others from my town experienced UFOs of all shapes and sizes almost every night. One night me and my (now Ex) boyfriend were closing up the restaurant we worked in. We were parked by the dumpster and so he had a hand full of garbage bags walking close behind me in the dark. There was a bright moon that night, so I looked up at it. There were 3 small UFOs almost dancing or playing in, and out of a large cloud. They were Triangle and lit up. I stopped in utter Awe. My Ex Boyfriend ran into my back as he was trying to light a cigarette looking down. He asked me why I stopped. I looked at him and pointed and he looked with an annoyed gaze... His mouth opened and he dropped his cigarette. My stomach was jumping out of my mouth. I screamed " What am I seeing???" Then a large plane flew right by them and one started to fly all around the plane as if it was a joke... That was a nerve racking night.

In 2014 I became really Ill. I had always suffered from some unknown disorder with strange physical symptoms, but this was much worse. The Doctors told me I had some strange infection and they didn't know what it was. It was killing me. I suffered like never before, it destroyed my body completely and ripped me to shreds. The infection went on for over 6 months. At one point I started just blacking out instead of falling asleep. I had 2 Astral Projection Scenarios happen and many Prophetic dreams. Then one night I started to feel myself dying, I could literally feel the life being sucked from every individual organ in my body. For a moment I thought I was scared to die. Then I let it all go. Living, being, having a career, having love, having children. Nothing mattered and it felt good. Every breath I took became shallow and I felt like my body was sinking into the bed and then it happened. I was inside of a memory.

I lived with a small group of people between the mountains on the edge of the desert. Their was something bad happening. I turned to look up in this rural place and saw lanes of traffic in the sky all lit different colors depending on what direction they were moving. Most were trying to escape. There were battles going on, people being shot at. My people were very spiritual and at one with nature completely. We knew this was the end. We reflected this life time as a gift and then.. just left our bodies. I have unlocked many memories sense then and will have more to come.
Why Do You Think You're a Starseed? Or Why Are You Interested? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
I know I lived a past life on Mars. No doubt.

I am desperate to finally connect with anyone who remembers what I remember. I have so much to talk about and it can not fit in these boxes. I have never really talked about this to others until recently and I am ready to find someone, anyone who connects to my memories. I hope to find someone else from my tribe to help uncover our mystery.
What Do You Think About Extraterrestrials? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
I am one. I think we are all eternal and have been reborn over and over sense the beginning of time and until forever. Which means we have all lived as others on other planets and maybe even in other dimensions.
How Did You Find Out About ISN?
Just googling community's I might be accepted in.
Do You Agree To The Guidelines Found @ http://www.starseeds.net/page/guidelines ?
Yes I agree

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Memories of Mars

Posted on January 4, 2018 at 10:50pm 3 Comments

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At 10:29pm on October 17, 2017, Plejaren Pyramids said…

I love the travel scene too. so many people love this scene
and I guess it's because they all sense that it is more
than just fiction, that there's some truth in it, but
they can not say, 'why' it is this way. It touches a truth in them they have still to explore.

At 8:57am on October 17, 2017, Plejaren Pyramids said…

yeah, mars is true. it happend long before this civilization.
there is no history on Earth anymore about that.
they cam from vega, then Mars. if you can remember everything about your life there then tell me. I need to know
esspecially about two topics: how was working there.
how was the relationhip structure there, and how was the life span on mar? in which direction was it originally,
south, east, west, compared to vega?

my line cam also from Mars, all the people with green eyes came originally from Mars. I guess either from any reptilean species living there or from any humans,
because it's said the first humans, so from this adam-lineage had green eyes. I don't if that is true, but
of course I'm riddling about that.

At 9:13pm on October 14, 2017, Atylmo said…

THanks for ur friend ship mush love and light to u

At 4:47am on October 13, 2017, Steve Hutchinson said…

I am delighted to welcome you to Int Starseeds Network.

Infinite Blessings of Love & Abundance,




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Wesley replied to Steve Hutchinson's discussion Prayer To Manifest Healing & Wholeness Now ! By Steven Hutchinson...And...Create Infinite Balance By Shelley Dressel ... And ... A Vision for Navigating into Highest Light
"Thank you for your contributions and bringing awareness to these things to assist the awakening of…"
1 hour ago
Wesley loved Steve Hutchinson's discussion Prayer To Manifest Healing & Wholeness Now ! By Steven Hutchinson...And...Create Infinite Balance By Shelley Dressel ... And ... A Vision for Navigating into Highest Light
1 hour ago
Osi replied to Faye Hall's discussion Reply to Osi
"and, given that I've no idea what I did to start all of this, and have only ever wanted it to…"
1 hour ago
Nexis Nemesis replied to Nexis Nemesis's discussion Should We Come Up with Starseed Sign Language?
"Yes to all of the above."
1 hour ago
Laude loved Sek'Tal Alcyone's discussion Films That Depict Extraterrestrials in a Positive Light?
1 hour ago
Nexis Nemesis replied to adeomus's discussion Ancient Stargates: Myth or Reality? in the group Sorcerous Beings, Mixed and in the Cracks ?
"I think it's happening on a regular basis."
1 hour ago
Nexis Nemesis replied to Source Shard's discussion Grow up
"Bould and interesting message. Thanks for sharing."
1 hour ago

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