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"We are the all being no one"

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Cristianne and Alvah The Pleiadian are now friends
Feb 5
Cristianne posted a status
Nov 19, 2017
Cristianne posted a status
"Are you an Awakened Starseed? If yes, join the Project Starseed. Let's bring forth Truth & Unity. Together. https://projectstarseed.com"
Nov 19, 2017
Omnicentrist left a comment for Cristianne
"Hello Cristianne, What an amazingly written profile. It is quite gratifying to know that someone of your age could be so aware. I know your frustration and isolation knowing what you know and dealing with 3D People, like others on this Forum. I put…"
Nov 7, 2017
Cristianne and Omnicentrist are now friends
Nov 3, 2017
Miłosz Ester loved Cristianne's profile
Oct 31, 2017
Cristianne and Plejaren Pyramids are now friends
Oct 25, 2017
Cristianne and The Ancient are now friends
Oct 6, 2017
Cristianne and whitewolf15770 are now friends
Oct 1, 2017
Charles left a comment for Cristianne
"Good to meet another person who has researched Dolores Canon!"
Sep 24, 2017
Charles and Cristianne are now friends
Sep 24, 2017
Cristianne is now friends with Gil and Chris C-137
Sep 21, 2017
kilgrew loved Cristianne's profile
Sep 10, 2017
Sami SI loved Cristianne's profile
Sep 8, 2017
Cristianne replied to Aer Stargazer's discussion Pointing to one event?
"Yes, that is something "they" (Higher Selves, "Future" Selves, Spirit Guides, Angels, Extraterrestrial and other High Frequency entities) always make very clear during QHHT. No God/Goddess or Jesus will come back to…"
Aug 24, 2017
Cristianne replied to Aer Stargazer's discussion Pointing to one event?
"People in trance all over the globe have been warning us about a "supernatural" event that is coming soon. Now "soon" might mean something different for them than it means for us. However, they say something about within a year…"
Aug 24, 2017

Profile Information

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Sun Sign:
What Do You Identify With?
Lightbeing, Multi-Dimensional, Starseed, Walk-in, Ancient, Empath, Human
What Is Your Soul Purpose?
Balancer, Light Worker (Healer), Nature Worker (Earth Healer), Seeker, Unknown/None
What Is Your Soul Origin?
Universal, Multidimensional, Other
What Is Your Soul Group?
Personal Path Or Religion? (All paths/religions are honored and welcomed)
I'm currently on the path of Service to Others. However, I've realized and somehow I've always known deep down that Service to Others IS Service to Self. The greatest difference here is that the conscious awareness of this truth brings me balance and harmony within the Force of Creation, the Universe, or Source of All. Because this brings me closer to the ultimate truth of all: We are all ONE. We are one with others, we are one with nature, we are one with everything that exists, we are one with The Source, therefore what we do to others we are ACTUALLY doing to ourselves.

I don't have a religion. Religions imprisionate you. My perspective on life is way too greater and complex to fit into a single religious perspective. All religions have their own pros and cons, and therefore are very limited (my personal view). Religions were created by humans (and therefore during most of human history used as a tool for manipulation) and they are being shaped and interpreted till this day based on ideas that even though might have originated from "truths", were manipulated, and therefore they are misinterpretations based on misinterpretations. So, you see where this will lead to? Yeah, anger and frustration, conflicts and eventually death and even wars. I prefer to encompass all views and all religious, because, honestly, all truths are truth depending on where you are in life and on your spiritual evolution. So there's absolutely no reason for conflicts nor fights over these temporary illusions of our collective constructed reality. All paths will lead to the realization of oneness, after all. Every single perspective is valid. There's no "right" or "wrong". Only Love or lack of Love (aka Fear) or like many people like to describe it: Service to Others x Service to Self. The rest is a big fat illusion.

Quotes that I resonate with:

“Being spiritual has nothing to do with what you believe and everything to do with your state of consciousness.”

"The concepts that are typically polarized between Spirituality and Science all of a sudden come together and this is when you realize that the "Material" world is actually an expression of what we call the "Spiritual" world or what we call "Spirituality" is actually Physics we haven't quite understood yet."
About you: (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
Hi, my name is Cristianne Makiuti. I'm 24 years old and I've lived in 5 countries, been in 22. I have Japanese ancestry. Since I was a pre-teen I've been struggling with fitting in here in the matrix.

I was fully awakened a year ago. I've learned A LOT since then. But of course, these things don't happen overnight. It actually took quite a while to get to where I was to who I am now. I've read every book, watched every video/documentary on every possible topic about:

- The Multiverse
- Kundalini
- The 7 or 12+ Chakras
- Reiki
- Channeling
- Pineal Gland
- Heart's Electromagnetic field and its power
- Hypnosis, Regression, QHHT (Dolores Cannon)
- Higher Self (Inner Self), Group Soul, Soul Family, Star Family
- Subconscious, Unconscious, and Superconscious (differences and how they relate to the Higher Self)
- Soulmate, Twin Flame and their differences
- The Awakening, The New Earth, 3D to 5D, "The Event" or the "Ascension Process"
- Pole Shifts happening now (it's a natural process Earth has experienced many times before)
- The Waves of Volunteers (Starseeds)
- DNA Changes being made
- Aliens, UFO’s and the cause for abductions
- Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Blue Avians, Grays, Lyrans, Nordics, Venusians, Insectoids, Sassani, Zeta Reticulans, Andromedans
- Galactic Factions, The Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command
- DNA experiments
- Crop Circles
- Sacred Geometry (Flower of Life, Metatron's Cube, Egg of Life, Seed of Life, The Kabbalah's Tree of life)
- The Law of One (Ra Material)
- The 7 Hermetic Principles
- Illusion of Time
- Time and Space
- The Akashic Records
- Frequencies x Dimensions x Densities (and their conceptual differences)
- Black Holes
- Torus Shape
- Other Quantum Physics' and Quantum Mechanics' Theories
- How "The Double Slit Experiment" relates to consciousness
- Free Energy
- History of God (Source)
- The Origin: The Force beyond our "Source"
(Like there are other Sources, there's a "Force" beyond our Source who has created he/she/it and other Sources. Read Guy Steven Needler's book if you want to know more.)
- OBE (Out of the Body Experience)
- The "Fall" of Humankind (fall in frequencies)
- Forbidden Archeology (Elongated Skulls, Giant's Fossils, Crystal Skulls, The UFO Artifacts of Mexico, Stone Spheres, The Ica Stones)
- Pyramids in Egypt, China, Japan, North and South America, India, Indonesia, and Europe
- Cabal, Archons, Reptilians, Dracos, Illuminati and "New World Order"
- Elite's Rituals and the REAL motive behind pedophilia (Humanity as "energy batteries" for older ET races which see us as cattle)
- Crystal, Indigo, Rainbow Children
- Atlantis and Lemuria
- The Mayans, Incas, Egyptians Civilizations
- Astral and Etheric Bodies/Planes
- Crystals
- Use of Psychedelics
- Earth's Inner Inhabitants (Agarthans) and "Hollow" Earth
- Human's True Origins
- Clairvoyance/Clairsentience/Clairaudience/Claircognizance abilities.
- The role of Mainstream Media on mass disinformation
- The 33 levels above Top Secret (after the President of USA)
- The Shadow Government and The Deep State
- White Hats and Positive Factions inside the Military
- Debt as a tool of enslavement. Bloodline Families owns ALL Central Banks around the world (your ass included).
- The coming Financial Reset and the end of the 'fiat currency'
- Petro Yuan and the coming Decline of US Dollar
- The "Gold Group" and "Jade Group" behind the New Financial System with Gold as a backup
- False Flags such as 9/11, mass shootings and fake wars (which by the way are very profitable for the 1%)
- How ALL Secret Intelligent Agencies (such as FBI, CIA, NSA) are nasty corrupted Criminal Networks used by the Deep State to control us, to dumbed us down, to provide the Elite Children with no birth certificates to be used in sacrifice rituals and pedophilia, to create false flags and to fulfill their depopulation agenda
- The lies of Big Pharma, Monsanto, the Military, Western Medicine, among others area's of a society structure
*(continue below)
Why Do You Think You're a Starseed? Or Why Are You Interested? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
*(continuation of the question above):
- Difference between REAL conspiracy theories and conspiracy theories made to disinform and divert people from Truth.

And many many other Spiritual and Consciousness-related subjects that won't fit in here!

Conclusion: Only lies after lies in our House of Cards world or should I say “Truman Show”? Doesn’t matter, we all agree to this one thing: this World IS broken and we ARE fixing this game before it turns into a Cosmic joke/loss!

*Please, note that the topics that I've listed on the question above don't necessarily mean I believe in them. I've just listed SOME of the things I've been reading about. I like to know about everything :))

Answering this question:

I've been in many worlds, I've seen many things. Sadly, I don't remember any of them consciously. I've been told I'm ancient, but I don't know. I know that in the end it doesn't matter. I'm here to help! After all, we are here to break the spell of the human collective mind all together, it doesn't matter where one is from.

It will be good to be in a place without judgement (for a change!) that comes from society which state that everyone should be equal and we should conform. I'm hoping to find some familiar souls, I have a good intuition about this :)

More about me:

I've had some experiences that could be considered very supernatural. I've experienced myself some cases of telepathy. I've seen an UFO right in front of my bedroom's window. And I consider myself a very sensitive and "intuitive" person, Clairsentience being the strongest of them. I've seen, felt, touched, dreamed many non physical phenomena/beings, you name it!

I practice meditation, praying, visualization, balancing of Chakras, Reiki, ego dissolution, fasting, etc. I'm also a vegetarian. I'm trying to help my family, friends and, basically, everyone I encounter. I'm trying the best that I can. But sometimes I do feel lonely. It is hard to find people who think like me. Meaning: it is very hard to encounter people with enough open-mindedness to accept the idea that the material world is only an illusion, a collective constructed reality, for example, or even more simpler ideas, like the one that we are NOT alone in this Universe whatsoever or even the very simplest idea of reincarnation. Also, I kinda refuse to use things like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and stuff like that. Nothing against people who use them, but these things just don't feed my soul. This is why I'd like to join a place like this one. So I can hear you people's thoughts and share my ideas as well.
What Do You Think About Extraterrestrials? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
I think they are us and we are them (cause we are all one). They've always been here. We humans haven's originated from planet Earth (at least the majority of our DNA has not). Our DNA has originated from somewhere else and been adapted here. We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Almost everyone has experienced some kind of form somewhere else. Now, Starseeds are different because they've developed and reached a high level of consciousness somewhere else in the Universe and had to "drop" in frequencies to be here to complete a specific mission.

The positive aliens love us unconditionally. They are not just technologically more developed, but they are also millions and millions of years ahead of us in terms of their spiritual development.

The ones helping us are mostly in the 5th and 6th dimension and density consciousness. They are family like brothers and sisters and they've been always waiting for us to join the big Galactic Family.

I welcome those with benevolent intentions with wide open arms and heart :)
How Did You Find Out About ISN?
I found a video on YouTube which linked to a website called "in5d", which in turn linked to this site.
Do You Agree To The Guidelines Found @ http://www.starseeds.net/page/guidelines ?
Yes I agree

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At 1:52am on November 7, 2017, Omnicentrist said…

Hello Cristianne,

What an amazingly written profile. It is quite gratifying to know that someone of your age could be so aware. I know your frustration and isolation knowing what you know and dealing with 3D People, like others on this Forum. I put together some playlists on Youtube I sen so interested People have somewhere to begin their search. Feel free to share with those you meet that can't see the big picture, but can get little chunks.
Best wishes and congratulations on your achievments.

At 10:53pm on September 24, 2017, Charles said…

Good to meet another person who has researched Dolores Canon!

At 9:01am on July 20, 2017, Steve Hutchinson said…

I am delighted to welcome you to Int Starseeds Network.

Infinite Blessings of Love & Abundance,


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"Thankyou, Love and light. Namaste"
43 minutes ago
Alvah The Pleiadian replied to Alvah The Pleiadian's discussion Free Angelic Reiki Healing/Activation for StarSeeds.net Community Members by Alvah from Pleiades
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check-up for hybrids

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Misha I AM loved Suzanne's photo
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Alea Celeste replied to Dean's discussion Sivananda Daily Readings 17 March 2018 - Yogasara-Upanishad Mantra – 11: Dharana (concentration) is fixing the mind on an idea or a point or object either internal or external
"This is quite helpful!"
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Warden posted a video

Lucid Dreaming, Dream Work, Reiki Session and Energy Cleanse ASMR

Lucid dreaming and dream work are incredible experiences used either to control and create in your dreams, manifest, heal, receive messages, meet your guides...
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