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Cody Singh's Discussions

Giving Akashic Record Readings!

Started this discussion. Last reply by Harry Sep 21. 55 Replies

Hello everyone! My name is Cody, an I am an extrasensory channel and healer. From a young age I've been able to communicate spirit guides, see past lives, see aura colors, talk to extraterrestrials,…READ MORE →

Tags: records, extraterrestrial, pleiadian, akashic, guide

Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan: Light Language Activation and Chakra Balancing (Video)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ATHIRA J.S. Feb 11. 1 Reply

Hi everyone! Cody here. I have a channeled light language transmission for you. From various star systems predominantly Pleiades, Andromeda, and Sirius. I was guided to share this to a larger…READ MORE →

Tags: Blessing, Alien, Energy, Extraterrestrial, Light

Sirian Council of Light Transmission: Full Moon Light Language

Started Jan 27, 2016 0 Replies

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INdYUhPvnlgHello everyone. I have a light language transmission from the Sirian Council of Light. This…READ MORE →

Tags: Star, system, energy, activation, Channel

Famous Indigo musicians?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jessica Feb 11. 11 Replies

I am an indigo starseed and I personally believe a large part of me being an indigo is my artistic/musical abilities. Indigo's have lots of healing abilities sometimes I wonder if mainstream…READ MORE →

Tags: music, healing, frequency, pleiadian, et

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jeeva replied to Cody Singh's discussion Giving Akashic Record Readings!
"I have subscribed and have sent a PM as well. My question would be: What is the soul connection between me(jeeva) and lionel?Are we soulmates,twin flames,soul family etc? What is the karma between us to be solved? why did i take a birth on earth in…"
Sep 15
Isabella replied to Cody Singh's discussion Giving Akashic Record Readings!
"Hello Cody, I hope i'm not too late to ask a question, but if you don't mind, I'd be really interested to know what career you think would be able to fulfill my life purpose. :) If this question can't be answered, I'd be…"
Sep 15

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Single And Looking
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What Do You Identify With?
Lightbeing, Multi-Dimensional, Starseed, Crystal, Indigo, Atlantean, Lemurian, Empath, Human
What Is Your Soul Purpose?
Balancer, Divine Blueprinter, Light Worker (Healer), Light Warrior (Guardian), Nature Worker (Earth Healer), Wizards
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Universal, Multidimensional, Pleiadian, Lyran/Vegan, Tau Cetian, Terran(Earth)
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White Ray (Archangel Gabriel)
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Spiritual path. Connection, Truth, Love, Authenticity, Oneness.
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Catalyst, avid writer, musician, natural healer and channeler. My mission as an indigo/crystal is to help people to find their truth. I make people aware of the objective truths of this universe so they can find their own individual subject truth. I teach law of attraction. I help people using my perspective derived from the hardships I've experienced in my life, in combination with my clairvoyant/clairsentient/claircognizant abilities.
Why Do You Think You're a Starseed? Or Why Are You Interested? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
Although EVERYONE has lived lives on other planets, those of use who have incarnated at this time to assist earth in its ascension are termed Starseeds. I came in the indigo wave so my purpose is largely that of 'The Wounded Healer.' I have connections with my Pleiadian decent and they work with me as an aspect of me in this particular incarnation. I have some Tao Cetian aspects, as well.
What Do You Think About Extraterrestrials? (Please Answer In Depth To Be Approved)
ETs are IN AND OF us. ;)
How Did You Find Out About ISN?
Through online researching I came across a link to this website.
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Yes I agree

Cody Singh's Blog

11 hidden ways to raise your vibrational frequency!

Posted on April 15, 2014 at 7:12pm 1 Comment

Maintaining a high frequency is Bliss, Joy, Enlightenment.

Here are a few quick and simple things you can pay more attention to in your life to vibrate at higher frequencies:

1. Make conscious positive choices (in lifestyle, beliefs, fears and judgements)

2. Music. Crosses all boundaries. The ego can't resist the high frequencies of music. It is thereby side-stepping it.

3. Spend time around people/things that carry high frequencies (crystals, gurus)


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At 6:04am on September 17, 2017, Living Light said…

Hey, Cody...

At 1:10am on December 29, 2015, Dalj said…
Kiddan mitra
At 12:07pm on June 9, 2015, Porka said…

hi, can you share about your past life in atlantis? thanks!

At 11:55am on October 5, 2014, Makayla Leaver said…
Hey! I'm new. Are you an incarnated angel like me?:)
At 7:27am on June 28, 2014, Phil Sm said…

Hi there

My name is Phil, I am a light worker/starseed from the North of England and I am in need of some urgent assistance.

I am being targeted day and night by a group of individuals and I am not entirely sure why this is happening to me or what their agenda is. All I know is that my life is in danger. They have already destroyed my life in several ways. They have moved into my houseshare that I am currently staying in and I need to get away for my own safety. I am sleeping in my car as I cannot go back to where I am staying. The people I have spoken to about this cannot or do not seem to want to help me and I don’t know who else to turn to. They are attacking me with microwave energy devices and it is cooking me alive when I am exposed to it. This is a genuine and very urgent appeal and I do not know how much longer I can survive.

I am 31 years old and I believe this whole experience is my call to action. My old life has been destroyed and I cannot go back. I am available to give me life to the cause of the light in anyway I can help, great or small. I am an advanced soul with many talents, skills and abilities and I am here to assist the light.

I urgently need to get away if I am to survive and fulfill my life purpose.If you think you can help me, in whatever way, great or small please get in touch.


With love and light


At 11:13pm on May 18, 2014, ann said…

Hi Cody,

For the last couple of weeks I keep getting a message of a name or word in my head. At first I did't know what it was till today.  During my meditation today I meet with my Pleiadian father. Again I was told a name- Anuki- I looked it up on the internet.

They are an ancient alien group called Annuki and they are from the Planet Nibiru- The 12th Planet". Apparently their planet died long, long ago and they turned it into a starship, many of them live and travel inside their planet.

I had never heard of them before or this planet. I was told they play an important roll in current events taking place on earth now. Let me know if you find anything interesting. Thanks for sending me the Pleiadian Starseed information-I loved it!



They have something to do with the may dates that are here now and the ascension. There are several articles about them-you should look them up.

At 8:54am on May 18, 2014, ann said…

Hi Cody and thanks for the friendship! :) As a fellow Pleiadian and Atlantean I look forward to many interesting discussion <3



At 4:44am on March 20, 2014, Steve Hutchinson said…

Cody, I'm delighted to welcome you to Intl Starseed Network.

Blessings of Love & Light,




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