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Awakening The Cosmic Mind...Exploring Our Celestial Origins And Esoteric Knowledge. Chat opens when admin can be present in chat.

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I Transform replied to Divine's discussion What are your thoughts on online and "real life" friendships?
"okay, i'm an impossible weirdo, i know, but when it comes to online stuff i treat a…"
1 minute ago
Merlinus Matinus replied to Merlinus Matinus's discussion Offering a healing
"I will be transmitting now <3 please focus on your heart"
2 minutes ago
Divine loved Eclipse Lostsoul's profile
4 minutes ago
Lianesence replied to Orion Flower's discussion What makes YOU sure we're not all nuts??
"I talk about all this with my mom, she's not a starseed but is a lightworker, and she…"
12 minutes ago

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