a very hippy peace&love  movie :)

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Comment by layaa on Monday

Next to Matrix 1!? lol I really really DISLAKE matrix. And I dont like space movies either. And they even arent related with this one in any way...
But thanks for the sugestion.

Comment by peace2theworld on Sunday

try office space,its rated like 9.8 on imdb, best movie i've ever watched, next to matrix 1

but its hard, matrix 2,3, they keep getting equally good

but well... you say peace,love
and then it uses swear word in title?
i'd like to see more flower power, hippy corn field love. Love for the flowers man

I'm very careful which movies I watch these days, once watched, cannot be unwatched

and it's the evil elites fav way to produce evil movies, where even the producer(s) feel trapped as souls. Like the cinema and camera is just rolling and they have no life they say. That is what the public enjoys watching.

One man's suffering, another mans bread.

I'd like to watch something that brought joy to all involved.
And swearing never does. Even if it makes us feel cool. The joy of swearing is a short bursting 1minute joy. Like a balloon getting deflated.

So.. I got aversion to swearing

But else I like just about any other movie, even evil movies, can just not view so often.. How bout a stephen king, won't be able to sleep for a while after such one, lol. That is pure evil, what that man can put to picture, word/novel or movie. So evil you cannot watch it more than once a decade at most, it rots the soul. Soul rotting evil. Yikes.

I mean.. i want to see his movies, but my soul wont allow me, so i see it. Now regret, for it was too evil. I want to unwatch.


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