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Intl. Starseed Council

The purpose of ISC is to celebrate love in action by coming together and taking part in a volunteer effort for our respective communities. Such as a river clean-up day, trash collection day, Fundrais… View »

Suggested Material To Further Understanding

Healed By A UFO One Universe - One People We Are The Aliens Hillary Clinton Favors Diplomatic Response To Extraterrestrial Life Japan's First Lady: 'Venus Is Beautiful' Were The Anunnaki Responsible… View »

Messiah Complex

Before you read the information below I would first like to say a few words: NO ONE INDIVIDUAL POSSESSES THE ULTIMATE TRUTH, BECAUSE TRUTH IS UNIQUE TO EACH INDIVIDUAL, AND TOO LARGE TO CONTAIN IN… View »

Understanding Our Missions

How do we go about understanding our mission? our mission is understood by going within first and foremost but also by understanding what it is the world really needs. If you spend enough time observ… View »

About Us

May you all be blessed as you make your way through our sacred halls of information, we are humbled by your presence here and your desire to seek knowledge from all sources! The world is changing. P… View »

Mission And Goals

Mission Statement Our mission is to serve Earth and its inhabitants in accordance to the Divine Plan of Source by offering protection for all of nature kingdoms; facilitating the transition towards… View »

Our Objectives

Welcome New Earth Pioneers! We Are Gaias Tribe! And we believe everyone deserves to live a happy. free. loving. life, We also believe that our planet has this right as well, but we must start small… View »

Starseed Creed

On the surface of the world right now there is war and violence and things seem dark. But calmly and quietly, at the same time, something else is happening underground. An inner revolution is taking… View »

Interview For Mystery Magazine 10 Comments

Interview For Mystery Magazine (Dec 2010) (I did an interview for a major Greek paranormal print magazine :) My part of the interview is below, for the full interview of other fellow starseeds pleas… View »


Rules Please read through these rules before actively participating in any section of Starseeds.Net... your ignorance is not our responsibility: Racist remarks of any kind are NOT allowed in our com… View »



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