Interview For Mystery Magazine

Interview For Mystery Magazine (Dec 2010) (I did an interview for a major Greek paranormal print magazine :) My part of the interview is below, for the full interview of other fellow starseeds please purchase the magazine below, note: the magazine is in Greek:


http://www.metaekdotiki.gr/site.php?&PHPSESSID=bdeed4d1742a9319ecc9e0b2f6cad67f&file=productdetails.xml&id=1456- Dead Link Now)


Tell us about your community, Yshatar, and how it was formed:
The community was formed in fall of 2008 after finally realizing and accepting that I was a starseed. Not having a strong foundation to turn to. There were no communities that I was aware of. I felt completely alone. There were plenty of sites on the web that served as information gateways but none that provided a community support base. I pondered all night long how I could reach out to fellow starseeds and provide them with the knowledge that they were not alone.

I sat and contemplated my own awakening, how it felt and what I would have liked to have available to me. It was at this very moment that I had like many times before made contact with an extraterrestrial presence who I knew as my distant family from the cosmos. I doubted what I was told. I was told that if I go ahead with forming a community that the community would be successful in re-uniting my scattered family on earth. Dawn approached and I watched as the glory of the sun made his appearance. I felt a warmth I had never felt before. It was awe inspiring. I looked at the clock to determine how long I had been awake when I saw the time it was exactly 5:55 am. I did not pay it much mind and finally fell asleep only to awaken at 12:12 PM. I ignored that as well. Still contemplating creating a community I had it on the back burner. I remembered how often I tried to create communities about several different things and all failed. I just did not have the drive to care about them, they just never got anywhere.

I went to take care of chores that I had to do throughout the day. Finally I was done and my last duty was a trip to the local market only to receive a total of $7.77. Now this caught my attention. It was the third time I saw triple numbers. If that wasn't enough upon arrival home I had the strongest urge ever to create this community, it was as if my very soul was calling out to me. It felt like I was about to discover my own souls purpose. However as a person who still believed in coincidences at that time I figured it was just that and again put it all in the back of my mind. It seems however that the universe itself was trying to get my attention. As soon as I turned on the T.V. to try and relax a little a movie was on and at the very moment the audio coming from the movie said: "If you build it they will come". I smirked a little bit and finally said out loud: OK what is it? I'm supposed to do this right? just then there was some sort of service interruption so I shut off the T.V. and went online.

As if the day wasn't weird enough I checked my mail to find a mass email (sent to all friends) titled: The meaning of double/triple digit codes. I opened the email and to my surprise saw not only the numbers I had seen that day but other combination's as well. Apparently these are known as either time prompts, messages from the universal consciousness to let one know they are on the right track, or also activation codes. Either way that was all I needed to finally listen to myself.

I created my community the next day and wondered how I would ever find anyone to join. I did not believe in inviting anyone and I was terrible at marketing and I did not have the time to actively grow the community. 3 days later I went online and signed in to my newly created community to see find about 4 or 5 people awaiting approval! As silly as it sounds it was just as that movie said: "If you build it they will come". Since then the community has become home to more then 4,000+ members worldwide and is growing each day.

At first it was purely the basics of a social network - blogs, forums, photos etc. Today we provide classes, spiritual services and all manner of helping fellow starseed sisters and brothers better understand themselves and their missions. Through this powerful support system we also become empowered enough to engage our missions together in different ways. Through understanding where we have been we can better understand why we are here and what we can expect of the future. That is the goal of our community. To empower the starseeds so that they may find their own path.

How can somebody tell that they are in fact a starseeded soul?
In order to define if one is a starseed one has to really understand what a starseed is to begin with. I think a lot of times it is not easy to define a starseed because we don't really have anything that truly defines us. That doesn't also define the whole world. For example, any extreme sense of loneliness and not fitting in is especially common among teenagers and among individuals who simply are a little more aware of things. Everyone has spiritual experiences but not everyone gives it a second thought.


However, the above plus a more deep sense of kinship when looking at the stars then at any other time in your life is one of the tell tale signs. Not being able to understand or engage the activities of earth, having a powerful desire to change the world more powerful then even bettering your own life, an intense aversion to crime/violence of any kind is a dead giveaway. An extreme attraction towards movies about space and life on other worlds, continually day dreaming about you yourself living a life in another world, maybe even aboard a ship. being able to know things before they happen. ET/UFO contact experiences throughout your life. Vivid dreams/lucid dreams involving ETs or other worlds, even ships. Being extremely empathic etc. In the end these are just common experiences only you can determine the origin of your soul.


What advice would you give somebody that wants to discover their planetary origin?
The first answer is usually the correct answer. The more you think about it the less you will know. I would say the most important thing is to go within. Familiarize yourself with who you truly are. Then and only then can you begin to seek information of this nature. It is more powerful to validate your own beliefs. All information should always come from within anything else is just a reference. Once you have understood the above. Figure out what it is you want to know. Always trust your gut instinct. If the information doesn't feel right then it is not your truth. you are your own best guide. Naturally we want to know where we come from. It is not necessarily important or part of the mission but easing the mind does help in seeing things more clearly. Learn how to tap in to your energy signatures. When sensing your energy turn your focus to your auric field. Feel it. Feel as if there is a warmth wrapping around it. When you can feel this then this means your half way there. You have tapped in to your energy signature. Now keep focusing till you feel your 3rd eye activate. Use your 3rd eye to look in to this energy signature. You will know by the tingle in the middle of your forehead that your 3rd eye is looking at the energy signature and then as above, Your first answer is always correct.


How difficult is it for Starseeds to cope in the "real" world?
It is difficult on many levels. First our families usually fail to understand us. We are outsiders of our own families, we don't understand them and they don't understand us. To make matters worse the institutions of this planet would have many believe we are either nephilim/fallen angels here to deceive mankind or psychotic delusional human beings. We have a lot against us. Our reality is very secretive because of this. We only share our true nature with maybe close friends and definitely with only like minds. But even then many times even they don't believe. We can show them our abilities several times over and many still doubt. I find it's usually easier not to even mention our galactic origins. It seems much easier to adopt the "I am just strange" saying. Or it's a lot easier to pass as a sci-fi enthusiast. many cosmic brothers and sisters have difficult childhoods and lives.


This is experienced in order for us to sympathize with humanity and what they are going through so we can then know how to help them the best. We literally have to forget, to suffer total amnesia when we incarnate on earth, we loose our memories, half of our abilities and incarnate to a lower density. No matter how hard we try we just cant fully integrate on earth however. So even subconsciously there is a part of us that feels alienated once we realize what we are. This is why a sense of community is so important. Sometimes you just want to share experiences or just be able to reach out to someone who understands. We are all unique individuals (meaning we have our own beliefs, lifestyles etc) sharing a common ancestry, dedicated to the evolution of humanity and earth. This alone is a difficult task because we are going against the very foundations of this world. We have to appear normal: go to work, grocery shopping, go to school, pay bills and appear as normal as possible while at the same time engaging our missions on earth. At the same time we have to abide by the universal laws. Mainly not pushing our beliefs on anyone but there are more, 20 in total.


We spend our lives living in the matrix (serving institutions we don't agree with) work, school, church just to blend in but it is hard because we don't believe in these institutions to begin with and then we cant take it anymore and move out of these illusions. It is then highly frowned upon by mainstream society, mostly, including our family, friends and co-workers. So we become detached, usually drop our old ties (this is usually a major sign of awakening) and completely re-vamp our lives. However this is also a catalyst towards beginning to walk the path of our mission. We start to make more like minded connections and begin to live a more matching lifestyle, one that will better help our mission along.


-In Service

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Comment by Eeta Lane on June 25, 2015 at 8:26am

That's lovely. I feel so good reading it. The purpose of my book is also same. :)

Comment by Uriel on January 12, 2014 at 6:28pm
Well written thanks 4 this site xxx
Comment by Shazii Ranae on September 13, 2013 at 10:00am

I love this very much. I'm very happy that I decided to go through and read through this whole page. This has made things so much clearer for me. I feel alive right now and the past two days have been very stressful one's.

Comment by Janet Myers on December 10, 2012 at 12:59pm

You wrote well dear One.....well done! xx

Comment by Yshatar Anshar El on December 1, 2012 at 10:06pm

^^ Glad you read it hehe...and you are welcome Acy! I am glad that you liked what I said, I am very honored by your acceptance believe it or not....blessings to you brother. 

Comment by Acyutãnanda on December 1, 2012 at 8:25pm

Heya! I hadn't even read this yet. Thanks for posting the link on FB, I'd of never seen it.
A piece of history right there. You spoke well for us. Thankyou Yshatar! =)

Comment by Yshatar Anshar El on December 1, 2012 at 8:02pm

Thank you sister! I am sorry I was away so long, but life got in the way :-) I will be here more now...I truly see your light and sens your incredible love for everything that is...you are are truly beautiful soul and your next life will be even more beautiful. 

Comment by eyetrAeHoHa on October 10, 2012 at 9:15am

WoaW Yshatar! i LOVE the way you explained it all perfectly - AWESOME interview!

Thank you SO much from my heart, for this wonderful, magical cosmic site!

You are a true leader and are much appreciated in our family here...this site is SO what we need!

Thank You namaste


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