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  • Everything

    3 members Latest Activity: Jan 10, 2015

  • The Divine Masculine

    27 members Latest Activity: Feb 7

    A group for those who work largely with the 'male archetypes' and 'masculine energy'.  This is a group for honoring that.

  • Wonderful Women

    18 members Latest Activity: Jun 11, 2015

    Cherish the Women of this world, Cherish the Woman in you.  Feel the magnificence of the Divine Feminine that so much cares for all, be one within…

  • Capricorns

    26 members Latest Activity: Dec 22, 2015

    A support group for those of us who are Capricorns - or who have dominant Saturn energy - or have Saturn in the 1st House.

    Capricorn -…

  • 19th - 20th Century Life

    29 members Latest Activity: Apr 9

    For those who have lived during the 19th and 20th centuries.

    Major topics - WWI, Inter War Period, Jazz Age 1920s, Great Depression, Weimar…

  • Mission Realmers

    22 members Latest Activity: Sep 12, 2015

    A group for those who believe they are a Mission Realmer. There isn't alot of information about us so here you can share what you…

  • Arcturian Group of Forty

    3 members Latest Activity: Feb 11, 2014

    The Group of Forty is a growing spiritual meditation group creating personal and…

  • Conscious Conception

    5 members Latest Activity: Apr 2, 2015

    This group is for anyone interested in Midwifery, childbirth, pregnancy, conception, basically the study of life as all is connected. Especially…

  • Time Travel

    83 members Latest Activity: Apr 1

    For members who have experienced time travel. Please share your experiences whether it be in a dream, meditation, or reality.

  • Books of knowledge

    49 members Latest Activity: 8 hours ago This group is designed for anyone who might or has a connection to books that have been recently read or a long time ago. Like emotions,point of…

  • Undines - The Water Souls

    52 members Latest Activity: Dec 1, 2015

    A group for those who identify as Undines - the personification of Water.  It is also a place for such beings to discuss 'prophetic' dreams…

  • Past Life Therapy

    73 members Latest Activity: May 21

    For members who need a place to talk openly about their dreams, and who they use to be.

  • The Tower

    29 members Latest Activity: Dec 29, 2015

    A place where one can discuss questioning, disillusionment, discernment, deconversion, with/from the new age and lightworker paradigms, along with…

  • The Warrior's Path

    58 members Latest Activity: Mar 28

    This group is for anyone who remembers being a warrior in a past life. 

  • I Love Earth

    63 members Latest Activity: Apr 8

    Too often do many of us spend time wishing we were somewhere else, in a higher realm, thinking of the hardships we have with the places, people…

  • Vortexes On Earth

    50 members Latest Activity: Nov 29, 2015

    This is a group for anyone who is interested in vortexes, wormholes, and portals.

  • Angelic Animals

    39 members Latest Activity: Mar 28

    This group is for our pets and animal friends that have passed onto the other side. Let this not be a place of sadness, but a place for love and…

  • ॐ Rainbow Scouts ॐ

    19 members Latest Activity: Nov 10, 2015

    Much has been said about the indigo and crystal children, and now it is the time of the rainbow. Though few rainbow children have incarnated that…

  • Spiritual Growth

    191 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    This is a group to help each other with our spiritual growth, upliftment, & ascension by sharing meditations, prayers, group activities, &…

  • Fantasy Corner

    32 members Latest Activity: Jul 19, 2015

    You may talk about your favorite artists, authors, and film directors that made your childhood memorable, and still enjoy their work…


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"Who'd be so blatant as to steal my job of spreading negativity?"
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Ancient of One replied to Arjunnos's discussion Stop filling your mind with too much knowledge
"You can't help everyone and you can't have all the answers for every single person, but…"
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"xatah" My spirit guide drawing

Recently had a channeled drawing done and found it such a beautiful experience. I felt the intense…
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"I am THAT I am. I take this meaning as I am inside myself."
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