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  • The world of movies

    4 members Latest Activity: Feb 11, 2015 Have you ever like a movie really a lot that just came out a year ago or decade ago or older than that. And you really like the idea, creativity,…

  • Universal Love Vibration Activation Grids

    19 members Latest Activity: Jun 2

    This group is for posting grids you have made from,the universe and natural earth such as crystals,earth,rock,meteorites,lava rock, water ,tree…

  • Transdimensional Trance Beasts

    4 members Latest Activity: Apr 21, 2015

    For those of us who like to get down to trance in all its amazing forms. 

  • Sanadins Knights

    7 members Latest Activity: Mar 31, 2014

    Ground Crew Collective working for the betterment of gaia during the shift…

  • Healing Through Astrology

    39 members Latest Activity: Mar 1

    A group for learning how to heal through one's personal Astrology through using essences, homeopathy, crystals, herbs, essential oils and other…

  • Messages from Star Races

    10 members Latest Activity: Jul 27, 2015

    messages i receive from Many different beings.

  • Everything

    3 members Latest Activity: Jan 10, 2015

  • The Divine Masculine

    25 members Latest Activity: Aug 7

    A group for those who work largely with the 'male archetypes' and 'masculine energy'.  This is a group for honoring that.

  • Wonderful Women

    18 members Latest Activity: Jun 11, 2015

    Cherish the Women of this world, Cherish the Woman in you.  Feel the magnificence of the Divine Feminine that so much cares for all, be one within…

  • Mission Realmers

    22 members Latest Activity: Sep 12, 2015

    A group for those who believe they are a Mission Realmer. There isn't alot of information about us so here you can share what you…

  • Starseed Gamers

    77 members Latest Activity: Aug 17

    This is a place for Starseeds that like playing video games.

  • Arcturian Group of Forty

    3 members Latest Activity: Feb 11, 2014

    The Group of Forty is a growing spiritual meditation group creating personal and…

  • Conscious Conception

    5 members Latest Activity: Apr 2, 2015

    This group is for anyone interested in Midwifery, childbirth, pregnancy, conception, basically the study of life as all is connected. Especially…

  • Time Travel

    83 members Latest Activity: Apr 1

    For members who have experienced time travel. Please share your experiences whether it be in a dream, meditation, or reality.

  • Books of knowledge

    49 members Latest Activity: May 28 This group is designed for anyone who might or has a connection to books that have been recently read or a long time ago. Like emotions,point of…

  • Past Life Therapy

    74 members Latest Activity: May 30

    For members who need a place to talk openly about their dreams, and who they use to be.

  • Energy healing

    198 members Latest Activity: Aug 12

    The spiritual energy healers corner. 

    This is a group for everyone who feels is a healer or whose purpose on Earth is to heal others. To…

  • The Tower

    29 members Latest Activity: Dec 29, 2015

    A place where one can discuss questioning, disillusionment, discernment, deconversion, with/from the new age and lightworker paradigms, along with…


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