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  • Kriya Yoga

    5 members Latest Activity: Jul 22, 2014

    Kriya yoga is the oldest meditation technique known in history..its practice is based in the cultivation of love..Maha Avatar Babaji Nagaraj has…

  • Starseed Community Activities

    38 members Latest Activity: Dec 16, 2016

    This group has been created to motivate starseeds into helping their local community. Little daily tasks will be posted here for starseeds to do;…

  • Starseed Orphanage

    11 members Latest Activity: Aug 16, 2016

    A community of like minded people who want to form a supportive light around one another...all while saving the world :)

  • Gray Warriors

    9 members Latest Activity: Feb 28

    This is a group for people who believe they are or have any information on gray warriors. I have made this group since there isn't any information…

  • Bab-ilim

    4 members Latest Activity: May 1, 2014

    BAB-ILIM Gate of God more commonly remembered as the fated Tower of Babel is a concept that has been passed down though generations to…

  • Spirits of Terra

    27 members Latest Activity: Jun 21

    A group for those who do not identify as 'Starseed' (someone whose origin is not Terran/Earth) - also for those who have either spent most or all…

  • Clairsentient Souls

    126 members Latest Activity: Apr 25

    For those who are psychically sensitive through their 'gut feeling' (solar plexus).

    "When most people think of psychics, they think of…

  • StarSeed Coffee Shop

    48 members Latest Activity: Jul 19, 2015

    A place to hang out, talk freely and no judgement. Come on in and have a cup!

  • Elohim

    26 members Latest Activity: Jul 22

    For all Elohims / Aelohims, Silent Watchers, as well as members of the Council of Light, to regroup, discuss and share what we remember, have been…

  • Fool's Errand

    6 members Latest Activity: Feb 7, 2016

    Primarily looking at the Major Arcana of the traditional Tarot deck and their connection with Archetypes (made famous by Carl Gustav Jung). …

  • Ley Line Workers

    64 members Latest Activity: Aug 23

    This is a group for those who either currently do Ley Line work, or would like to learn more.

  • Red Ray

    7 members Latest Activity: Jul 26, 2015

    I've seen groups for other Rays, but not this one -

    Ray One.…

  • Paranormal Experiences

    80 members Latest Activity: Jul 22

    A group for anyone who has had experiences with the paranormal. This includes any contact with spirits, negative forces, aliens, fae, and so…

  • Japanese Tea House

    6 members Latest Activity: Jul 26, 2015

    A Place of Tranquility and Relaxation,to explore The Japanese Tea Ceremont and customs of Japan

  • Yahyel People

    8 members Latest Activity: Jan 22, 2016

    The Yahyel have been invited by our world's collective consciousness to be one…

  • The Blue Pearl

    52 members Latest Activity: May 27

    A group for learning, understanding, and sharing experiences about The Blue Pearl Phenomenon. and possible methods to cultivate the soul

  • Maritime Interests Group

    13 members Latest Activity: Jun 22

    A group for those who have served out at sea either in a 'past life' or currently.  Naval, Merchant Marine, or any other type of Seagoing…

  • Rainbow Warriors

    76 members Latest Activity: Feb 25

    We are here to support the New Paradigm. Our mission is to transform the fear-based society into the love-based society. We are here to…

  • Golden Gates Seminary (GGS)

    20 members Latest Activity: Jul 19, 2015

    This is a group for a Spiritual Program i designed.I want this course to be used to empower many Light Workers,Spirit Workers etc,to Unite in…

  • Wisdom Of The Owl

    13 members Latest Activity: Jun 23

    ''Wisdom Of The Owl'' is a group dedicated to people who have the owl as their animal guide.


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This is Why You Don't SUCCEED - One of the Best Motivational Speeches Ever

Simon Sinek speaking about Millennials in the workplace of today, and social media addiction. IT IS ONE OF THE BEST SPEECH THAT I’VE EVER HEARD. ►►►►Simon Si...
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Reptilians from Orion

This group is dedicated to all those who are Reptilians that have origins from Orion.See More
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My Star Family

Welcome! "My Star Family" is a group for those who wish to join and talk about their star families.…See More
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Peaceful Warrior Spirit

As we enter into a new era of human history, multitudes of people from around the world are waking…See More
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Starship and Starfleet Group

This group is for those who are re-awakening to their former starfleet position with their brothers…See More
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Lyran Starseeds

Join us, this group is to reunite all who have origins in Lyra and/or reunite all who are connected…See More
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We Love Dolphins

A group to share our love of dolphins, information, facts,memories, and beautiful dolphins…See More
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