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  • Indigo Adults

    63 members Latest Activity: 1 hour ago

    This group is for all those Indigo Adults born between 1960s to Late 80s. A place to discuss everything an Indigo Adult has faced or is still…

  • Alchemy

    48 members Latest Activity: 13 hours ago

    *This group is for members who are in the process of transformation and transmutation accessing the divine power of Alchemy.

    *Members who…

  • Healing the Shadow

    76 members Latest Activity: 18 hours ago

    This is a group about learning more about our human shadow/unconscious and integrating it so we can fully step into the light. 

  • Starseeds from Mars

    4 members Latest Activity: Oct 18 For anyone who has had any past lives on Mars, and wish to meet other starseeds from their past lives on Mars.

  • The Sigil

    7 members Latest Activity: Sep 29

    A closed work-group for creating the Sigil.  Send a request for invite to join

  • Starseed Gamers

    58 members Latest Activity: on Thursday

    This is a place for Starseeds that like playing video games.

  • Tree People

    183 members Latest Activity: Oct 14

    Tree People you are invited to join and to share your passion about Trees

    Tree Huggers.. Tree Kissers.. Tree Workers.. Tree Watchers.. Tree…


    109 members Latest Activity: 11 hours ago

    A group for Starseeds who can do Astral travel/projection or are interested in the subject.


    A place to discuss anything related to…

  • Green Craft; Herbs, Fairies, Magic

    62 members Latest Activity: Oct 9

    Green Witches are deeply connected to the earth and the cosmic balance of light and dark. They welcome the wisdom of the light and the shadow…

  • Hybrids

    109 members Latest Activity: on Wednesday

    People who have more than above average ET origins particularly in their genetics (eg DNA). Often feel "alienated" due to not fitting in, due to…

  • Dog/Wolf People from Sirius

    32 members Latest Activity: on Sunday

    A group for anyone who has (or thinks they might have) past life memories of being a canine humanoid. 

  • N.E.R.D.S.

    4 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday

    Discuss about anything from Aliens to Zebras. Mostly geared towards those interested in nerd culture such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, etc.…

  • The OHM Crew

    21 members Latest Activity: Sep 26

    Dedicated to Mantras and Mudras

    ~Feel free to add Mantras & Mudras that have helped you!!~

  • Starseed Poetry & Lyrics

    77 members Latest Activity: on Wednesday

    Share and read poetry and lyrics with fellow starseeds. 

  • Arcturian Pride & Grief Group

    1 member Latest Activity: Jul 10 Why Arcturian? What is expected!?

    The imagination of a road traveled..

    As an Arcturian, and after I got the go ahead that…

  • Tips on Speaking an Unknown Language

    10 members Latest Activity: Oct 8

    In the year 2007, through a series of events too long to describe right now, I was given the gift of an unknown language. It was a crazy…

  • The 5 Secrets

    7 members Latest Activity: May 6

    This group is very serious and also open group.
    though it will be thru invite only as to keep the knowledge of the five secrets well kept.…

  • Iridology

    35 members Latest Activity: 16 hours ago

    Like to have a free reading of your irises? I can read your health by studying a clear picture of each eye, labeled Left and Right please. Try to…


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