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  • The Mystery School

    6 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    Ever since atlantis and later on greece and egypt there has been mystery schools to teach the secrets of life to selected few. In the past these…

  • North American Starseeds

    4 members Latest Activity: yesterday This group is meant as a meeting place for all starseeds in North America and the Caribbean.

  • 19th - 20th Century Life

    24 members Latest Activity: 6 hours ago

    For those who have lived during the 19th and 20th centuries.

    Major topics - WWI, Inter War Period, Jazz Age 1920s, Great Depression, Weimar…

  • Positive Thinking

    54 members Latest Activity: on Thursday

    Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the optimistic side of life and expects positive results. By choosing to take…

  • Esoteric Poets & Artist

    7 members Latest Activity: 3 hours ago This is an atmosphere where poets, and artist of all kinds can come together and share / collaborate and inspre knowledge of self, the universe, and…

  • Peaceful Warrior Spirit

    6 members Latest Activity: Dec 15

    As we enter into a new era of human history, multitudes of people from around the world are…

  • Tree People

    188 members Latest Activity: on Friday

    Tree People you are invited to join and to share your passion about Trees

    Tree Huggers.. Tree Kissers.. Tree Workers.. Tree Watchers.. Tree…

  • Twin Flames and Soulmates

    573 members Latest Activity: on Wednesday

    This group is to express the intense emotions felt by those that are on this path towards reuniting with their Twin Flame either here in 3D or in…

  • Activism Awareness Group

    3 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    This group is for activists who feel the need to find others like them that want to take down the Elite Government/Corporation System, one op at a…

  • ISN Chat Mods

    12 members Latest Activity: Oct 28

    A place for Chat mods , and administration to communicate.  

  • Edible Wild Plants and Wilderness Survival

    2 members Latest Activity: Aug 31

    Edible wild plants, herbs, camping, oneness with nature, beautiful animals, surviving and thriving on this beautiful planet we call Earth.…

  • Arcturian Pride & Grief Group

    1 member Latest Activity: Jul 10 Why Arcturian? What is expected!?

    The imagination of a road traveled..

    As an Arcturian, and after I got the go ahead that…

  • The 5 Secrets

    7 members Latest Activity: May 6

    This group is very serious and also open group.
    though it will be thru invite only as to keep the knowledge of the five secrets well kept.…

  • Time Travel

    73 members Latest Activity: Dec 11

    For members who have experienced time travel. Please share your experiences whether it be in a dream, meditation, or reality.

  • Dog/Wolf People from Sirius

    35 members Latest Activity: Dec 15

    A group for anyone who has (or thinks they might have) past life memories of being a canine humanoid. 

  • Dragon Souls

    107 members Latest Activity: Dec 11

    a group for those who know - or want to find out - about their dragon self.

    the appearance of dragons is very diverse,


  • Redeem The Atlantean American Dream Foundation

    73 members Latest Activity: Jan 1 The Redeem the Atlantean American Dream mission's sole purpose is to revive the spiritual heritage of this nation. Redeem the Atlantean American…

  • Andromedan starseeds

    197 members Latest Activity: Dec 7 This group is for starseeds who have lived in the Andromeda Galaxy, or those who feel a connection to Andromeda.

  • Seedy Bookshelf Club

    33 members Latest Activity: Dec 5

    A Starseeded book club! All are welcome to join but please participate! We will have a book of the month chosen by a different member each month.…

  • Attunement Share

    29 members Latest Activity: Nov 14

    All the light workers /Alternate medicine/Energy healers / Starseeds are invited to share different healing…


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