We are Elders

Consider yourself to be an Elder in your previous non human incarnation? Know what that means?

Feel like you are advanced along your path in a natural state of awareness, leaving behind the basics and intermediate in awakening, already learned and advanced past?

Are you craving reciprocation of the most highest vibration level knowledge, found through self, and have a strong desire to find cohesion with others at the same level? 

Do you find yourself free of programming, and do not wish to wade around with others who are still heavily polluted with such nonsense; instead desiring a place free of belief induced fantasies? 

This group is being created to give a place to those who have the "understanding, wisdom and awareness of the knowledge at an advanced state". 

A place to openly discuss that which does not require rudimentary explanation of what IS, conversations deriving from an already understood state, free of conditioned fantasies and beliefs. 

This is a place to forget Human constructs and discuss only that which matters in the future format, to assure our preparation for enlightenment to our true selves in form; an Elder from a Star Family ET race.

This group is for those who have gone way beyond the initial "awakening" stage, and are still progressing forward, ever onward, to push the limitations of conscious awareness and state of being (maximizing what can be allowed in a human incarnate body and human construct experience).

We are further along our path, and we should have a place to congregate and belong in a harmonious state. 

This could be such a place.

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