The first answer is usually the correct answer. The more you think about it the less you will know. I would say the most important thing is to go within. Familiarize yourself with who you truly are. Then and only then can you begin to seek information of this nature. It is more powerful to validate your own beliefs. All information should always come from within anything else is just a reference. Once you have understood the above figure out what it is you want to know. Always trust your gut instinct. If the information doesn't feel right then it is not your truth. you are your own best guide. Naturally we want to know where we come from.

It is not necessarily important or part of the mission but easing the mind does help in seeing things more clearly. Learn how to tap in to your energy signatures. When sensing your energy turn your focus to your auric field. Feel it. Feel as if there is a warmth wrapping around it. When you can feel this then this means your half way there. You have tapped in to your energy signature. Now keep focusing till you feel your 3rd eye activate. Use your 3rd eye to look in to this energy signature. You will know by the tingle in the middle of your forehead that your 3rd eye is looking at the energy signature and then as above, Your first answer is always correct.

If need be ask questions now that you are wondering about and practice answering yourself I know it sounds insane but your not really talking to yourself your talking with your higherself. Also a good thing to remember is that when you have the right answer you will either receive instant confirmation by a physical reaction to your body as your spirit sends a signal to your physical self or a later confirmation through 3rd dimensional means either through the TV, radio, online, in nature etc there are countless ways in which the confirmation will make itself known but there will always be confirmation. Most importantly of all you MUST REMOVE DOUBT. If you doubt then everything you have dun this far is already void. If you don't trust in yourself then how can you trust in anything else?

Here are also exercises that will help you determine your point of origin if the above is not enough:

Sky Map Gazing
1.Look at a star map with out the names on it. A couple of good ones is: http://www.stellarium.org/ and http://observe.phy.sfasu.edu/SFAStarCharts/SFAStarChartsAll.pdf the second link is a PDF file and has SOME stellar names on it but it still is a good resource.

2. Focus on the maps and or program above. Meditate on them. FEEL them and write down any impressions you receive. What do you see? what do you feel? What do you hear? write down anything no matter how big or small and then keep it and research whatever you need to if necessary. Also remember that what may not make sense now will make sense later on so try to keep it near by just in case.

3. Do any of the stars and section of the sky call out to you? did it resonate? take a look at the coordinates and then you can find the name of the star system.

The Stellar Contact Activation:
1. Make sure you will not be disturbed. Find a comfortable place in your home and turn down the lights. If you want play some soft soothing music and burn some incense.

2. Lay down, hands at your side and close your eyes. Begin this activation by conducting breathing exercises. Breath out slowly, every time you breath out picture any negativity being released through your breath, if it helps you picture it as black smoke coming out of your mouth. You should begin to feel either weightless or light headed but you are fine so don't panic.

3. Once you feel that all negativity has been expelled begin to breath in light from the sky above and in to your nose. Picture the breath (Light/essence) of God (the source) coming in. Breath in deeply and picture light filling your eyes, your body, your mind, every part of your being and even all the way up to your higherself. You should feel a slight tingle.

4. Begin to softly engage in vibrational tone. For example hm OM.....OM.....OM etc. or whatever works for you as long as it makes your lips and body vibrate.

5. Now that you are vibrating at a high frequency envision all your chakras lighting up one by one starting at your root chakra, up to your sacral chakra, then to your solar plexus, then to your heart, up to your throat, to your third eye and finally to your crown. Envision each chakra lighting up with their respective colors. Make them very very bright. The brighter they glow the stronger your signal will be.

6. Picture ALL these Chakras sending out a rainbow colored array of light towards the sky penetrating our atmosphere and reaching in to the depths of space. Creating a beautiful powerfully glowing rainbow across space. Hold this image.

7. Repeat this once or as many times as you deem necessary:
I am an extension of God consciousness
I will remember my past, my future and my present because time does not exist. I exist beyond that construct.
I send out this stellar contact request to help remember my role in the universe as the universal consciousness
I am connected to all things, in all places. We are one
Through this connection I request that I be given any and all information that the universal/omniversal creator deems appropriate

(If you need to record the statement above on a recorder and play it back. That usually helps me because I tend to get so deep in the meditation that I forget.)

8. Picture the rainbow moving back in to you chakras according to color slowly and feel it all coming back to you. Feel as the rainbow is coming back to you a warm sensation. Feel it returning loaded with information. Thank the universal/God consciousness within you and beyond and slowly open your eyes and take a deep breath and say:

It is done

Turn on the lights and again if you feel the need to record anything (write down any impressions) then do so!.

Here is a game I found online. It is a starseed origin card game. Hey you never know! Try it just for fun :).

This discussion may also be of use to you: http://starseeds.net/forum/topics/finding-your-origin

Dipperstarlight Star Cards:


This live meditation might help you out also:

Cosmic Crystal Light Meditation:

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Only one of the starcards drew my attention and it said this: through indigenous tribes
your history was told
and told again
in the making of myth
nostalgically you look
upon the stars at night
Orion's belt
in your dreams

What may be relevant is I have dreams of going outside at night and staring at Orion's belt
(BAH! I always write WAY too much!!! Sorry folks...)

Wow! This is brilliant. I cannot WAIT to try this. I'll practice up a bit. I think I'll put the work into memorizing the little chant.

I know my home was in Orion. I'm from a race of bird-like beings. The only thing I'm postive about my physical body there is that I fly and my feet are much different. Better suited for landing, I guess! As far as my "references" go the bird beings haven't been in Orion for quite a while. But I FEEL like that is home and I FEEL I come from a bird race.

I think the true history of the ones who are not from Earth is not that well known. I feel inside that what you read out there has holes in it. BIG significant holes! The history isn't truly known. I think the history of Intelligent Life in our Universe is damn near impossible to paraphrase. Which is WHY it is SO important for ALL Starseeds to do exercises like this! So we can match up our stories. When we feel the same thing inside as One. And find what we seek. The Truth. And fill up some of them damned holes!

The more the Starseeds that can contribute, the closer we will be to finding our true history. Remember, there may not be many people on this Earth from the same planets and times as you. We have other Starseeds, yes, we find company there. But, we all lived in different places and times. Finding true kinship will only come from connecting through our knowledge and our memories. Going beyond just where we come from and get into the time periods we came from as well.

I seem to connect best during my dreams. Do you think I could fall asleep while project myself like this? With protection, of course. If negative entities exsist here, there is no reason why they would not in Space. One could "hitch a ride through the galaxy". I expect the probability of running into something physical in Space is totally different than running into something spiritual. Be carefull, everyone!

Download and play back while I sleep or "live stream" along this rainbow until I wake? Decisions, decisions.

When I read this a few minutes ago, I was a bit ruffled. One of the first things to blow me away (yet oddly I'm not surprised) since starting this journey, is that I can actually project my energy that FAR. But then I thought, oh, of course. ~(HAHA! Notice my subconscious use of the word "ruffled"? as in, "ruffle my feathers". I didn't notice that until I re-read like 3 times! Bahaha... ha? ...Gahh... sorry.)~

What do YOU guys think?

PS. For reasons stated above I suggest ALL Starseeds try this and share their stories!! Blessed be, all! )O(
Wait, so i'm from Sirius? :D cool...I feel connected to Lyra and Orion, and i think i was also Orion.
Hey thanks for the great info,I found I was Orion and some other I may not know.. :/
This is very useful, thank you for this info. I will def be recording the meditations. I wish you Lots of Love & Light <3 Asturbuce.
Thank you for these suggestions. Anything to help me find my origins is welcome. I find myself very frustrated by my inability to really connect with anything out there! I feel little bit of a connection with the Pleiades; so maybe I spent some time there.

Hemelings Geert said:
Hmmmm... I got a very strong sense of being connected to Sirius, Pleiades and even Orion.
I must have been there for in some period of time. Can anyone enlighten me, what is the connection between Sirius and Pleiades ? Thank you, namaste

Hi Hemelings..... from the Pleiades point of view Sirius holds Earths Masculine energy and the Pleiades hold the Feminine energy. Pleiadians are a 5th Dimensional entity which is the world of our emotions and their frequencies and Sirians are a 6th Dimensional entity which is where Photons mixed with sacred geometry make 3D form on Earth.... In other words one needs the other to create the human mind. I would say that feeling a connection with all is because you are a vessel for which ever energy you choose, be one or the other or just sitting on the fence. Is your starsign Libra???
I found this very enlightening!!! In the begining I felt very confused and connected to many places until I went within and saw that I was first incarnated on Nihal, but spent many lifetimes in Pleiades, Sirius, and Orion. I saw that when we belong to the "starseed nation" we are able to choose the most beneficial place to incarnate to, just as we have chosen to come to earth this time. I beleive it is the information we take with us as we grow virbationally that counts in each following incarnation. Without the previous connections I wouldn't feel so good about being here!
I will do as say in this. I haven't look at the starmap it is one thing I haven't done on my own. Some of the things I did already on my own and it does work.

I connected to my higher self. Mediums of TV and etc have been helpful in this. I been able to dessiminate what is true or not. I will have to wait until I am alone....thank you.
Thanks so much for this wonderful post!
I was told that you shouldn't lie down while performing chakra meditation.

i like that steller activation. i'm gonna try it. 


@courtney, for what it's worth, i've done chakra activations in my sleep in that same position (horizontal) as well as in my meditations whilst awake.  i ask specific ascended masters to cleanse, purify, stabilize, anchor and activate my chakras just prior to falling asleep. i've been completely lucid in this state and have recollection of the activation process upon awakening.



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