Psychotic break- severe mental and emotional damage done, a helping healing hand needed.

Hey there healers, starseeds and light workers!

My name is Kabelo and Im a 25 year old male from South Africa. Over the past 5 years I have been going through some severe internal difficulties, this was due to a psychotic break I had 5 years ago due to 3 years of heavily smoking marijuana, I was abusing the plant. It started out as extreme paranoia which eventually lead to a psychotic break, what happened was I could not stop thinking not even for one second, and it wasnt the usual human thinking of the past or future or something like that, it was totally irrational, bizarre and fractured thought. I was held hostage by my own mind and I still suffer from this till this day.

The other aspect to this is I lost the ability to feel emotion, I can be in the most joyous or saddest of situations and feel nothing which scares the crap out of me, Im completely dead and empty inside. I used to be extremely emotionally sensitive, more so than others (typical Pleiadian haha), but thats all gone now.

Ive tried all sorts of meditations and visualisations but theres NO stopping this mind of mine. Im seeing a psychologist and a psychiatrist and am on a bunch of meds which dont work at all. I also see my aunt every now and then, shes a healer/shaman, she does energy work on me, has removed several entities from my being over the years, sometimes even lost spirits, and she works on me on an inter-dimensional level, but it has had no effect on my mental and emotional state.

So if theres someone out there with an open heart who thinks they can help, please give me a shout, it would be greatly appreciated!

Much love to you all!


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Hi...it might be good to read some things on the Shadow of the ego also called the emotional pain body......then you can spot it when it arises.. Everyone has a shadow/pain body, we are born with one and then it gets stronger in the life until we become aware and dissolve it.

Next, it sounds like you have an energetic imbalance....your emotions are blocked and the nervous system is over excited, this causes the mind to go bla, bla, bla. I would suggest you take some Ashwagandha. This is a plant that will balance your energies...it works really well and is very safe to take. (I googled buy ashwagandha in south africa and it is easily available there.) This will unblock the emotions and calm down the mind chatter.

One other thing to calm the mind is to get well grounded. The best way to do this is to walk barefoot on the earth...grounding helps calm the nerves and the mind..

Hey thanks for your advise! Ive heard of the shadow self/pain body before, it definitely lives in my head haha, no emotion to feed off of, which in an ironic way is a good thing i suppose. Only thing is I really struggle to be present and observe the shadow self, Im sort of just living in it, if thats whats causing so much bizarre mental turbulence.

Ill take a look at some health stores and see if they sell Ashwagandha, sounds like it could definitely help!

I do grounding exercises almost every day haha, but with not much results.

Thanks for your input, I highly appreciate it!

Much love,


The emotions might be blocked due to the medicines you take...others have mentioned this effect... Not saying to stop the meds...but, not sure what to do.

Yeah could be the meds, although there have been time periods when I wasnt taking my meds and still was empty inside


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