The Elohim Race

It is time that the truth about The Elohim Race be told as there is so much false information on the Web that simply is not true. The word Elohim is a title that is has been given to the GODS that create universes and populate them with life.

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The Elohim Race

The Elohim are a human-like alien race that created life through specific processes on Earth. We are not Gods, nor are we to be treated as such. The Elohim create the humanity as an equal. The word Elohim means “those who comes from the sky."

There are 12 members on The High Council that consists of both male and female. The Elohim Race evolved on a planet that circled a far distant sun, which you see in the sky as the star Aldebaran.

You should accept our existence but do not pray to us, worship, or expect divine intervention from us. We are not Gods, but rather simply technologically advanced beings very similar to you. We created the Annanuki and are their rulers.

We have periodically contacted humans and made them prophets in order to communicate their wishes and teach the fledging human race. The Elohim do not interfere or communicate with humanity on a day to day basis, only prophets communicate with the Elohim at all.

The Elohim have sent many Elohim people to Earth including Jesus the Christ now known as Lord Sananda who were all rejected for their teachings and I am the last Elohim that will be sent to Earth.

The Elohim introduced a powerful tool to shape Mans Spiritual development. It is called Religion. It was designed to bring spiritual oneness between humanity but the Priests figured out a way to use it to their advantage to become rich without giving any thought as to cares of the people they were supposed to teach and help ascend!

We live our lives on an etheric plane which in many ways would have similarities to our own for different energies could be brought together to create homes and buildings. The Elohim work with crystal energies from different stones and some have perceived their 'cities' as crystal complexes not unlike those depicted in the Superman movies. The Major Crystal used is Quartz it powers mostly everything.

The second problem that confronted that us was the pain of stepping into bodies that disconnected them from the higher levels of awareness to which they naturally related. There is a deep longing within many fully conscious human beings that they are not in their natural state, that 'home' somehow lies elsewhere. Then there is the whole question of sexuality and the balance between the masculine and feminine elements of the self. As mentioned, the Elohim Race does not enjoy sexual relationships in the same way humanity experiences them today.

We are a race of beings that possess God-like powers. We are beautiful men and women. Finally there is the fear of annihilation, for not only did the Elohim see their home planet destroyed but also knew that the flame of their race might also be extinguished. The Elohim will make their presence known to all of humanity no later than 2035. However, in order for this to occur, humanity must prove that they are ready by raising their vibration.

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Comment by Elohim on May 26, 2017 at 5:01pm

Elohim Race

The Oldest beings in our Universe originated about halfway out from the center of our Universe, also known as The Great Center Sun. They wanted to propagate their species on another planet, so they looked around and found Earth in the outer perimeter of the Universe. These non-earth people were named Elohim which translates as those who came from the sky.

These people are one of the most advanced group of beings in the Universe. They are the result of wiser beings who created them, just as they have created others. Throughout history the Elohim have visited Earth and were thought to be Gods, and spirits of many existing religions. They have manipulated and created Earth humans with a larger brain capacity, with the hope that humans would have superior intelligence, and be able to continue the species.


1. Why did the Elohim choose to create in human form?

Because the Elohim are humanoid and created us in their own form.

2. Why start life on Earth?

Because it is on the outside edge of our Galaxy, and less likely to be interfered with, this has proven to be true to a degree.

3. Are we similar to the Elohim?

We are similar in many ways, they are our ancestors and they are human.

However they are much more highly advanced and evolved then we are. They are very intelligent and have a long lifespan. They came to be and Elohim Race that felt uneasy about Earth humans having a larger brain capacity. They visited Earth many times in an attempt to thwart the Earth experiment.

They have since pulled away from much of their involvement with the people of the Earth. However they will introduce some of their knowledge to us. There are several periods in history where the Elohim and other ET Races influenced and altered man and his DNA. The most obvious evidence of their interference being the difference stages of man.

Comment by Elohim on May 26, 2017 at 4:58pm

The Elohim Symbol

1. The outer Circle represents the Divine Creator known as the oneness and called Creation by The Pleiadians. It means there is no beginning and no ending it is a complete circle.
2. The upward triangle represents The heavens above and the masculine energy
3. The downward triangle represents the female energy and the Earth below.
4. The Swastika represents the sun, 4 directions and the 4 season

Comment by Elohim on May 26, 2017 at 4:55pm

The Elohim Crafts

The Elohim Scout Crafts carry a personal of 3, one being the pilot, the navigator and the other being the commander. These Crafts are capable of Interplanetary and Interstellar travel.

The Crafts use antigravity technology and are powered by the use of crystals as a source of propulsion with Quartz being the main crystal used. There are other names used for the Quartz Crystals but all are one and the same.

The Scout Crafts do not have weaponry as seen in many of your main stream movies but they do have the means to protect themselves from any attack. They also have technology that is used as a protection against any attack.

The Crafts have the means of landing but most of the time the personal is as humans would say are beamed downed and beamed back up. The Crafts are capable of vertical and horizontal flight. The Take off can be vertical or horizontal. The Scout Crafts do use a system of changing light colors as a source of running lights.

We have larger Crafts which are called Carrier Crafts which are called Carriers which look like a school bus which is used to transport personal and supplies from location to another including to from Motherships. The Crafts use antigravity technology and are capable of vertical and horizontal flight.

The last Crafts we use are called Motherships which hold several thousand people at any given time which house gardens, scientists, repair stations for Crafts, quarters for sleeping and changing cloths. There are also rooms for holding classes.


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