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Welcome friends and Hotep. This is a group for those who feel a deep connection with The wonders of ancient Egypt, the Pyramids, temples, the beauty of Isis, Sekhmet, Bast, Hathor, Nepthys and any of the ancient God/desses of Egypt. No one is excluded. You do not have to be of this spirituality to participate or join. For example I also practice Buddhism and I am a Third Degree Reiki Master. So my interests are not only with Egypt. I believe that to limit oneself to  a singular spiritual consciousness is  to limit oneself entirely. Thus all are welcome.

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Invocation: Divine Isis, Goddess of Ten Thousand Names, I invoke your Grace. The Gods above adore you, the Gods below do homage to you: you set the orb of heaven spinning above the poles, you give light to the sun, you govern the universe. At your voice, the spirits of earth rejoice, the elements obey. At your nod the winds blow, clouds drop wholesome rain upon the earth, seeds quicken, buds swell. Birds that fly through the air, beasts that prowl on the mountain, serpents that lurk in the dust, all these tremble in single awe of you. Come to our temple, oh Goddess: dwell in our shrine: make our hearth your altar: our hearts your home.

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My experience with Isis (And please share yours!)

Started by Siena Saito. Last reply by Siena Saito Apr 5. 13 Replies

Hello everyone! First I would like to thank the beings who made this group! It's such a privilege to communicate with you all. I am so excited to make this post.A little about me-I'm 16 and I am…READ MORE →

Synchronizations of Isis

Started by Mylo. Last reply by Iulia Mar 23. 1 Reply

Isis is known as the Goddess of a Thousand Names, and is often considered an amalgam of every goddess into one being, but I've been thinking - do people get more specific sides of her? I tend to feel…READ MORE →

Tags: Isis, Aset, Mary

Awakening prayer to Isis

Started by Daughter of Isis. Last reply by Starkid Oct 10, 2014. 9 Replies

It was suggested by another member of this group, Namaia, to post this Awakening prayer to Isis as a separate thread in a discussion so it wouldn't get lost in the posts. So I wanted to share it…READ MORE →

Isis - Goddess Of The Throne.

Started by Sareyan Nirvelli Mar 28, 2014. 0 Replies

Isis - Goddess…READ MORE →

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Comment by Stacey Arcangel on June 30, 2015 at 11:10am

Replying to Aarus comment,

The terrorists and those using the name of the Goddess in this way will be dealt with on many levels....justice comes in many forms and she hears them and shall quiet them in her own way.

Comment by Anne on June 28, 2015 at 3:56pm
I also have a connection to Isis and many moon goddesses.
Comment by Sareyan Nirvelli on November 28, 2014 at 7:31am

To reply to a comment below on Sekhmet and vampirism.  This is from the myth on the times when she became so furious with human kind and the selfishness and cruelty people were inflicting upon each other that she went into a rage and rampaged trough Egypt and devoured men and women by drinking the blood of them, and thus returning their vital essence from whence it came, and becoming increasing crazed by this comsumption of blood increased her bloodlust and frenzy beyond control. The other gods knew not how to calm her such was her blind rage and in the end they coloured barrels of beer red like blood and as Sekhmet rampaged she drank the beer instead and became drunk and thus calmed and ceased her massacre. 

This was tale of justice, of punishment for mans selfish ways, of her fury at the suffering of the poor and weak at the hands of te powerful and greedy, and also a warning that even gods can become out of control and driven by fury.

 This was  not an act of vampirism in the way we know vampires today.  Sekhmet is a fierce lioness, a royal feline diety so bloodlust is in her nature, but she is also fair, just and extremely wise.  She will still devour the wicked and evil, but no longer incarnate she focuses on the dark entities that plague so many light workers unseen.  She will always offer them a choice of salvation or departure back to the darkness before the final last resort of devouring them and recycling their essence back to source.  She has many names but vampire is not one of them and this is a misinterpretation I feel of an ancient myth. 

Comment by Sareyan Nirvelli on November 28, 2014 at 7:08am

Dear Stephaedra,   You are a child of Isis and share as many of us do a past life incarnation in Ancent Egypt when the division between worlds was so much less defined and we had very direct interaction with the Gods and Goddesses or highly evolved divine beings as they truly were.   Many of us share ancestry within our DNA and bloodlines with the Ancient Divine Ones as we were priests and priestesses with direct contact and knowledge of the mystical arts, and so we carry memories and ancient wisdom through the ages to us now to be unlocked and understood. 

Often we may share memories with many other of our brothers and sisters of the lives we lived in those times, which due to the spiraling of time are very much alive and accessible through the temples of wisdom and the halls of amenti.   

What you have experienced is an Initiation into the mystery school, one of many, and the crown is the symbol of your sovereignty and the royal bloodlines you share.  The embalming was a ritualistic process of a spiritual bond you make with that time period and your ancient self promise to return in these times.  Study of the positions of the great pyramids of giza alligns with planetary positions we are currentluy passing through, planetary allignments that have never been in line before and so a message send to the future by own ancient selves. 

Light a candle, burn some sweet incense, create an altar with a genuine image of Isis ( a picture or statue from ancient egyptian times) and call on her using the dedication above and begin the journey of discovery of the most loving and beautiful magical mother Isis, and she will be with you, guide you and protect you as she is very much alive, wise and powerful protector goddess.  If you prefer use her ancient name Aset if the name Isis carries to much thought of the current "terror" group and create her cartouche from the hieroglyphs. 

Welcome home dear Sister! 

Comment by Stephaedra on November 28, 2014 at 6:24am

I have always resonated very strongly with ancient Egypt. Especially as a child, when I remembered my past lives more clearly then I do now.

Recently, through three Chiron healing sessions with a very talented clairvoyant healer, I discovered that I had a past life in ancient Egypt. Although I am not entirely sure exactly who I was, I know that I was of royal blood; I think I was either the mother or grandmother of a ruling pharaoh, and was mummified after my death.

After discovering this, Isis appeared. I was welcomed back into her temple, where I have apparently been before. A crown has been placed upon my head.

The only thing is; I don't really understand what this means. I asked for further clarification, and was told that the Temple of Isis holds sacred knowledge, but that is all I really know. Has anyone else had spiritual visitation to the temple, who could maybe help shed some light on this?

Comment by ascension time on November 6, 2014 at 4:28am

I know this may sound egotistical but in one of a number of sessions I've had with a trained clairvoyant she said i was the 6th Hathor and with a session with a different person who channeled beings from the akashic records she, in trance also said that i was one of the Hathors? The issue with this is that I don't currently really resonate with this; I've always been kind of feminine i guess but as a guy thinking that i was a soul part of a goddess takes getting used to. Anybody else had anything close to a similar experience?

Comment by Lady Aine Willowfae on October 13, 2014 at 3:23pm

Hi everyone and blessings to you,

I am hoping someone could shed some light.  I have never in my life (well, this one at least), had a familiarization or longing for Isis, Bast, or anything Egyptian in nature.  I have never loved the color gold, the styles worn, and even I am highly allergic (to the point of my eyes swelling shut), to cats.  I have always felt kindred to a more Northern way, Celtic, the Moon, silver, wolves, etc...So, this all came as a shock to me when I asked someone who did not know me if they felt an Ascended Master was working with me, and they said Isis.  My immediate gut reaction was "um, no...." and truly thought they got it wrong.  But who am I to say they are wrong?  I will say this, over the summer, a cat found it's way to my porch and I rescued it until I was able to get it to a home since I cannot be near cats.  And when I parted with the little male kitten, I was heartbroken. But honestly that's as far as my feelilngs for cats ever went.  Doing research on Pharoahs and Egyptian culture is always fascinating, but it's not truly a big interest as to other things I feel more connected too... :( 

So, could it be that the person who told me this WAS wrong because it was such a quick gut feeling I had?  Or could it be my own ego coming in the way?  Please please know I mean no disresepct or anything negative regarding the beautiful and sweet Goddess, Isis.  I just never had any kinship with her and was wondering what I am doing wrong or could there be another part or essence of her I do not know?  Would love to know your thoughts on this.  Thank you so much for listening to me ramble.  My dreams have been crazy lately with some serious and beautifully graphic dreams, so I'm trying to get my head around this. 

Comment by Starkid on September 29, 2014 at 2:50pm

Im pretty sure that Isis is here now and shes name is Ryan Rihanna witch means The big Queen,also many souls of what you call ancient egypt are here Osiris is incarnated here also, The Sun RA was here, our galaxy the Creator Himself Ptah was here and many many others, we play a big role on what will be the destiny of this planet

Comment by Iulia on September 11, 2014 at 2:43am

Not long ago I had the sense I was "receiving" voices from Isis after an initiation with her. I am still learning but love Isis very much. I visited the Rosicrucian Museum in California a few years back--fascinating. I'd like to learn more.

Comment by Gwen Blair on May 16, 2014 at 8:55pm

The first set of Tarot Cards I had were Cartouche Cards! I ressonate so strongly to this period of time! <3 :)


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