We come from a central Source of operations within this universe that acts as a broadcast station

the situation led to activation, the revelation that Light is Information

so get ready for an acceleration, exhileratingly inhale, exhalation 

we're exiting negativity fixation, forgetting plenty pretty petty pity presentations

Destiny has been grinning more than ever now

let's keep spinning aroung until she never frowns

soundin the alarm, crowd in arm to arm

pounce on the mountain, get dowsed in the fountain

then we'll check in with our Space Brothers, they hover

ain't wonderin whether they'd rather take cover

let's take each other to another place

and dip our faces in the Milky Way and taste

if you reign with the rain and entertain rainbows

play with flames of feather brained angels

hang with a rang-a-dang chain of halos

insane with the patience of the ancients for change, quote

"oh yes I can be me, never losing the integrity

of myself while simultaneously living and participating in another reality"


It has begun, this is the sound as we go round the sun

everyone, never settle down, may your heartbeat be bumped


From unoriginal alien effigies to HIJKLMNOP's

give Q's a chance under UV's, answer Y's then catch Z's

like an Elemental pleased float over trees with Breeze

each individual sees these dreams with equal ease, these are things

not to be confused with the sorts of things Five Senses bring forth, i think

there's got to be more, I mean

I'm talkin to animals what's not understandable

can you hear them too, is your side of the zoo this tyrannical

we might end up just like the rest if Life was less than obviously Thought that extends

the reach is extant, expanse never ends

so reach for the stars and put no limit on your Hearts size

Reptilian lies, We see Atlantis in your sunken eyes

but this time We rise, yeah we're flyin with the Crows

flowin with some Pride, kissin Lions on the nose

nobody controls the destiny of those

who expertly compose their Symphony, their Souls

the tyranny exposed, so simp-a-ly it goes

the window isn't closed, the Human is a Rose that grows

in the Garden of Eden

the birthplace

we're never leavin

We never left in the first place


We are the ones they talk about in the Heavens

the Living Questions

Human Beings

the Legends


-Kenny J  5/5/2012

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