...that is the question of this discussion.

As a monk that follows a tradition promoting dairy as fundamental to human growth, I'd better have stats to support it, because we all know what goes on in those slaughterhouses they call farms, and every day intelligent people are making a moral and healthy decision to go vegan.

So here's some info I ripped from a friends YouTube clip:

You are about to find out the truth about milk, and cows.
“Isn’t cows milk unnatural for humans? I mean, no other drink milk from another species. And no animal has milk after they have been weened, either.”
Well, that’s true, but.... no other animal, drives cars, writes books, or uses computers either. We’re different. But with the fact humans aren’t animals aside, the cow is also not like other animals. Unlike every other species, there is no such thing as a wild cow. Left to fend for themselves, THEY DIE. A farmer will confirm this. And as the Vedas say, humans have been looking after cows for ALL TIME. As it was Gods arrangement for man and cow to have a peaceful agrarian life together. The Vedas also say Cow Dung is different from all other forms of excrement. And science has confirmed cow dung is the only ANTISEPTIC faeces, free from bacteria.
They don’t just exist to go “Moo!” you know!
Cows milk is a tonic, good for complexion and BRAIN POWER... another vedic verse confirmed by Modern Science... Complexion: milk contains essential proteins, amino acids and Vitamin A that nourish skin and properties that hydrate it. Brain Power: it has been scientifically proven that if one regularly drinks cows milk his fine brain tissues develop and as a result, ones memory increases. A major study revealed Lacto-Vegetarians have an IQ around 5 points higher than meat eaters. However, vegans scored significantly lower, averaging an IQ score of 95.
Lacto vegetarians: 105
Meat eaters: 100
Vegans: 95

Still, vegans refuse to take part in cow exploitation!
But even the vegetables you buy are a product of migrant worker exploitation, and some say offering to God the milk of these exploited cows before drinking will help the soul of that Cow in it’s future lives.

“But milk is really unhealthy.”
No mate! The problem is not with milk, but with the way our modern culture prepares it. The Vedas instruct that milk should be drunk piping hot and spiced to promote digestion, and that cold (refrigerated) milk is very difficult to digest and unhealthy. So then of course all milk preparations are labelled us unhealthy! And then of course there is the homogenisation of nearly ALL MILK SOLD! When tampered with by the way of homogenisation, cows milk becomes a type of slow poison for the circulatory system! The heart disease death rate sky rocketed after the homogenisation of milk became commonplace in the US. But circulatory disease is rare in countries that consume natural, non-homogenised milk. And again, in the earliest and largest scriptures in existence, God said “go brahmanya hitaya ca, jagad hitaya.” [My first concern are the Cows and priests], then everything else. Prabhupada: “Many times God said ‘Go-raksya’ (protect the cows). He did not say ‘pig raksya’, or ‘dog raksya’, he said, ‘go-raksya’ because without cows milk there is no civilisation, because you will not have intelligence to understand things, simply speculate. “But they’ll spend millions of dollars for dog, not for cow. This is the civilisation.”
And since forever (not selective breeding) cows have produced 3 times more milk than needed to feed their young! And that goes against nature... unless of course God gave extra for us :D
So just to round all that up for you... cows are like no other animal because 1. There were never any wild cows. They die without humans. 2. Cow dung is antiseptic, bacteria free and has 101 uses! Like no other shit! 3. Cow milk makes you smart! The less milk you have the less intelligent you are. Cold milk is unhealthy. Hot and spiced milk is magically healthy & essential according to God. Homogenised milk (the one nearly everyone drinks) IS LIKE POISON! Buy Non-Homogenised milk with the cream still at the top!

Cows and the Earth: a story of dairy farming that is kind to cows from Ranchor Prime on Vimeo.

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Yeah, that makes sense. When I cook with milk, or when I have hot chocolate (well, when I make it myself...cafe milk makes me sick, except Starbucks...), I never get sick.

I'll look into the masks, because I'm very curious now :)
Milk is murder! And you don't need it



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