I found a super interesting post, for those of us who believe that the Annunaki/Sidhe/Fae/gods/ET

are all tied in together


what do you think ?

love, addy

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 came across an interesting article just now.  What do you think ?

 : )

excerpt from https://witchlike.wordpress.com/2017/06/24/fairies-and-witches-and-...


The 20th and 21st centuries have seen a plethora of recorded data on people who claim to have been kidnapped by aliens. However, many of these encounters have astonishing similarities to changeling stories and fairy encounters of old.

Some UFO investigators believe that so called ‘extra terrestrials’ are actually beings of planet earth. They have been living here the whole time, but hidden in other dimensions.  These are called ‘Ultra terrestrials’.

Consider some astounding similarities of alien encounters and fairy encounters:

1)  Both are kidnappers! Fairies are well known for kidnapping people. UFO aliens are also known to kidnap people, abduction being the most common recorded encounter.

2)  Time is different.  Those who are abducted by aliens report incidents of missing time, a phenomenon very similar to time lapses reported by people taken to and returned from “fairyland”. (One day in fairy land might equal a whole year in human time. )

3)  They look alike! Fairies, like modern aliens, are usually slim creatures with large magical eyes, high cheekbones and pointed ears.

 4)  They both use magical devices. Many reports of alien abduction include “power rods” used to paralyze abductees — just as fairies wield “magic wands”.

5)  Both are obsessed with human fertility and stealing babies.  A large part of modern UFO literature involves aliens abducting women, impregnating them, and later abducting them again to take the unborn baby right out of the womb. Abductees also report of eggs and sperm being taken. Besides the changeling phenomenon, fairy encounters often tell of men and women becoming sterile or barren after their visit.

6)  Fairies are closely associated with nature, just as modern aliens also display a certain obsession with environmental issues. One common alien abduction scenario involves aliens showing ‘movies’ that depict environmental degradation, then giving their victims lectures on caring for the earth before they release them.

Beam Me Up, Scottie! 

Quantum physicists tell us that many additional dimensions of reality actually do exist.  There are, reportedly, eleven different dimensions that can be mathematically proven on a quantum level.   In these added dimensions, it is possible to move through time and space with ease, be two places at once, and do other cool Star -Trekkie type things. This too is the stuff of fairyland. Besides, everybody knows that Spock is actually a fairy


If Extra/ Ultra Terrestrials can exist “above” or “beyond” our normal time-space reality,   that means they can easily see us, trick us, manipulate us and meddle  in our affairs. Which is what fairies have been doing for years! We, on the other hand (usually) can’t see them at all.


Very interesting and thought-provoking article, addy! Thank you.

The first time I heard this theory (that the fairy and the alien were one and the same, or at least related), was in 1986 when I read a novel by Whitley Streiber about a group of Witches. The novel is called Cat Magic (pretty good story!). Whitley had claimed to have had several encounters with Grey Aliens and at first, had written a best-selling book called Communion about it. Whitley actually went to the Pagan community for researching Cat Magic, and connected the Aliens and the Fairies/Elves together within it.


Here's a short article about other people who have found this strange connection:



This is by no means an original theory. Jung was already playing around with the folklore signifance of UFO by 1958. Then, in 1969. Jacques Vallee published Passport to Magonia where the French scholar looked at the curious parallels between aliens and fairies. Most, subsequent work, not least by Vallee himself, has pushed down the same tracks, e.g. Rojcewicz (1991), with the idea that whether or not fairies/aliens exist they represent essentially the same set of experiences and human needs. Of course, it could be argued that all supernatural creatures tend to fulfill the same roles be they fairies or aliens or the Virgin Mary. Still the parallels are there and they are striking.

One more site comes at the subject from the opposite direction (!):


Thank you TW <3  !

i have long felt Fae/Sidhe are ET of perhaps varying kinds......but i kinda take exception to someone seriously saying " Of course, it could be argued that all supernatural creatures tend to fulfill the same roles be they fairies or aliens or the Virgin Mary." in response to human needs....

this may be musing and perusing lore and cultural histories to some, but i take it very seriously.

plus, i do not consider such things " supernatural"....they are the natural for which there is, as yet, no method of measurement or explanation. But that's just me.

love you MUCH dear one....

xoxoxox addy

Here's an interesting article for those who may be interested in the Tuatha/ET/Red Haired Mummies of China connection


and another link that just popped up in my email : )


love, addy xoxo

I just came across this site that has a tremendous amount of info on Faeries of all kinds, and also some really lovely artwork, and resources galore:

An excerpt about the Sidhe: (There's some really positive stuff here!) ;-)

The Sidhe

Old stories abound in which faeries borrow tools, steal food from humans, and play them tunes. Some Irish families still claim descent from the Sidhe.

They are a proud, beautiful people, attracted to beauty in others, and fond of poetry, chess and music. They lure humans with their songs. Fall asleep by a rath and the faery songs will play in your head forever.

Some say the Sidhe fight side by side with humans, if the battles are just. The Sidhe are tall and handsomely dressed, their halls are richly decorated places with sumptuous foods and drinks.

It is said that The Sidhe are generally benign, unless angered by a foolish mortal.

"Many trees and mounds are considered under their protection and if a mortal destroys or damages these then a curse is put upon himself and his family.In some parts of the countryside people would not build their houses over certain 'fairy paths' because of the type of disturbances which would ensue."

The Sidhe are fabulous, marvelous, enchanting. Their realm is a place to play, to regain your innocence, your sense of fun and mystery, your child-self.
But their realm can be more that that. Some claim that the faeries taught the human race magic. And still do teach - if your mind is open to the possibility.

wow, what a fabulous website !

but back to the "fairies"/Tuatha....i really like this part too...it speaks to my beleif that the Sidhe are not "fairies" ( to me, earth-related /elemental spirits) but another type of Being altogether....as many of us believe also, that the "gods" of ancient times were from the stars"

To understand what they are, we should look at some of those found in Celtic mythology and other Celtic traditions. But, then you would discover that fairies are not just confined in Celtic traditions. Many cultures and civilizations have their own versions of fairies.
There are enough kinds of fairies to confuse anyone, because sometimes writers have associated one fairy with a different kind.
In Celtic religion, there was Celtic deities in Gaul (France and Belgium), Hispania (Spain) and Britannia (Britain) during the Roman occupation of these regions or provinces. But the situation changed when Christianity spread to the west and north. These deities that were worshipped before the conversion to Christianity were reduced to the status of fairies in Celtic mythology and folklore.
So in Ireland the gods in the Tuatha De Danann were degenerated to the roles of fairies (eg. Dagda and Lugh), people living under the dune mound or fabled islands, or even within underwater domains. Similar degeneration occurred with old deities in Wales, Scotland and other surviving pockets of Celtic kingdoms (such as Cornwall, Brittany and island of Man).
These earlier Celtic traditions of fairies, the former Irish or Welsh deities were also not fairies in the usual sense. They looked very much like human, in size and shape, except that they have special magical powers and they seemed eternally young, but they don't have wings. The Dananns or their Welsh counterparts were usually seen as race of fair people. They can die just as mortals can, but their lives could last hundreds or even thousands of years.
The problem is that sometimes, the Christian authors have also turned them into beings serving the Devil, and that the fairies were actually demons. However this view is no longer shared, today.
These medieval fairies are different from the common folklore and fairy tales of today. The Tuatha de Danann is nothing like the brownie, leprechaun and goblin of these later traditions.

Turquoise Water said:

I just came across this site that has a tremendous amount of info on Faeries of all kinds, and also some really lovely artwork, and resources galore:

An excerpt about the Sidhe: (There's some really positive stuff here!) ;-)




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