Do you remember any past lives, or have you had insights through others ?

To help access a past life, think of a scene that seems to be a memory...it's often something that's always sort of been there, but you know it is not from this lifetime.

Focus on it, and let yourself go into a dream state....

When you're there, look around...at the place, the details...who else is there...what do you hear, smell, taste ?

look at yourself: hands, feet, clothes, is there a reflective surface to see your face in ?

how do you feel ?


The bits of past lives i remember do not seem to be related to my current path, though my feelings about nature and the craft were intrinsic all my life ( and maybe it influences my feelings about eras in history, or tastes in other things...as well as Lessons learned..)

I am sure i lived off the land and herbs at least once...though I loved Nature, it was not a romantic life, it was necessity.

Others are just glimpses...like the smell of the Egyptian temple, a priestess dedicated to Bast ( my spirit cat is still with me, she's been seen and felt by my family too !)

i also remember being a woman locked in a tower in the 16th century..i know the century because of my husband's clothes.

the tower room was stone, one heavy wood door, one table, one chair...my clothes were black but good quality...... i was wearing a large cross on a long chain......long red hair under a peaked headdress...2 peaks ! ( weird, but anyway...)

One hand had a gold wedding ring, several colored cabochons...the other hand had a black marquise stone in silver...tiny white hands and feet...a tiny woman.

a burly man came to the door, my husband...we did not get along..I was staunch catholic, he wanted me to be protestant like his king...it was death to be catholic at that time.

he was livid that i did not respond to his tirade...i just looked out the tall window, no glass, just open...

he drew a thin cut across my cheek with the little axe off his belt....i did not respond...

so he threw me out the window.

i fell and died, red hair spilling out from under the hat that fell off...people coming round to look..

not a great past life...no one famous...but in this lifetime i know the man who did it, he is the most wonderful husband this time round.

we all learn.

another memory was a huge empty light blue wooden box of a house on an endless dust prairie, in the 1920's or 30's...we were a few small children, abandoned by our parents....i was the oldest, took care of them as best i could.

we died there.

i don't really enjoy remembering my clearest past lives.

My older son vividly remembered the entire greek alphabet !

But it's through my younger son that I have had the most interesting validations.

- When I was 3 months pregnant with him, I was sleeping but woke to the feeling there was someone in the room !

I looked around, but...no one. I turned back onto my side, but the feeling persisted. I looked again...and there he was.

He was in the guise of a previous life, a man in rural clothing, at the foot of the bed in the light of the streetlamp...as solid as anything.

Somehow it didn't make me nervous...telepathically he told me that he'd come to see if he'd want us to be his parents. He did.

Now I was thrilled ! I knew I would not miscarry this one, it would be a boy, and he entered the fetus at 3 months !

- When he was just about ONE month old, I happened to be in a bad mood...exhausted and stressed, i groused at him but immediately felt bad so i apologized and cuddled him...then a strange voice sounded like it forced out of his tiny throat and said " I love you, Treasure".

We never even had that endearment in our family !

- When he was about 4 months, he was teething and had a fever, so I slept with him on a big mattress on his floor. I was fascinated watching him, but got tired and put my arm over my eyes. I could hear him roll over to where I was, and felt his breath on my arm, and he SAID : " Are you OK ?"  lol...freaked me out !

- When he was about 2, he sat on my lap and we were looking through a porcelain doll catalog. Suddenly he got all excited,  pointed to a pretty one with long brown hair and brown eyes, and exclaimed " she looks like god !!!!"

- Then one night we were looking out at the full moon and he exclaimed" the Lady is dancing !!"

( I had never talked to him about either god nor goddess !)

- When he was about the same age, we were looking at another book and he saw a bearded man.

He calmly chatted: " I had a beard, before I was a baby".

- Again about the same age, I was changing him and his eyes fell upon noticed the pentacle i wore.

He suddenly changed into an "adult": he looked into my eyes...solemnly kissed my forehead, chest, each shoulder, and the pentacle.

Looked into my eyes again, then sat and turned back into the baby. ( he regularly morphed from baby to grownup and back  before school age)

- At the same age, I was again grouchy and tired. Suddenly he cupped his hands together, shook them, and opened them to me saying : "here's the marbles you lost, mama !"  : O

- When he was about 7 he said he had always had a memory of being in an army uniform inside a big green tent, he could smell the canvas and see the sun through it.....

i asked him to "see" his hands.

He said they had black ink all over them, from the typewriter on the half circle table against one wall of the tent...

He had no idea of the old typewriters !!! They had to manually rewind the ink tapes when they used them, and he had only seen computer keyboards !!

Much later when he came across Ernest Hemingway in school, he had a strange affinity for him...and wants to follow his footsteps in Paris...

Loads of other things....I firmly believe in reincarnation : )

How about you ?

love, addy

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I wonder if it's the difference between "religion" and "spirituality", TW.....the former being rigid and structured with someone/s at the top dictating should and shouldn'ts and or elses ?

true spirituality, imho, would never be judgemental but tolerant....

i'm so sorry about your history with Art.....maybe it's a talent that you have to climb over and into again ? A test. sort of ?

*grins*...stay erotic, TW !!!  The Mother revels in it !

much love, addy xoxoxoxoxo

The mention of wolves on JD'S post about Animal Guides reminded me of an experience I had that relates to a past life:

When I was about 3 my father brought home a big German Shepherd pup. As I soon as I saw it I was terrified and ran screaming to my mum and I was hysterically trying to explain to her it was a wolf. (We soon became best friends though)

A few years ago I had a very vivid past life recall while meditating. I saw that I was a native American woman in North America. I was alone and a wolf suddenly appeared in front of me. Although it looked magnificent with its white-grey fur and pale blue eyes against the snow it killed me, for food no doubt. I realized why I was so terrified of the Shepherd when I was 3. I think it's very interesting how the soul carries memory and emotion and we are so much more in tune when very young.

So glad you were able to make friends with the German Shepherd, Kat. I think a lot of people have had past lives that ended with getting eaten. However, one can look at that as "giving all to one's totem" in a way.

My fear was of the Crocodile when my mother took me to see Disney's Peter Pan when I was about 4 years old. I started screaming so hard when I saw that croc that my Mom had to haul me outta there.

In the last few years, a friend of mine has helped me delve into a past life in Crocodopolis in ancient Egypt. I was a young initiate in the Temple of Crocodiles. The test was to swim through the underground pools, through an underground door, and survive. I was a teenager and I thought I could do it by sheer courage and chutzpah. Of course, I failed. And became a crocodile meal.

My friend was a teacher there. She helped me realize that I went too early. I needed to calm my fears and learn to be loving to the Crocs....that was the way to do it. I am learning that in my life NOW. Except the Crocs look different..ha ha.

I hear the word and I think reincarnation then I think people talk about what happened before. Like"I did this in a past life" ❤

That was a nice read :) I do believe in reincarnation and have heard some similar sounding stories about my brother when he was a baby. Thanks for sharing :)

Oh wow, Katrin !!

i'm so glad that the Universe brought you that pup to help you get past a terror in your past....it was no coincidence that it was a german shepherd pup, imho....

TW...that's a really deep way to look at things....giving your All to your Totem !

thank you for all the food for thought, guyz...

love, addy xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Hi Serotonine !

maybe you did....or in a parallel dimension ?

love, addy <3

Hi Meghan, thank you !

love, addy

Not sure what you meant by this comment, Seroto-99. Are you saying "reincarnation" and "past lives" have different meanings for you? How so?

Omg TW I think it would be better to die from a wolf than crocodile - sounds horrendous.

Thanks Addy - guess it just shows everything happens for a deeper reason.

Thought I'd share another past life recall and a fear I overcame:
Years ago, during a meditation I saw myself as some sort of Peruvian princess (in elaborate ceremonial clothing) and was to be sacrificed into a volcano. I was walked through the crowded and close stone pathways with all the natives intently looking at me. Then I saw I was at the brim of the volcano, next thing I was gliding above the canopy of rain forest. (btw It was later that I learnt of the Inca girl's remains at the top of a volcano from 500 years ago, indicating sacrifices to the their Gods)

Sometime later I was staying in a lush rainforest, visiting a friend, right next to a very big and high rock mountain. I was so afraid of the mountain I was using an umbrella to block my view of it as I was walking up the hill to my friend's cabin. I just couldn't handle the size and power of the mountain each time I saw it through her windows and walking up the hill. Eventually I decided to sing to the mountain. I sang (The Beatles Obladi Oblada lol ) loudly looking right at it. After that I wasn't in fear of it anymore (or other barren mountains). I am sure that mountain brought up my past life fear of that experience with the volcano - singing to it gave me the courage to face and release that fear I held. <3 <3

I love that experience where you found that singing a song could exorcise the fearful pain! HOW MIRACULOUS!!! And beautiful.

I remember a story I wrote where the "Knight" was going to face a Dragon....but instead of trying to kill the Dragon, the "Knight" sang him a song. Of course, the song was for the sake of the "Knight" as much as the Dragon! Perhaps Dragons AND Mountains appreciate a good song! ;-) And perhaps the Mountain released you from the fear as much as your own Soul did.

BTW, in regard to being eaten; I believe that one goes into shock and probably leaves one's body while the worst "chomping" is being done.

LIFE GOES ON.......ah!



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