I am offering Rune readings for those interested. I work with the 24-Rune Elder Futhark.

You can have either a one Rune reading or a more detailed three Rune reading. You can try being specific with a question that you'd like to ask. I have always allowed the Runes to speak for themselves, however. They may not choose to answer your question, but something else that They feel needs addressing.


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hi i would love a detailed one please..

my question would be "what is my purpose for being with A.L?"I'm J.R
thank you very much!

I'm interested in knowing what they have to say to me! Thank you!:)

Hi, Pat. Can you please give me a single Rune reading? My question has to do with a possible re-location in the coming few years...

Hello! Can you please give me a detailed one? I need to know how can I star to love myself and stop living for the others? Thank you!

Hi there Pat! Yes please sweetheart.
I would like a 3 rune advice on re-location, i.e direction and how soon.
Thank you
much love

Hi Pat,

I would like a three Rune reading if you're still offering. I don't have a specific question so just whatever They think needs to be addressed.
Thank-you for your time

Love Light and Peace,

Hello, this group and your posting has peaked my interest. I have several friends who, study magik and I myself am very interested in runecasting. I would love to take apart of your free offering and I am inclined to ask about a specific person, one of whom I suspect I had a romantic interest in the past, he has a very specific energy I cannot place and I identify him with the color green. Any insight you could give would be great - or if something else is coming through im open to that as well. Thank you for offering this! Much love -Aer Stargazer

Hi Pat thank you so much for this opportunity. I would like a three rune reading specifically on my relationship with Calvin If not then whatever else should be addressed.
Im interested. Curious to see what info can be shared.

omg Pat,  this offer is just exploding !  i know you'll help a LOT of people, though your big heart....

and, if you have time, i would love you to privately send me a Rune reading of your choice...or the Runes' choice : )

much love, addy


So nice of you to do this :)

Can I ask about if my health has a lot of things to do with my twin flame M? Do I need to be 100% healthy b4 I can reunite with my twin flame? How can I improve on myself, my own health etc to usher in reunion?

Please let me know if there are other issues at play here affecting me without my awareness.

Thank you so much!

With love and blessings,

Hi Ryan,
I would love to have a detailed reading regarding my current situation .
With lots of love
Jaya Vana



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