Has anyone had experiences with the Dragon species?

I have had a red dragon with green horns come to me as one of my protector guides but i can't find anything online about them except game related stuff :( I've only saw him fleetingly pop in twice to meditations and got his name and the feeling that he was to be a protector as i venture into the other realms as well as a guide to carry me to these places upon his back. Specifically the lower more perilous realms i feel as he said none would harm me in his presence. I found one website but they had nothing but negative to say about dragon beings. I feel no negativity from him but a wise old mans energy and voice like a grandfather Dragon and protector. The name i got was Amessotrop.

Any info would be great thanks guys :)

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Warm welcome, No One......

it sounds like you've sort of melded with your dragon, how wonderful !!

Do you feel that you have dragon DNA ?

love, addy xox

Dragons thrill me! Here's a channeling I did from a very loving Dragon Being:


That is an awesome informative and extremely eloquent post TW !!

thank you !

much love, addy xoxoxoxo

Dragons and winged angels were not in my belief system many years ago.....

and i was proven wrong on both....goes to show, never say never.

Re the dragons....we were about to go on a lengthy road trip in the winter because my mother was dying.

A friend who was really into dragons sent me a little blue one, to protect us along the way.....i humored her, but i was really surprised when a beautiful blue baby dragon did show up ! Her name is water breeze, and she sat on top of our car....baby though she was, she didn't fit into a honda hatchback lol...

the way out wasn't too bad, but on the way back we got caught in terrific snow squalls where we couldn't see the front of the car, never mind the road ! We crawled along blind with our hazards on, though others sped along past us...and we saw them later in the snow banks !

It was terrifying, but i know that our little dragon was guiding us.

much later i'd check up on her in meditations...she'd hooked up with a huge black male called Ember....

and they had a lovely opaline baby called Mist : )

Happy endings for all !!!!!!!

and yes, i am now a big fan of dragons !

much love, addy xoxoxox !

Oh wow this is an amazing story! I wish i experienced things as you do :(

Do you see them in your minds eye or physically see them before you? :O

Amazing creatures they are i hope to work some more with my dragon and see what his teachings are! :D I will keep the post updated i found this website though...


Mine would be a fire dragon

love and light! xoxox

i do see them in my mind's eye...i close my eyes and call, and without any expectation, see who or what shows up.

i've had a lot of surprises that way !

..looks like mine are watery dragons : )

...Ember seems very fiery, but in no way is he mine *sighs*.....

much love, addy xoxoxoxox



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