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Lecture for Conscious Men: 16th January in Copenhagen

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5000 years ago, ancient scientists recorded their knowledge of the workings of the universe and the human mind, body and spirit. Now, the cutting edge of quantum physics is drawing the same timeless…Continue

northern light

Started by Daniel Rønjom. Last reply by Newingier Jan 3. 4 Replies

northern light is from agartha not from the sun, I thought it could be fun to make a discussion about northern light, allways in the newspaper in Norway. The media is allways hiding the reality.…Continue

Visiting Finland

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Comment by Newingier on January 6, 2018 at 11:46

The link I sent you was just the trailer. It is a whole mini-series with 3 (I think) episodes.

The state television recently broadcast the first episode in a documentary series called "Samernas tid". I'm not sure if it can be watched from outside Sweden but here's the link: https://urplay.se/program/203237-samernas-tid-allianser-i-sapmi

Then there is http://www.filmarkivet.se/ which has a lot of old films from the 20th century Sweden.

And we have the series "När Sverige blev rikt" about the advent of industrialization in Sweden. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuN9qnQl80U

Video from a Swedish school in 1992: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avxAX5y2yhM

And... one of my favorites, a video from Malmö, Sweden in 1988: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MePjANotNXI

You might also like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-6T7zHrDKQ

Then there is a series of documantary films which follows a school class from the 1970's to modern time (when the children are adults), called "Barnen från Jordbro". I think it is available on DVD.

But you didn't answer my question as to how you became aware you were a starseed? And who is this Milos Ester, is he a starseed? You haven't met anyone else?

Can you elaborate a bit about what you mean by bringing the 60's to armenia?

Comment by Daniel Rønjom on January 6, 2018 at 8:10

wow thank you too much for the link !!!! I have been looking for things like that from sweden. But it is only 1:16 minutes long:p tell me if you know about other shows from sweden too.

I am in Armenia now like I said and I want to bring our knowledge from the 70s and 80s Norway to Armenia, from looking at those programs.

I am 30 years old. Well my life is too weird, I was very shy when I was child, and now I have traveled around Europe the last 3,5 years, was living 2 months in apartment in Liverpool recently till I took the decision to travel back to Armenia. It is crazy what kind of people I came to know in Liverpool, the way they speak about music there, its like a continue to the history from the 60s, they showed me a psycedelic song somebody made recently about the guy who killed John Lennon for example. Pete Best is still living in Liverpool, I didnt meet him but I met one of his band mates in The Pete Best Band , and he want to make new band like a manager, the guy who is singing here, his name is Philip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yY9xoWogbkc

My dream is to bring those huge men to Armenia and make Armenia as the 60s, I have already talked much with people about it over here. It is too much girls here compared with boys when you walk down the road, and they love travelers and strangers.

Yeah I have met Milos Ester who lives near Berlin, I could stay for a night in his flat while I was traveling across Europe. He want to travel to India but I tell him he must come to Armenia hehe :D

And Gary in Liverpool who can remember his last life, he said he was living in Africa and that he was black in his last life.

Hehe I work on different projects but nothing works out alone.

First of all I just want to make family one day. Maybe here in Armenia, who knows.

Comment by Newingier on January 6, 2018 at 0:01

So how did you find out you were a starseed? And how old were you? Do you think you are just here to serve as a source of inspiration, just being, or do you think you have some sort of mission to accomplish?

And by the way, what are you currently working with?

I think we have something similar in Sweden, we recently had a series about the emigration to America in the 19th century. The trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1irCs7gXQg

Maybe not forgot the world around us in general, but at least forgot about nature, and about our cultural heritage. In some aboriginal people there is currently an awakening with regards to cultural identity, but I think most of the western world has a long way to go in that respect.

Do you know any people who are starseeds that you have contact with IRL? And if so, how did you meet them?

Comment by Daniel Rønjom on January 5, 2018 at 14:35

ohh, I think maybe the music changed after we got internet, because then it was easier for people to find what music they wanted, and we got entertained from our new computers instead of the new music.

You should watch this norwegian tv series, do you have the same in sweden by the way? This episode is from 1960, and then it is one episode for each year all the way to 1999, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbF_psFMtcw

To understand our past can be difficult as the old generations are not living anymore, I think.
We may think that we are living in the highlight of Earth Now, but in reality I think the 60s on planet Earth is what people in outer space are most jealous about.

"What do you think of the melting together of nationalist movements with the truther movement, which has occurred lately?" I dont know what I think about it. not sure what you mean, because my english is not super good:p I think countries should put more value in culture from their own country. As long as it is positive things.

The 00s and 10s will maybe be remembered as the decades we all forgot the world around us because we was slaves of the computers :D

Comment by Newingier on January 5, 2018 at 10:31

I can appreciate 90's music too, but most of the time I listen to 80's disco music from countries such as Italy, Germany, Spain,Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, France, and more. For some reason I absolutely hate american music. I think music in the 90's started going downhill around 1997, prior to that it was much better. I remember the expression "Hakuna Matata" becoming a fashion word due to exposure in the "Lion King" disney film. Some 90's songs I like are Idde Schultz - Fiskarna i haven https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXLd_Q8--V4 and One more time - Highland https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Nl8Ws6pj3M

If we speak about higher paced electronic music, I think the Eastern European countries produced some good stuff, for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnhYDTK1DOg

How will we view the 00's and the 10's in the future? I remember thinking recently that if the 00's were like the mobilizing of forces to the battlefield (awakening people to the truth), the 10's will have been like the battle commencing. For example the battle over the USA, of which the PTW (powers that were instead of poweers that be) lost one fight when Trump won the election. I think we will continue for this decade to see a battle between good and evil, that would not have been made possible without the spreading of the truth to the masses after the advent of Internet in the 00's. Especially the truther movement after the 9/11 has contributed to this. That event was counterproductive to the global elite, in that the lies surrounding it awakened the masses.

I think giving money to IKEA wouldn't be a good idea, especially not if one is concerned with karma, as they have been involved in "skogsskövling" of virgin forests in Russia.

Thank you for links to the videos from the starseed conference. Are they still holding starseed conferences? It would possibly be interesting to attend one if they do. And btw, the videos worked fine for me in Firefox!

What do you think of the melting together of nationalist movements with the truther movement, which has occurred lately? I think we have now a situation where e.g. national socialists, who were previously mostly concerned with white pride, etc. are now widening their view to see at a larger scope how the global elite seeks to control mankind. And the other way around we have truthers, who are starting to see how today's immigration is nothing but an attempt to destroy the european societies. I think this is a positive development because it makes the opposition to the current system more unified.

I also think that if we are to create a better future, we must first understand our past, and I think that national socialist movements such as the nordic resistence movement are doing an excellent job at revealing the lies concerning WW2.

I think the problem for especially starseeds and spiritual people in general with these kind of truths is that allied propaganda since WW2 has attached to the Wehrmacht an image which is false, and which is exactly the opposite to the image that most spiritual people want to be associated with, making it more difficult for them to discern the truth concering WW2 and the Wehrmacht. (the Wehrmacht = name of the german regime during WW2).

Comment by Daniel Rønjom on January 5, 2018 at 7:50

Thanks Newingier, and you make some interesting observations as well.
But I do not agree that the 90s was not true reality hehe, I am 4 years younger than you, the 90s was the techno music decade. I know people have different opinions about it. I really loved this song, its like after this the music have not come any further, or no new genres https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svnE-eQVtPM , and this song must absolutely have been the best song from the 90s, I have good memories from "stilledans" in 6th and 7th grade to this song in discotek in school https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OZdwX0mMtU

Look at the rain of Hearts in the end of the music video.

I think some decades into the future the decades 00s and 10s will be looked at as Middle of Nowhere!

We must start to create the coming decades on forehand! Now 2018 have began, it is 2 years till the 20s will begin, and we must start to create it NOW, like a Fantasy world! At last us generations born before 2001.
I read in Galactic Mails earlier that a lot of Atlatean starseeds are getting born in particularly Canada now at days, and I think they will start to create a new Atlantis and be the 'leaders' there. I believe the young generation of UK will be the politicians of the world, if I didn't say it already. Norwegians will maybe be the entertainment industry of the world, And you swedish people maybe the furniture experts of the world hehe. And what fuck are we gonna do with the oil money in Norway? According to karma law it should be good to use all money at the same time. And I have been thinking a lot about why don't we give money to swedish Ikea, I even wrote an email to the Norwegian prime minister about it few months ago.

Do you have Internet Explorer on your pc, Newingier? I want to show you a presentation of the guy who make this land-on-water thing, but the video only works on Internet Explorer. Look at the second video on this site called

"Foredrag med Vegar Emanuelsen på Starseed konferansen 2010."


I think Princess Märtha Louise's 3 daughters will be very central in the future, because to them angels will be very natural, and to communicate with angels. And Märtha Louise's most important role is to be their mother.

People must be more aware of Karma. When we will be introduced to life in the universe things will start to happen Sooooo fast. Why? Because everybody 7 billion people will start to go "crazy" about working for the good at the same time. And those with less money will be better at it than those with much money !!!!!

How can we make the 20s a fantasy decade?

Comment by Newingier on January 3, 2018 at 18:19

@Daniel Rönjom.

You make some interesting observations, and by large I can agree. There is a huge difference between the pre 21:th century era and post turn of the millenia era. In the 1990's everything that had happened for the past 200 years were still somehow everpresent and tangible, in pop culture and in society by large. Whereas at the turn of the millennium, it was as if suddenly the past 200 years were erased and references to them disappeared from pop culture.

When the past is referenced in today's pop culture and media, it is not it's true self, but a bleak, grayed, disharmonic, alike to irritated skin, version, viewd through the filter of the unnatural half-machine, half human robotic mind of the man of the 21th century.

I believe in the mandela effect, which took place foremost in the years 2006 and 2009, and I also believe that the 1980's is the true reality and everything that has happened since is just an illusion created by our minds. The 21:th century is not real, it is just a mind game.

I also believe that we do not live in the same reality, I believe each human lives in his own reality, which is overlapping that of other humans. I believe the 80's/ 70's will return (at least the positive sides), and it's return will mark the true fall of evil on Earth.

Floating islands sounds very interesting, but what type of material is this foil? Foil makes me think of aluminum foil, but that isn't very absorbing?

Comment by Daniel Rønjom on January 1, 2018 at 15:48

hei folkens. La meg fortelle litt hvordan jeg tenker. Norge er et land for seg selv. Det kommer til å bli mer og mer tydelig. Norge kommer dessuten til å bli utflyttet. Det kommer til å bli et veldig skille tror jeg mellom dem som kan huske tiden før terroren begynte i 2001 og de som er født etterpå. De som er født etterpå vil tenke fremover, mens de andre vil tenke bakover, vi vil savne ti-årene 50- 60- 70- 80- og 90- tallet så mye at vi liksom på en måte vil forgude disse tiårene. Vi vil snart få vite på jorden at vi kommer til å leve i hundrevis av år, tror jeg. Etter min skumle skumle reise i verden de siste 3,5 år merker jeg hvor mye jeg klamrer meg til minner fra 90-tallet, og mer og mer av dette kommer opp på youtube. Vi må stå mer sammen som land og som Skandinavia. Skandinavia kommer nok også til å slå seg sammen til et rike , tror jeg. Eksistens vil bli så utrolig skummelt straks vi blir introdusert for livet der ute i verden. Jeg skulle gjerne likt å skrive med mer skandinaviske og norske medlemmer av dette forumet. Det må begynne gå opp for dere at det er så mye vi kan gjøre med våre egne hender, og jeg er så klar så klar, jeg har begynt å pendle mellom England og Armenia. Jeg kjenner en nordmann som bor i Estland som har funnet opp en måte å bygge byer flytende på vann, hvor vannet absorberes i en slags folie som henger under Landet og som automatisk lager rent drikkevann på denne måten, han trenger både arbeidere og finansiell støtte for å bygge dette videre, han heter Vegard. Jeg har fått mulighet til å se nordmenn og scandinavia utenifra på min reise, til å se oss objektivt. Jeg mener altså hvordan vi er dumme på enkelte måter og smarte på andre områder. Når det kommer til reising burde nordmenn hvertfall prøve å se nærmere på andre måter å reise på enn bare fly, buss har utviklet seg mye de siste årene, mellom de store byene i spania for eksempel så er det for eksempel mest ungdommer som tar natt buss fordi man kan sitte hele natten å kikke på youtube og facebook på tvskjermer ved hvert sete og gratis wifi og lading og hele pakka. Og sove sal hosteller er så utrolig gull, her sitter jeg for eksempel å ser på youtube på tv her i sovesalen i Armenia hvor det koster bare 102 kroner natta, og det er varme i gulvet på badet her og utrolig rent og moderne. Dette er dessuten sett på som dyrt av de lokale og det er andre hosteller her som koster 60 kroner dagen.
Generasjoner som var født før 1900-tallet og på begynnelsen av 1900-tallet hadde vel mye klokt de prøvde å fortelle oss men nå er det ikke mange igjen av de, men vi finner dem igjen og deres meninger rundt omkring på youtube hvor de har blitt intervjuet. De klokeste generasjonene. Oss som var født før 2001 vi blir jo naturligvis færre og færre og over tid tror jeg vi blir mer og mer samlet. De som er yngre kommer tror jeg til å begynne bygge et stort rike på jorden mens de hele tiden spør oss eldre: "er det bedre enn 90-tallet nå?". Man ser jo for eksempel i Storbritania hvor årets ord er Youthquake, som altså betyr at ungdommer har blitt mer samfunnsengasjert og vil forandre verden og så videre. Ring meg gjerne direkte +37493548876 .

Comment by Daniel Rønjom on September 28, 2017 at 11:01

hey scandinavia, now it's time to wake up !! can you hear me ? can you open your eyes and yawn! (gjespe).
Tomorrow is ufo conference in Norway, in Stiklestad, www.ufokonferanse.com
and you guys gotta wake up, we have a job to do. A responsibility

Comment by Daniel Rønjom on September 18, 2017 at 11:31

jeg reiser til danmark onsdag 20. til 22. september til Kobenhavn, er det noen stjernemennesker aa treffe der da ? Peace and light


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