As if to confound the misconception of reptilian entities further; I shall next recount segments from a woman who claimed to possess a reptilian lover boy. She made passionate love with a reptilian. Pamela Stonebroke:

“Reptilians are not a politically correct species in the UFO community, and to admit to having sex with one - much less enjoying it - is beyond the pale as far as the more conservative members of that community are concerned. I feel a deep respect for the reptilian entity with whom I interacted, and a profound connection with this being. In a past life regression I did recently, I went to a very remote period in earth's history (perhaps hundreds of thousands of years ago), and saw myself as one of a brotherhood of reptilian warriors facing a catastrophic event in which we perished together (it was possibly nuclear in nature, since I saw a red cloud and felt tremendous heat). I believe that on one level, I may be meeting these entities again, perhaps fellow warriors from the past warning us of an impending, self-inflicted doom - or perhaps they are different aspects of myself. I don't really know; I'm just trying to unravel this puzzle like everyone else.”


Another woman who claims to have a sublime reptilian mate; speaks of a time travelling reptoid man who often visited her and who apparently fathered some children with her:

“In the 1980's I would often remote view - grid travel - and find Dilmun waiting for me.

“Besides being tall - Dilmun was not much different looking that the Reptoids we read about today - so I guess we are looking at the same grids - or the same reptilian program - as everything is a program of illusion - as in the holodeck - is merging with our 3D Earth program from time to time.


“My meetings with Dilmun were always memorable. We communicated telepathically. His skin was scaly, his eyes have the vertical pupils - he was smelly - be could speak with gargling sounds.

“He told me he was one of many rulers in his world. He said he was timeless. He travel through the universe - in a large space ship. He was also able to fly as he had wings, often remaining in caves high above the ground, when he visited the Earth plane. He had many mates. He considered me one of them - at least an aspect of my soul who is with him now.


“Dilmun told me that we have had many children together through crossbreeding - not sexual activity in third dimension. He was particularly attached to our daughter Aleah.

“He brought her to see me in December 1988. She looked about twenty years old - tall - statuesque - very beautiful - other than having Dilmun's eyes - she was human looking - almost Egyptian as my friends and I saw her - and was very nice and quiet.

“In 1999, when I researched my file on Nibiru, Dilmun returned. He looked very old and tired. He spoke of wanting peace between us. I agreed. He says he plans to return here one day soon with his ship. It will be at an end time for our program.


“My perception of Dilmun is an older entity. This further leads me to believe that the grid program in which he consciously exists is failing.

“I did a remote viewed - grid travel - to Nibiru in 1998. When I arrived I was met by one who called himself Daniel - as in the Lion People - all archetypes for - Egypt - the Sphinx - cat headed beings.”


The woman then explains how she saw the reptilian whom she often encountered, tranquilly mingling with a lion man. (This further denotes more evidence of reptilian beings joining the Federation, and intermingling with Federation personnel.)


Yet another woman who encountered a male reptilian is featured next. And she experienced a truly profound encounter:


“At the time I encountered Captain, no one had ever spoken of Reptilians. I could not find out any information on this Being. All I could do was describe him, and pray that someone knew what I was talking about.

“However, trying to describe a 7 foot tall, solid black being, with wings and scales wasn't very easy! All I could say was he looked like a "Lizard-type" thing! You know the look you get when people think you are crazy? Well, I got several of those looks and decided to just block it all out and pretend it was just a dream.

“In 1996 or so, books and various information became more public about this type of Being. Yet, everything I read said they were here to either "eat me, clone me, or rape me". Geesh! How comforting! But, I knew in my SOUL, this was NOT true of the Being I encountered.

“To this day, I know the Captain was neither a rapist, or some part of a "grand plan" to control the world using evil, or mind reading, "take over the world" games. I've searched time and again...and finally, found your site! ("Purple Crow") As I stated before, it brought tears to my eyes! I cannot thank you enough for your candor and honesty.

“As far as sharing it with researchers....well, not really. I have shared and emailed my experiences to those who are "looking" for these types of experiences , and all I have gotten back was...."The Reptilians are evil"... in a nutshell. However, I just didn't buy that. Never will. Do I think "Some" have less than perfect intentions. Sure..just like many human beings! That is why I was so excited for find your site. Several years ago, I contacted Pamela Stonebrook after hearing her on a radio show, and she did email me back..she was very encouraging and understanding. I don't know many reseachers in the the "Reptilian" area...everyone seems to be so caught up in the Greys...(sighs).
“What began as bruises and a few blue orbs eventually turned into one of greatest "Screaming Human vs. Aliens Festivals" of my life! (Of course, when the Reptilian came to the rescue, he would find great humor in my temperamental outbursts! To this day, I think he enjoyed that aspect of my personality best. He liked that I was a fighter and that I would not tolerate anyone disrespecting my person and trying to terrorize me with fear.)

“Next, there seem to be series of unwanted visitations from Greys in my home. Most of the time, I would wake up and see three of them, each a different size, standing in my bedroom doorway. One was about 5 foot tall, one was 4 foot tall, and the other was 3 feet tall. In a panic, I would attempt to wake up my husband. It was odd, because he would never awake! I would punch him, and even growl at him! Finally, I would cover my head with blankets and actually say the "Hail Mary". I would fall asleep.

“Visitations like these occurred from 1991 to 1993. These would range from hearing loud "pops" in my ears (like someone was busting a balloon in my ear), to witnessing a pattern of semi-circle lights in my window--sort of like a 180 degree platform of lights at my window seal. I do remember being gripped with complete fear. I did not like them and I didn't wish to speak to them. These Beings bothered me a great deal. They seemed to have no compassion for me or my privacy. I was beginning to become angry and very negative after my encounters with these beings.

“During this period of 1991 - 1993, at some point, we moved our bedroom downstairs, into the area that was once used as a dining room. One night, I woke up in what I can only describe as a "waking dream" and looked over at my husband, and it was not my husband. It was my landlord. Yet, he was dead...lying in bed right next to me. I jumped up, out of breath, and turned on the light. No landlord. Just the husband...Hubby was still breathing. I woke the following morning and explained what I had seen. Two hours later, the wife of our landlord called. Our landlord had passed away during the night. After this incident, the experiences began.

“Now, the experiences with the Captain are somewhat like a "Waking Dream". The only way I can explain it is like a dreamstate. It was more surreal than anything I can describe. It was if I was awake, yet still sleeping. The room would be full of this misty substance as white glow would be penetrating around me. I just can't explain the atmosphere of the experiences.

“I remember being in this "State" and going over to the window to look at a white light I saw outside. What I witnessed was a huge, white glowing object in my yard. (A spaceship.)


“Standing outside of this craft (object) were other beings. Several were animals---a bear, and a deer. The others where human. One was a woman with long brown hair. Next, there was a 7-9 (?) foot tall black Being. I noticed this being had black skin, and the features of a reptile. His eyes were yellow, but he did not speak as we speak. He spoke telepathically.

“I remember the Captain explaining that he was a part of some kind of "Federation" in the Galaxy. He had a mission that was largely based on research in the scientific arena.

“His physical appearance was one of a walking half-Lizard, half-man. I remember noticing his scales were small... almost like snake skin. He had vertebra that were large and were bulging somewhat from his back. His spine seemed to almost protrude in some areas. He showed me that he had webbed fingers and toes. He asked what I thought about them. I told him it was,


"Interesting but understandable". Also, he was EXTREMELY muscular. I could only describe his neck was similar to that of a Defensive End on a football team! His eyes were yellow and contained a black slit for each pupil. I do not recall a tail. However, most of the time, he was facing me.
“His shoulders were very broad and there seemed to be something attached to his neck, making his neck and shoulders appear larger. I believe these were wings (?) that could be retracted somehow. (After a flying experience, I realized he had wings because he was the one that lifted me from the ground.)

“He came over to my bedside and sat down.

“He began to look at the variety of books I had at my bedside. Then, he walked over to my bookshelf and did the same. I became extremely elated because I wanted to share information with him! I sensed he felt my excitement.


“He asked me, " What is this fascination with these type of books you have? Why are you Humans reading books on personal growth? What does that mean to you? What is the purpose?" I answered as best I could. I tried to explain that Human Beings were trying to understand themselves and their spirit. We were looking for answers to our origins. He nodded. He was very inquisitive. I rambled on and on. This is typical for me. I am full of gab and love to share ideas and information with others. The Captain loved this aspect of my personality.

“He went on to tell me that not many Humans thought as I did and that he had been very disappointed in other human beings he'd encountered. He told me I was different and unique. He relayed to me that I was very special and that I needed to cherish my soul. He then told me his name. It was a very long name, which was phonetically difficult to pronounce. He impressed a name that was something like , "Quan**za*****************". I thought, "Forget that! Do you mind if I just called you Captain?". He agreed. He also laughed at my appointed name for him. He delighted in me and I enjoyed that a great deal.

“I then began going through each book and explaining to him their purpose. I actually asked him if he wanted to take some with him. I specifically remember him replying back to me, "No" and chuckling. I really wanted him to have these books so he could understand. Next thing I recall was him walking back to the craft. I have no memory what anything else that occurred that time. Many of my memories are in pieces. To this day, I know there is more. I have yet to uncover them. There is so many blank holes and so many things I do really do not remember. I wish I did. I know more happened during these encounters.. All I am left with are the basics. I just know that I came to actually love this Being. It was like he was apart of my soul. The questions still boggles my mind.
“On another experience, I remember being in front of the glowing craft again. I was just standing there and I saw him. He said, "I have something to show you". Then, all of the sudden, I was lifted by him and then flying over the trees behind our backyard into a large field that had recently been harvested. I remember laughing and saying, "Whoaaaaa! This tickles!" (When I look back I must have seemed rather childlike, but I still remember laughing as he somehow flew me over these 50-100 foot trees~!)

“When I landed, the dust from the field was all around me and all I could see was this dust and a bright white light hovering above me, engulfing the area in which I stood. When the dust settled, about 100 deer were all around me. I heard him say to me, "I am taking them with me. They are being mistreated here and used for the wrong purpose. Say good-bye to them. They will no longer be in this area." He also mentioned that something similar was occurring with Whales. I do not recall to what extent concerning the Whales. I walked up to one deer and petted it. I remember the Deer sending me an emotion--Pure love.


“I remember telling my husband that the large, black being had come and taken all the deer. He said, "That's doubtful. Deer season is always great around here". Now, about one month later, an article appeared in the local newspaper that Deer Hunters where coming up empty handed. The paper questioned whether or not some viral infection had plagued the deer. Or, had they moved further into the woods? I knew the answer. The Captain had taken them. I knew they would be in a better place.


“I was once on a craft that in which very tiny Beings led me down a hallway. These Beings were no more than 1-2 feet tall. They were like children, flocking to my energy: giggling, playing, and very excited that I was there. They had small suction like cups on their fingers. They were jumping around on my shoulders, grabbing my legs and ankles and actually having a delightful time with me. However, my mood at the time was basically, "I'm sick of these Greys and other Beings and I want answers!" As I said before, I've always been a fighter. My fight was for truth.

“I began taking the tiny creatures and pushing them away, brushing them off my back, legs, and shoulders. Then, I saw the Captain watching me at the end of this hallway. The hallway was lit up, glowing white with silver and metallic colors. I saw the Captain and was both elated and frustrated. I wanted answers. I was tired. I was unhappy. He knew this and understood. The Captain waved his arm once, and the tiny creatures left me. I thanked the Captain, and approached him. I said to him in tears, sobbing like a spoiled child, "I am so tired and angry. I want the Greys to leave me alone. I cannot tolerate their intrusions into my life! I sobbed heavily. The Captain nodded. It was as if he was testing my resolve.

“Then, I was allowed to roam the craft. I found an opening that was very small. I crawled into this opening. It was only about 4 feet high, but I wanted to crawl inside and see where it would lead.
“It opened up into a small cockpit. The chairs were very tiny. I looked around and a Grey was sitting in one of the control chairs. I said, "Hey! What are you doing in here?"


“This Grey Being turned around quickly and looked at me. The Grey had a uniform on that tightly clung to his skin. His uniform also had an insignia on the front. It was like a black triangular patch. The Grey looked at me and was VERY Hostile to my presence. This Being looked right at me. I saw his eyes were HUGE, black, and forbidding. I thought angrily , "There's another one of those *^$% creatures!" I then began to let this Grey know that I didn't appreciate his kind coming to my home. That was a mistake.

“Next, the Grey said to me something I will never forget. To this day, I refer to this one as the "Mad Hornet" because of his hatred of me. He responded, "All I have to do is think about killing you and it is done. I want you dead. You are no more than an ant, or any other animal that could die at my hands with a single thought." I knew he meant business. He hated me. There was no doubt that if he had the opportunity, and if I wasn't so special to my Captain, he would have harmed me. I left him immediately, gripped with fear.

“After that little showdown with the Grey, the I was in front of the Captain again. He then told another group of Beings (not Greys but similar, just with brown skin) to take me to a room. There was a table in this room. The Brown ones had me sit on this table and I saw a needle was being prepared for me.

“I began to protest this. I asked the Brown ones what this was for. One of them told me it was simply to help me forget. "Forget?" I protested loudly and turned my head and saw the Captain watching me closely. I said to him, "Please, no....I want to remember. Don't take this memory from me! I beg of you! I want to remember! I need this Captain! I was pleading at this point. I was angry, I was childish, I was determined. I was depressed. The Captain said to them, "Do as she wishes. Anything she wants, she will get." He then telepathically told me it would be "OK" and that I could have anything I desired. He made it clear that I was SPECIAL. To this day, I ponder about what he wanted and how I was involved in this entire adventure.

“The next morning , I woke up to find that I had a very small surgical cut at the base of my spine. It was a perfect incision. I still have the scar and I have no memory of how it got there. I have no memory of any kind of operation. From that encounter came peace. I had no more contact with any Greys or another Beings, other than the Captain.

“About six months later, I awoke and found myself standing directly in front of my Captain. He was so tall that I had to stretch my neck to get a good look at his face, his eyes and his features. I remember thinking how very dark he was...how black his skin was....how yellow his eyes were. He looked down at me very lovingly. He filled my heart with pure love. It was love he had for me. He expressed how he had enjoyed and delighted in me. I then began to ask him questions: "Why are you here? What is this Federation? What has been happening to me? What do you want of me?"
“He chuckled. His energy was kind and gentle. His love was pure. I knew in that instant he loved me very deeply. Again, he listened to my questions and smiled. He was silent. He was enjoying me so much. I made him happy. I made him laugh. The entire time I was asking questions, I felt like I was a child of some kind, and he, was a wise teacher who simply was in awe of me.

“Finally, after I had finished my questions he took my hand. He had me look again at his webbed fingers and feel his dark skin. All was quiet until he said, "I have to leave you now." I looked up and told him I wanted to hear no such thing. "You will be back soon" I said. "No, I must go for now. I have many things I must do and you will wait for me. I will be back, I promise." I began to sob. I didn't believe he would leave me. I cried and he looked at me and took me into my kitchen toward the door. The white light began to faintly enter the room. "Yes, I am leaving. I have missions to complete. I am needed badly and I must go. Do not cry my dear...I will be back but it will seem as if years will pass. But, you must remember...it may be 10 years for you, but I will come back for you. You have more to do. You have a mission too. You have many things to learn. I promise you. I will be back and I will need you again." He left.

“That was 1993. He made good on his promise and has not returned. What does he need? I do not know. What else does he want from me? I do not know. I know he's coming back. I have no doubt.”


Yet more confirmation of reptilians amongst the Federation.


The next encounter is without a doubt the most intensive and perhaps revelatory encounter, and once again confirms the reptilian/federation theme. Purple Crow:

“I will now describe, or try to anyway, my total recollection of my first encounter with her. She slowly caressed me and told me I was very beautiful. Her black taloned hands were slowly drawn over my body - and as much as I was scared, I was also experiencing a deep passionate letting go. I relaxed and allowed her to have her way with me - I couldn't help it, she was pushing all my buttons as if she knew all my deepest secret passions. She stared deeply, longingly into my eyes, and my soul melted with love and passion. I was being seduced by a goddess. She teased me sexually and "discovered" some new erogenous zones on my body that I didn't even know about consciously. I was amazed at how she could know so much about me. She is a Mistress of seduction, but where was this goddess from? I soon found out.

“She then began to perform a sort of lizard kiss with me and I felt a rush of fear and love at the same time. Her tongue is VERY long and she kept it out of the back of my throat just so I didn't gag, but I knew she knew my fears, and so a moment later she slipped it back deep and I gagged for a moment. She laughed playfully. I became very nervous at this point. She told me rather calmly that I wasn't in any danger, unless I was going to try to hurt her. I BELIEVED her easily as I could feel her thoughts and emotions so deeply that I denied her nothing - It was as if she only knew how to speak absolute truth as her thoughts were so powerful, certain and passionate that I became lost in her world so easily. I could see the truth of her power in her eyes. She was a warrior and had the muscles and strength to prove it if she needed to. Strangely this is one of the things which drew me even closer to her. I had always felt that my human body was soft and frail, not at all how I felt on the inside. Inside I have always thought of myself as much more than human - rather the way she looked: Hard and soft scales in different places on her muscular form, coloured patterns and ridges in various places, and a stance and stare that meant business - a being from elsewhere worthy of respect. Her physical form is something to be respected and admired. Her form is like that of a Royal princess to me. She could be as gentle as she wanted to be when her heart moved her. She is both warrior and princess - honour and beauty. She had a tight hard body, which felt a bit cool, much like a Python's flesh. There were no "squishy parts" that I could find, except maybe her belly, which she loved having rubbed in circles. I explored her body while she explored mine as she lay next to me in my bed. The room was dark, but she shone like phosphorescence. I let my hands wander all over. Her scales were very nice and soft on her slightly yellow belly. Her back scales are harder. Her spine scales are pointy and formed a ridge. Something to do with her vertebrae bones from what I could tell. Her patterned scales around her eyes and face are so beautiful that I could write poetry about them for years and still not achieve a fair description.

“For a moment I lost myself in this vision and suddenly found myself living inside this Reptilian female goddess, this great mage of tantric lightcrafting. I was looking at myself and I was no longer a teenage boy on the verge of puberty, instead I was a 7 foot tall Reptoid looking at my body which felt both very ancient and yet very new to me. I saw visions of my home planet, visions of a grand future on Earth, and also great destruction. I saw two possible worlds before me - neither was decided upon yet and there the were as clear as the brightest day in my sight - my heart soared and sunk in the same moment. I looked across from me and there stood what I can best describe as my other self, this pale teenaged youth with eyes filled with wonderment staring back at me... and then I realized who's eyes they were... this Reptilian creature was now inside my former body and SHE was looking back at me with complete shock and awe at what had obviously been a bit of a surprise encounter for both of us. Perhaps it was the will of God who did this to us, or perhaps we had accidentally tapped into aspects of ourselves which had attracted the eyes of God upon us. And then, there it was before us, this great Golden book with all it's alien languages and depictions - and for a very brief moment I understood what everything meant. It was all so clear to me as my golden Reptilian eyes gazed upon this former riddle, this new ancient book.

“I learned our roles in the universe at this time - we are like two holding patterns for some grand destiny, each puzzle piece contains a key to TWO possible futures that were already unfolding on Earth and in HER realm. And that's what this great golden book is about. Contained in this astral prophecy were two possible and inevitable outcomes, depending on our mutual actions from each of our respective vantage points. Before the face of God we had managed to arrange an agreement to reincarnate many times from both worlds, back and forth, as part of our study and participation of this grand plan. We are learning who we are as different species in a potentially peaceful future in blissful unification. Our challenge was to balance our OWN energies, habits, desires and patterns out with our other selves and become ONE in spirit on our journey back to God. no t an easy task at all in truth. We had to do this as we are some kind of template/example for all others to follow, by their own choosing or course, when global contact transpires. This massively important and deeply personal spiritual challenge has been my gift and my curse as long as I can remember - through dark times and light, through suffering and joy. It is the same for HER in HER world, although I find myself in all honesty FAR MORE compatible in my former Reptilian home than it has been attempting to reside on Earth in human form for the last 36 years.

“I left behind me a Reptilian world free of pollution and misery where for the most part my people get along pretty well in their telepathic spiritual understanding of their roles in the universe - I left home and arrived for this world of terror and destruction for one reason, to enlighten it in preparation for contact day. I can only hope that my feeble attempts have made some changes for the better in some important voices here and there upon Earth and in other realms - I have come to inspire love, not fear, and I have lost much during this life, including many friends and family members. I have left behind a possible life of luxury and bliss for one of solitary confinement in a limited body and mind, never to see my family, friends, or touch the hand of my beloved - back home we share many a beloved as we are not like Humans in many ways, yet I have discovered some Humans whom are very much like my people back home, and these rare few have inspired me to continue, broken legs, bleeding broken heart and all. All my life I have been under heavy attack on all levels. This is the weight and plight of the ring bearer, which is I.

“As she rested next to me for what seemed like quite a while, she caressed my head and body with such loving care that I began to cry tears of joy. She then encouraged me to explore her body once again so we could perhaps ground each other out again with basic sensations of loving touch. She felt like my soul mate - I was far less concerned with the fact that she wasn't even human than I was with the fact that I might not see her again, and the fearful memories of separation were soon back inside my mind as quickly as they had previously been so easily, so pleasantly taken away from me. I was in LOVE, so very deeply that I never wanted to leave her. Many thoughts came to us in a rush of energy: There was something about a Draco force that we had to face, for we were not Alone in this situation. Something about many different beings and their many levelled compartmentalized agendas and paradigms: Reptilians, Greys, Humanoids of all types... So much at once, how could I remember all this in the morning? Impossible for my tiny brain to handle. Why me? I'm just a human with a limited brain and ability? She assured me that I was MUCH MORE than just a human body and mind. MUCH more!


“There are more than ONE race of reptilians out there, this I know for sure. She is from a race which rarely interacts with humans from what I could tell, but she spoke of many others. Each being has it's own path and decision, she reminded me. She told me to assume nothing about any living being I meet. She taught me to seek my higher path, always, and to never forget to laugh and play the way I want to - she saw free will and consent as the only way for any society to survive. Each moment is never repeated in life here on Earth and is cherished by the gods as holy, this too I know. There is no "good and bad", it just IS. How can I possibly put all this into words? I'd have to speak from so many levels at once - and who would spare the time to listen and not judge me for what I have encountered? My mind has never been the same ever since she entered my life. I have no judgement about her or any beings I encounter, just that some beings I want to be with and others I just say "NO" to. For her, I always say "yes, my love, yes." (as long as she remains the way she now is, of course)

“Then, as if getting to this point wasn't mind shattering enough, I knew she had to leave again. I cried so very much as she assured me she would return again. I was in love and such a quick departure seemed like the cruellest punishment that anyone could ever emotionally endure. I begged for her to stay, but she reminded me of my path and purpose in this lifetime that I chose to lead. I wanted to prove her existence to the world, but she said the world wasn't ready for her, OR ME for that matter. "Not yet, my love, soon...", she told me. Then, as I was looking into her eyes and in my own feeble way attempting to convince her that I could hold her here with me forever... she faded from my view. I collapsed back onto my bed and the room slowly darkened once again. I was alone - so alone that I cannot express it well without crying right now. It was like I had just let one of my own family members fade out of existence, and I felt terrible for not coming up with a better plan than to just watch her vanish from my life. How could I possibly go back to my mundane life and go on? Could I pretend that this encounter never took place and pull it off? Why? I was so happy that I wanted to climb to the roof top and shout out to the moon how much I loved her. I knew that I would never be the same again after this night, and I still wondered if I was dreaming as I laid back and drifted off back to sleep for the night with a smile on my face and a tear in my eye.

“Life in school after this encounter was never easy. I gave up on attempting to fit in anymore after a few weeks and eventually became the school 'rebel'. I saw my human life as a shell of the being I truly was. I was a mortal god, and I was grounded to the Earth to play out this mockery of a charade called "life". Believe me, I was NO happy camper. I tried to forget about my dream of this lizard lover as her memory interrupted my Earthly life in SO many ways. But I could never completely forget her. She was the goddess of the dream world - how could I not be enthralled by being chosen by her as her playmate? I spent so much time pondering her existence that my grades hit an all time low. That coupled with my memories of those little Grey beings which were now beginning to resurface kept my pretty deep in thought during lectures about history and French vowel sounds.

“Years later, I still had dreams about her. In 1987 during another "dream" I saw her on this ship as part of a interdimensional federation of beings who are involved with Earth people in some political sense. It was some kind of secret etheric school or federation that I had been attending in my sleep as some sort of preparation for a 'contact day' event. The details are always vague, but SO very important. She recognized me and smirked in that sensual dominant way that I like. I melted again when I realized it was HER! She came up to me and squeezed my leg with her tail and called me, "sexy...". I must have been drooling at the time, because as I awoke from this dream my pillow was wet where my mouth was. This dream seemed to fit in with my first encounters with her from before. She said I was involved wi

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Raquel rocha said:
Wow. This is amazing!!! I'm so speechless. you think the reason I'm so sleepy when I wake up is because we're still being taught? But I can't recall.

I've had a couple of dreams as well....but mine not so nice, though even so, I love reptilians. I find them beautiful and have deep love for them like everyone else. All we need is love. <33
Namaste my brother!!

Many thanks for your appreciation of the article. Yes, I am sure many humans receive galactic information in the sleep state. However, they may not, consciously recall such information.
Wow! This is so intense. I appreciate these stories so much! Thank you, thank you! It makes me feel way not so alone.

I have a friend who went through an interaction with a being like this in an intimate relationship sort of way. I experienced something similar but not to the extent that she did, and I think it was a different being. The one she described is much like one of the beings mentioned here. Anywhoo...wow.
Many thanks for appreciating the accounts. I would be interested to hear more of your interaction or your friends encounter if you would like to elaborate upon them that is.

I have one question the nae was it Quinazagga?  If it is i know whom you are talking about and the Dream was not a dream but a contact.


To my knowledge, there was no name given. However, it was an interesting encounter.



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