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Raising Vibrations*Ascension Eating

Welcome everyone who is interested in raising their vibrational frequencies at all levels for balanced personal development of the spirit-body-mind and for unlocking lost knowledge and possibilities such as eternal youth, longevity, reversing aging, clairvoyance, smooth ascension (when the physical body doesn't die anymore, but transforms along with a spirit, and you take this transformed physical body with you into the next dimensional realm).  Unlocking these possibilities and reaching of the high levels of consciousnesses impossible without natural eating of high vibrational living food which is fresh organic fruits and veggies.

It is time for many of us for a transition to a fully conscious, natural, healthy way of living, initially intended for human species, which followed by our high vibrational extraterrestrial brothers and sisters. It includes raw veganism, fruitarianism, breatharianism, depending on the level of consciousness awareness.

"People tend to think that in order to shift they need to focus solely on their spirit.  The truth is that much of the transitional shift can be facilitated by bringing the physical body into alignment with the spirit via preparation and modification.

The foods we eat carry specific vibrations. The more dense or solid, thermal treated, or processed foods we eat, the less life force it contains. When we eat dense, coarse, poisonous food, or food harvested in harmful or negative ways, we allow the negative vibration of these foods to affect our own vibration. We take on the source signature of what we ingest; we more or less become it. Densely vibrating foods wears out and pollute the physical body and decrease the light body. High vibration foods (or foods containing high amounts of the higher energies) strengthen and build our spirits, or our light bodies, lightening, healing and purifies our physical bodies and ultimately assist us in more fully occupying our light bodies.

When people become consciousness that bodies are densified light, then they will act as their own free energy devices. In the meantime, you can prepare your body and mind for these new levels of energy conversion and generation with nourishing, high vibrational foods.

Expansion requires humanity to more fully embrace its connection to nature and simultaneously open to higher frequencies that extraterrestrials utilize. Humans are upgrading physically as well as energetically, to a higher density, enabling rekindled ET connections. Present humans are more sensitive and light than the humans of the past, thus requiring less dense and more living, natural foods."

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