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I was wondering if anyone had any advice on the subject of telepathy.  Specifically, honing in and fine tuning it.  I have had a lot of telepathic experiences, but I find it's difficult to control.  At times I can hear something very subtle, just a couple of phrases, almost as quite as a whisper.  Other times I'll hear things that almost feel like someone is shouting from a distance.  I'm just trying to find ways to make sense of it and fine tune it a bit.  One thing I'm specifically curious about is techniques for deciphering energy signatures.  For example, yesterday twice I heard someone call my name.  I could make out that it was a female (the voice sounded female) I could get a general direction of where it was coming from, I perceived it appeared to be coming from a north/north east in respect to my location.  But beyond that I couldn't pick up much.  These kind of thing happen a lot, and most of the time it's just random stuff I don't pay much attention to, sort of similar to changing the dial on an AM station, I'll hear bits and pieces of stuff.  However every now and again, it appears to be something more personal.  I'm curious how to figure out what "station" it is that I'm tuned into.  Any advice, tips, hints, similar experiences would be just awesome!  Thanks!  :) 

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Hi there! I have had this experience for over a year. It all started by hearing messages about being careful with some stuff... For instance I Heard once "Jump!" right before I woke up to go to work... All the way to work I wondered what was that I should Jump for. Made lots of assumptions, until a fellow worker pulled over her car on the Street I was walking to give me a ride and as I was getting in a fast car came right behind hers forcing her to start moving fast, and I had to jump back to avoid getting hit by the car door that suddenly got closed... Things like that had happened to me every day or when it appears to be necessary... I got hurt on one of my knees and the voice inside my head told me what food supplement to take and it even told me that the pain would be gone in three days, which it did... I started hearing these voices two years ago and I also saw visions. I thought them to be angels, yet One day I decided to ask to these voices to lead me to the info I needed. I went to an esoteric bookstore and the book "destiny of souls" by Dr. Newton ( xa.yimg.com/kq/groups/17906145/.../Destiny%2Bof%2BSouls.pdf  )almost jumped out of the shelf for me. I read it in 3 days and during this days I had visions and messages from the world of spirits. My soul guide talked to me, my soul was introduced to me as Andriel. Since then I get messages from my group of souls and my  soul guide mostly. But guess what I can also communicate with people that is alive. Although I say I communicate with them via their spirit in the world of spirits. I can only do this while I'm relaxed in my bed. Sometimes I "wake up" from dreaming in the middle of the night and hear voices. I also make questions which are almost everytime answered. I can hear people that isn't sleep at distance. I hear them thinking, or while at work... I had the chance to ask some  people if they said or did some stuff I Heard and they answer possitive... I can't ask everybody though... I could go on and on. I recommend you to ask!!! simply ask when you hear the voices, and if the message is possitive continue doing it... If you hear your name called ask. Who are you? What do you want? What do you want to tell me?

I don't know about receiving messages, but I do know that sending them is easy. You simply clear your mind, think of the person you want to contact and think of what you want to say with 100% confidence that it will work. The air signs of the zodiac do better with telepathy.

Well I'm not super telepathic I'm more of an empath but with the right concentration i can work telepathy. I've done it on people and on first tries it worked it was as if i were inside their heads and bodies and i could see what they were doing and hear their thoughts. Telepathy is something im working on right now since i want to be able to have conversations telepathically it just sounds like a neat gift to have. I've noticed that the more i practice telepathy, the more random moments i get of where all of a sudden, someone comes into my mind and I FEEL like the person, and I'll get a call from them. It's very fun actually i like it :)
I've noticed if you try to match your vibration with someone elses vibration, you'll get a better connection. Sometimes i just sense the energy of the person and i try matching with them and then boom telepathic connection goes in. Im hoping to become a pretty good telepath after the practice i do. I think it will come in handy.

Micle is absolutely right. :) Also practice with plants, babies and animals. They are more open with their thoughts.

I have asked Sylphs to come and clean up chemtrails for me and they have. This is a start within telepathy, as they are telepathic beings, it is super easy to ask them. Just say it, out loud can reinforce it in your own mind but it's not necessary.
You may even be able to converse with them, however I am not at that level yet. :)

I have been cuddling my cat and spontaneously decided to seethings from her perspective. I linked up and went into her body (or something like that). I saw myself, although nothing looked the same as with the physical eye, it still worked.

I also was standing in line behind a woman holding her baby son. So I relaxed and linked up with the baby, and said" Hello baby." or something to that effect. I looked up and the baby was looking fixated at me when he had been looking elsewhere before. When is sent the message, I seemed to feel an energy form level my body (the thought) and go to the baby.

Try these things if you are starting out and see what happens. :)



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