In astronomy, the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters (Messier object 45), is an open star cluster containing middle-aged hot B-type stars located in the constellation of Taurus. It is among the nearest star clusters to Earth and is the cluster most obvious to the naked eye in the night sky.

The cluster contains many brown dwarfs, which are objects with less than about 8% of the Sun's mass, not heavy enough for nuclear fusion reactions to start in their cores and become proper stars. They may constitute up to 25% of the total population of the cluster, although they contribute less than 2% of the total mass. Astronomers have made great efforts to find and analyse brown dwarfs in the Pleiades and other young clusters, because they are still relatively bright and observable, while brown dwarfs in older clusters have faded and are much more difficult to study.


Now here is my question. The earth revolves around the sun yes? Does the sun revolve around anything? Is the sun revolving around larger nearby stars and rotating our solar system into the photon belt which includes closer to Pleiades? Are these brown dwarfs related to the brown dwarf that arrives as the Purifier following comets Honda and Elenin according to the Awakening as One the quickening movie? (or shall I say and speculate we arrive close to it and the comets just happen to be flying by at the same time.....if you read NASA's latest statement they say it is impossible for Elenin to be followed by a brown dwarf because Elenin does not have the mass to attract a brown dwarf. Ok NASA. But what if we are revolving our way to the brown dwarfs via the attraction of our sun to the bigger stars?)

As speculation, which star would our sun revolve around? I can't visualize the galaxy well.

Does anyone know the answers to these questions?

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It is said that Alcyone, the brightest star in the Pleiades, is the central Sun, and that our sun revolves around that one. :) You could also look it up in ancient egyptian sources, and the way the pyramids are built.

I've actually wondered this myself and did some studying of my own. The sun does in fact move, that we know for sure, but scientists still haven't found exactly what makes it move. Some believe we live in a binary star system, which in short means we have a second sun. That second sun is known as 'the black sun', slightly smaller, not as bright, and not as big of a gravitational pull. It revolves around our sun every so many years.. I can't quite remember how many, you'll have to research more to understand. This logic seems to make more sense than any other explanation known. Did you know that any other 'earth' like planets we found were always found within a binary star system? Something to think about. Hope this helped.

As for moving closer to the Pleiades star system.. I have no idea. Maybe someone else on here will have a better answer for you.

Much love


I found this info so far:


Our Earth along with other planets revolve around the Sun. The Sun, along with 6 other stars, in turn revolve around a bigger star, Alcyone [in the Pleiades star system], also known as the Central Sun. Alcyone revolves around a much bigger star, Sirius, which is called as the Greater Central Sun. This system of stars revolving around one another, is a feature found in all galaxies in our Universe where ultimately, each galaxy consisting of stars and planets, revolves around its own centre. The Milky way galaxy, to which our Earth belongs, has billions of such stars and planets, all revolving around a massive star in its core, called as the Galactic Centre.

Wonderful. :)


Arcturus and Alpha Centuari are also revolving around the galactic core

Wow, how fascinating!

Well there are two main theories regarding the orbit of our Sun that ive come across many times. Some say our Sun revolves around Alcyone in the Pliades and we are the 'missing 8th sister' others say we revolve around Sirius. Then you have the theory that as part of the ascension our Sun will be moved or move closer to either Sirius or Alcyone. Barbara Hand Clow in her book 'The Pleaidian Agenda - A new cosmology for an age of Light' says both theories are correct...


She says our Sun has a twin which is Sirius but we also revolove around Alcyone as a great central Sun in this area of the galaxy. She said on a radio interview that science confirmed her channeled info regarding us being part of the pleaides but I am not sure many will agree yet.


Binary star systems are the norm in our galaxy, if we are not binary we are very unusual. Brown Dwarf stars are part of this though they are not really Suns, in fact some people think Jupiter may be a sleeping dwarf star hiding right under our noses.


There is alot of uneeded fear surrounding dwarf stars. The purifier is known under many names in many cultures, its very likely Nibiru is a dwarf star not a rocky planet. If it exists its passed countless times and yet we are still here and so is life, I do not buy into the idea it has to be something bad. NASA are really foolish sorry, nobody is saying comet Elenin is pulling a dwarf star!?! They are sugesting the comet is caught in the orbit or gravitational field of a dwarf star... Thats like saying the Sun does not exist because Earth does not have enough mass to attract a Sun.


Anyway we will have to see if this second sun event happens in 2011-2013, but it might not, it might be much later. I have been shown a second sun or new star appearing in our skies in dreams for several years.


Wow... i love this!  Thanks for sharing this insight!




I was reading something yesterday that said that our sun revolves around Alcyone, the Central Sun, and around that we both revolve around Sirius, the Great Central Sun, and that some time soon, probably around Dec 21, 2012, all three stars are going to line up in a perfect triangle, and we're going to be able to access incredible spiritual energy.

I hope so Asteria. And the end of the illuminati and the darkness and control systems of this world...



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